Interested in conspiracy theories, the occult, and Illuminati symbolism?

Would you like to learn more about these secret mysteries and decode the symbolism that is ubiquitous in our daily lives? At Isaac Weishaupt explores these various controversial themes and exposes the agenda and manipulation all around us.

Let it be clear that these are all theories. I am merely looking at factual events and occult history and attempting to make links in the name of entertainment. Some of this stuff might be true; some of it not (heck; probably most of it! LOL). However, I think it’s an interesting concept and I like to learn about the significance behind these symbols.

I’m a Christian (albeit not a good one), and I feel as if these occult influences might truly be the warnings we see in parts of the Bible and the Devil is cunning enough to sneak it into entertainment. At the onset of this website I honestly didn’t see as many religious connections between the conspiracy world and Christianity, but the more I learn it appears that perhaps it is so. However, I still plan on keeping things as secular as needed so people can take the facts and explore to their own ends and determine what they think.

Please research all of these topics on your own to determine your own opinion on these things. If you’re ready to take the plunge and head down this mad path, I promise that you will never see things the same again…

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The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand Gesture

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Triangles, Pyramids, and the Sun

Triangles, Pyramids, and the Sun

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Water and the Occult Bathtub

Water and the Occult Bathtub

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Website publisher of and top 5% Amazon author of THE DARK PATH; Isaac Weishaupt has been on the leading edge of conspiracy theories surrounding the elusive “Illuminati” and its infiltration of the entertainment industry. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda while helping others along the way.

Isaac hosts the “Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture” podcast (supported by the IW Patreons) as well as being the monthly Illuminati expert on BLACKOUT Radio. He has been a featured guest on Dave Navarro’s “Dark Matter Radio,” Richard C. Hoagland’s “Other Side of Midnight”, SIRIUS/XM’s The All Out Show, The HigherSide Chats, Freeman Fly’s “The Free Zone”, Mark Devlin’s “Good Vibrations”, VICE, COMPLEX magazine, and many more radio shows and podcasts. His fresh perspective and openly admitted imperfections promotes the rational approach to exploring these taboo subjects and conspiracy theories.




    • Has anyone watched this movie? I was surprised to see all of the illuminati symbolism–from Baphomet worship to witchcraft, etc. This is a movie for children?

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        • You’re a typical idiot who is closed minded to something new. You try to judge when you can’t even say much to be believed. Why don’t you deal with the material before you can really say something in the first place or don’t come here. You’re just taking up unnecessary space.

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          • This is what “they” seek: the low vibrational frequencies, emitted by primitive emotions, to feed on.

            One way of protecting oneself against the effects of continuous bombardment of satanic symbols, is to contain the urge to express immature emotions. NEVER act upon them and NEVER make decisions in such a situation.

      • where did you find the film ?

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      Please don’t let the click-bate title fool you. Crazy informative!
      The 50 min mark starts hitting on your area, but the financial stuff before is crazy.
      I love what you do! Keep it up 👍👍

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      • Wow! I just watched Hear the Watchmen from your link above. Amazing stuff. This presentation should be seen by everyone who is a Christian and those who long for the true meaning of everything, and all who wonder what is wrong with the world and why we are so fearful and unhappy. It explains the evil that pervades our world and country. This program is pure Truth. Please watch it! God Bless.

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      • Is THAT it? Ok! Thanks!

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      • You now have the strength and power of your family and Jesus Christ himself. Behind you!
        NOTHING can beat that.

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    • David and Goliath. Ready for another showdown. Slingshot ready.

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  1. Yo, is your last name “Weishaupt” fo’real?

    Don´t trust that one, I´ll keep an eye on this…

    Post a Reply
      • What is the true name? Would be helpful.

        Post a Reply
      • Are you a Christian?

        Post a Reply
        • The individual responding on this website, calling himself IlluminatiWatcher, did not explain his last name – I just listened to the podcast he referenced that he said covered the topic of why his last name is the same as the supposed founder of the Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt), and there was no explanation that I heard in the entire broadcast of over 59 minutes. As I am human, I could have possibly overlooked/not heard/not paid close enough attention to/ whatever explanation may have been given, but if there was one, it definitely was NOT obvious nor accentuated. Therefore, before I read or listen to any information from this site, I refer to the King James Bible and ask a question. …….

          Please look in the King James version of the Holy Bible to read the following, concerning the testing of the spirit of another:

          1 John 4:2-6
          Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. ……..
          (end of verse) ….
          So, I ask now, in the presence of The ONE TRUE LIVING GOD, the following:
          OCTOBER 27, 2014
          No it’s not. I believe I cover that on my interview with ParaReality Radio:

          Question: Do you confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God?

          My fellow Christians, PLEASE note the response (if there is any) to the question posted above. Pray for discernment from JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR, WHO IS THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF THE ONE TRUE LIVING GOD, WHO CAME IN THE FLESH AND WAS SACRIFICED UPON THE CROSS OF CALVARY SO THAT WE MAY BE FORGIVEN OF OUR SINS!

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          • Isaac Weishaupt is a pseudonym based on “Illuminati Watcher” (I’s and W’s). Not my real name at all. I’m an Orthodox Christian if that is what you’re trying to ask here. -Isaac



































        ILLUMINATI IS A TRIANGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        ILLOOMINARTY CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!11!11!1!!111!!!!!11!!

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        • Omg that is too funny!!! 😂 but don’t sleep on the illuminati, the coding is real!! Don’t sleep on this guy either. Isaac knows what he’s talking about.

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        • My thoughts exactly!))

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  2. Symbols are everywhere. Especially in Disney movies aimed at children.

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  3. What is wrong with the children that waching cartons with illuminaty simbols ???? > they are too big to wach cartoons if they see simbols or they are ready … :)))

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  4. I got one question. Can You make some request for Illuminati Symbolism in Michael Jackson’s late songs and afterdeath video clips (and also BeLIEvers alive agenda), and about Pitbull’s weird album name’s, etc? For more ideas, and my interpretations You can ask me by email.

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    • wow please i would love to join am from east Africa Uganda here is my email please direct me on what to do
      am really tired of poverty and miserable life

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  7. thanks Clifford Harrison, for making me who i am today………please if you want to join illuminati call Mr Clifford Harrison on +2348037661264 or for initiation

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  8. is there anyone who knows where i can find the film ??

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  9. Just purchased 2 of your books on apple books. You’re the only “conspiracy theorist” that I’ve spent money to ascertain more of your viewpoints. I hope they live up to what I’ve seen so far. You seem to be the most grounded member of this conspiracy movement. I’m finally breaking through this fog and programming that keep so many a sheep in the dark.

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  10. I am currently reading the dark path and enjoying it. I began my conspiracy interest in 1985 and habe read a plethra of material. I have thought of a few you might be interested in.
    Avatar of the night, when the the world will be as one both by Tal Brooke
    He was friends with Timothy Leary
    The beautiful side of evil by Joanna Michelson
    Also most definitely watch a based on truth b movie (subtitled) called Salvation Poem (musician made pact for fame)

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Tony- I’m not familiar with those people (besides Leary) so I’ll peep. Thanks! -Isaac

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  11. I came across your work recently, remarkable. The waking up has started it is said. English is my second language, pardon my mistakes. Whenever you try to make people aware of all this the usual reaction is nothing, they look at you with empty and confused eyes and nothing. If something they believe you are crazy or a conspiracy theorist nut. Most people are completely unconscious and that is the reality of this world and I am talking about 98% of the whole population and the reason is because the subconscious runs the whole show. We practically run on a script per say. Contrary to popular belief the more a person study the more of an automaton he becomes. The reason the elites are able to program us is because the mind is a computer, a biological one but a computer nevertheless. Mind is content and without it thinking is impossible. Think about it? or put another way See about it?, and the content they put in our minds since we are born controls our lives. We are one hundred percent run by the content or the subconscious or unconscious. That is why the get away with it all the time. Whenever you think about mind replace mind with content and in a few months time you will start waking up little by little. When you start seen life directly instead of thinking life or thinking about life you will become a conscious being and seeing life doesn’t really require thinking at all. When I saw one of your programs I remember that you wonder about quantum mechanics and parallel worlds and the explanation is real simple but when a so called scientific mind stars inquiring about it, the natural processes of the mind start in reality clouding the issue. From the mollecule down we find that everything is constituted by sub-atomic particles and they aren’t really solid at all, they are just charges hence our so called reality is based on just pixells and that’s it. Thanks for your great videos Keep on keeping on

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    • I’m a little confused I think just because off your English, or perhaps my reading …. so sorry…
      How does a person start to see life directly? You said …” Whenever you think about mind replace mind with content “. Could you give me an example…?

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    • I like the way you think.
      Nearly everything we have been educated with and in, is a lie. Forgetting is an imperative step in seeking truth in a multidimensional existence not limited to low frequencies and three D human experience in America in the year 2019.

      Oddly to me anyway, is the suppositions given as facts in the author’s impressive and informative prose. There are some black-souled and powerful sorcerers with access to occult texts, spells and grimoires and they may call themselves Illuminated or Cardinal of the Holy See or whatever, but knowledge is knowledge whether occulted or not.

      The differential of levels of knowledge can be used maliciously on the masses, If there’s one thing that should be done – it would be better to study and learn ancient wisdom seeking truth than go immediately to “spooky, evil, Bible, bringing on the AntiChrist”

      The Hermetic Principles? True. Truth. Occulted? Not really. Neither are the results of quantum mechanical experiments that aren’t behind black doors and underground, or information and histories of the so-called bloodline elite who have run Earth like psychopath mobsters and pirates who’s blood-lust can never be quenched, ‘royal blood’ or not, and the pedophile rapes and sacrifices are all real and it’s time, according to another real thing, a science, Astrology. The Presession of the Equinox. Aquarius.
      Their time is done.

      People should look again. That’s why it’s called “research”
      It’s not actually

      Post a Reply
  12. You are so interesting! I do not think I have read through
    a single thing like that before. So nice to find someone with some original thoughts on this subject.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is required on the internet, someone with some originality!

    Post a Reply
  13. Isaac, I have read your writings with great interest. What I need to know right now is this: Did you mention the Holosync Sound Technology (binaural) in one of your articles? Maybe in The Dark Path?
    Thanking you in advance for your reply. Keep up the great work!

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Wanda- thanks for reading! I don’t recall specifically calling out Holosync. I explored cymatics a little bit in A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory- maybe that’s it?… -Isaac

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  14. It’s funny how I ended up here, I have to write you. Im 35 years old now I was never religious only a spiritual person until summer 2017. I was BIG into UFO’s and Aliens and believed life was all over the universe but then something hit me like a brick in summer 2017, all the things ive researched about aliens, ghosts and hauntings and the similarities between hauntings and alien abductions and it hit me and I asked myself “how can I believe in hauntings, demons and aliens but not in god?” So I dont know how to be a good christian, I am working on it like you I am not perfect I like the same music but your podcasts have opened me up to a whole new realm of reality with the entertainment industry ive never noticed. I think my biggest turning point was when I watched the move called “The 4th Kind” it was truely an eye opener and linked the similarities to alien abductions and hauntings. I was thinking about how the movie seemed so much like an alien/poltergeist movie. The lady does hypnotherapy and this person she does it to gets possessed and starts to float and this devilish voice comes from her talking about how he is god and something to do with creation and destruction. Her daughter was kidnapped and she was trying to communicate with them and that’s what she got. Well, through her hypnotherapy everybody that was getting abducted were seeing owls in their dreams and didn’t know why, he thought it was odd all her clients were seeing owls so she started hypnotherapy and unraveling the terrifying truth. Anyway, great movie but there is a connection to the owls and why I think the Illuminati worship them is because that is the mark of these aliens/demons. If you look at washington DC where the united states capital building is you will find the outline of an owl withing the sidewalks that surround the building and if you zoom out a little there is a pyramid around that owl pointed east towards the pyramids of Egypt.

    Anyway, I think it was faith that brought me to you just shortly after I found god. Before I started listening to your shows a few days ago I was thinking Lucifer was one of the Pleiadians (Aryan blond race) so many people believe will show up to save earth, Lucifer was supposed to be a very beautiful Angel and this is what I thought he would show as when he does come to Earth to deceive the people. He will show up as the 3rd Antichrist but magnificent to everyone through out the world and will give us cures, exotic technologies and convince people there is no god and he and his race (the 1/3 of the fallen angels who turned their back on god) are the ultimate race and creators of the universe. And giving today’s society they would much rather believe in a spiritual evolution and Aliens creating us rather then a God. Anyway, this is my theory, I believe some of the Aliens are watchers and they do no get involved as instructed by god but there are those who still do and betray god and the older ones who were cast out of heaven. So for me, if im still here, no matter who shows up on earth and no matter what they offer I will keep my faith in god! Like you im not a good christian but im working on it. Thank you for your words of wisdom, a new follower of Wichita Kansas

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  15. I am a student studying social sciences who loves studying the influence of the media on the masses and I’ve given a few of isaacs books a try. This writer has a lot of potential and his latest book had some shocking facts about the entertainment business. Unfortunately his focus on satanic cults and potential aliens takes away from the want to take him seriously. With saying that some of his information on psychology, world politics, actual religious facts, philosophy and secret societies is backed by great sources and has pointed me to some great research. I think as this author grows he will focus more on fact based realistic evidence on the hegemonic forces of the world and not his own paranoid speculation about ritual magic and other impossible topics. His books continue to improve figured I would leave him a review.

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  16. No ability to recognize occult imagery and messages in different forms of media are profitable unless you believe on Jesus Christ for eternal life.

    Mark 8:36
    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (KJV)

    John 3:16
    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (KJV)

    John 3:18
    “He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” (KJV)

    John 3:36
    “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.” (KJV)

    You do not need to earn your way to heaven. Salvation is a free gift to those who trust in Jesus Christ by faith.

    Ephesians 2:8-9
    “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” (KJV)

    Romans 4:4
    “Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.” (KJV)

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  17. You are missing the most disturbing conspiracy: the conspiracy of the Illuminati Bible versions. The King James Version of the Bible is the word of God. Consider the following three verses.

    Revelation 22:16
    “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” (KJV)

    2 Peter 1:19
    “We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts:” (KJV)

    Isaiah 14:12
    “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” (KJV)

    Now consider this. Most of the new bible translations change Isaiah 14:12, so that instead of Lucifer, son of the morning, they say “morning star” or “day star.” They confuse Satan with Jesus Christ.

    The King James Version says in Matthew 6:10
    “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

    In The Message Bible it is translated as the Luciferian creed “As above, so below.”

    Many new Bible translations remove entire verses. Here is a list of some that are missing from some of them.

    Matthew 17:21
    Matthew 18:11
    Matthew 23:14
    Mark 7:16
    Mark 9:44
    Mark 9:46
    Mark 11:26
    Mark 15:28
    Luke 17:36
    Luke 23:17
    John 5:4
    Acts 8:37
    Acts 15:34
    Acts 24:7
    Acts 28:29
    Romans 16:24

    In The King James Version of the Bible, the only time the mark of the beast is mentioned going upon the forehead is Revelation 20:4. Every other place says that the mark of the beast goes IN the right hand or forehead.

    However, all the new versions, including the New King James Version, change the mark of beast so that it goes ON instead of IN the right hand or forehead everywhere it is mentioned. It is almost as though the new versions want people to accept the mark of the beast.

    All the new versions of the Bible come, at least in part, from the Wescott and Hort Text of 1881.

    Brooke Wescott and Fenton Hort were followers of the Lucifer-worshipping occultist, Helena Blavatsky.

    Both men were occultists themselves.

    Zondervan, which publishes The New International Version of the Bible, is owned by Harper Collins, and Harper Collins publishes the Satanic Bible.

    There is a Illuminati conspiracy to usher in the antichrist by phasing out The King James Version of The Holy Bible, and it has been going on at least since 1881 with Wescott and Hort.

    All of this can be verified. I encourage you to research it.

    Post a Reply
    • Joseph, thanks for the info. I had no idea! I am going to look into this. Very scary that the Word of God is being twisted in a Bible! Do you know the story of the Scofield Reference Bible? A lot of people believe in false teachings because Cyrus Scofield’s Reference Section in this bible had information that was not from the real translations. Some biblical seminaries and Zio-Christians use these references and falsely believe in the myth of the State of Israel being the realization of prophesy. Soooo misleading.

      Post a Reply
      • Paula, what do you mean that israel becoming a state is not prophesy? Where did you get this information from?

        Post a Reply
  18. You sir, are absolutely funny AF. I love your humor and style too! Gunna get that audible book too just to show my support. Totally informative and ridiculously funny.

    Post a Reply
  19. I watched “King of Comedy” last night – another Scorsese/ De Niro film. During the title freeze-frame, Sara Bernhardt’s hands are splayed on a car window with De Niro’s eye peeking through just like the cinema scene in Taxi Driver. Also lots of pillars, staircases & pyramid patterns & an almost overpowering gaudy blood red color scheme throughout (also blue blood color).
    When talking about becoming famous, De Niro says ” You can have anything if you’re willing to pay the price”
    I think the film is saying that you can be famous if you have the right blood.

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  20. Dear Mr. Weishaupt: After your interview with Adam Gorightly and at your recommendation I purchased the book “The shadow over Santa Susana” First off I don’t know if it was me but I initially found it hard to read for some reason like the printing was to small or something. Anyhow after I got over my headache I shouldered on. Wow !! What a friggin book. Simply amazingly well written and researched book. I can see why your so paranoid ,conspiracy on top of lies on top fabrications. Scary stuff. Makes me think will we ever know the truth about anything. So thanks for the recommendation my head exploded after finishing it so gotta get the old vacuum out and start the clean up.

    Post a Reply
  21. Hi, I downloaded the Audible app to my phone, free subscription for a month. I also about your Kubrick’s Code. Just want to find out, I cannot download the audio book on my laptop, so which means I have to subscribe to Audible and pay the monthly fee to access the audio book I bought? New to this, from South Africa. Thanks

    Post a Reply
    • … sorry mean “bought”

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