Tom DeLonge Pt 2: Aliens, Pizzagate, Podesta, Taco Belluminati & The Devil Rides Out- CTAUC Podcast

This week we revisit Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 and the connections between him, John Podesta, aliens, and Pizzagate. We also explore Dennis Wheatley’s The Devil Rides Out and the true messages of occultism he details in the story…

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Show Topics:

  • Going deeper on Tom DeLonge (from Blink-182)
  • Connections to Pizzagate through John Podesta
  • Subliminal image of Podesta on Mirage Men YouTube video
  • Previous article about Clinton, Podesta and Alien Disclosure w/ DeLonge, Podesta & Edgar Mitchell.
  • Podesta Pizzagate emails that the MSM doesn’t find suspicious:
    • The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.”
  • Is Tom DeLonge a Freemason?… Clyde Lewis asked him directly
  • Nicole’s findings on Rick and Morty- Baphomet & reconciling opposites
  • NOFX’s Fat Mike and the Chaos Star
  • Katy Perry Hey Hey Hey video: the All Seeing Eye & Luciferian lightning
  • Rae Sremmurd Perplexing Pegasus video and Swae Lee’s Freemason lyrics
  • 6IX9ine (Tekashi 69) video for Gummo and the All Seeing Eye
  • Decoding the Taco Belluminati commercial
  • Father Figures Illuminati symbolism and the Katt Williams BET interview
  • Fergie video for “A Little Work” and the allegations of sexual abuse in the entertainment industry
  • Thoughts on Justin Timberlake and his Super Bowl performance of 2018

The full show (for Patreon Tier 1 and up supporters) goes deeper with bonus content:

  • Who is Dennis Wheatley and why was he associated with Aleister Crowley, Ian Fleming and MI-5?
  • Duping Adolf Hitler and hunting ghosts (long before ghost hunting shows)
  • Wheatley’s beliefs in the occult and the “Secret Arts”
  • Communism is a satanic plot
  • A reading: Dennis Wheatley’s “The Devil Rides Out” Chapter 3: The Esoteric Doctrine
  • *The importance of this section is that Wheatley reveals the existence of a hidden network of occult elitists that remains in the shadows with citations such as:
    • The documented ritualistic child sacrifices of Etienne Guibourg and La Voisin
      • See “Satanism: A Social History” by Massimo Introvigne for more ideas on this:
      • Other demons were summoned to help kill the clients’ enemies. Guibourg and La Voisin, however, went one step further and invented a new ritual. It seems that these episodes started in 1666. The year’s numeral contained 666, the demonic number of the Beast in the Apocalypse, but perhaps this was merely a question of chance. La Voisin purchased a house in Rue Beauregard, in the Paris suburb of Villeneuve. In the garden, she kept a pavilion where a chapel was hidden, with walls tapered in black and an altar behind a black curtain decorated with a white cross. The drape on the altar was also black, the candles were of the same color and made with human fat provided by one of the royal executioners, Martin Levasseur (?-1694). Under the black drape, the police of La Reynie found a mattress, the purpose of which became clear when a significant number of witnesses reported how the Black Mass was celebrated on the naked body of a woman client who acted as an altar. The priest, usually Guibourg, put the host on her private parts, and at the end of the ceremony united with the woman. Guibourg claimed he had celebrated these Masses at least three times in 1667, 1676, and 1679 on the naked body of Montespan, although he had skipped the part about the final union with the woman. This was confirmed by Marguerite Montvoisin and other witnesses. Together with the inversion of the Catholic Mass, sacrifices were performed during the offertory in La Voisin’s ceremonies. Marguerite initially confessed to the sacrifice of a dove, perhaps a sacrilegious reference to the Holy Ghost, then to the offering to Satan of aborted fetuses of La Voisin’s abortion business, and finally claimed that living infants were sacrificed. She attributed the innovation to Guibourg. While sacrificing aborted fetuses (or children), Guibourg reportedly used the formula: “Astaroth, Asmodeus, princes of friendship, I beg you to accept sacrifice of this child for the things I ask of you…”.
      • Menstrual blood and other bodily fluids, including sperm, were also reportedly used in Guibourg’s Black Masses and mixed with the wine in the chalice. Magical techniques involving the ingestion of sperm and other human fluids were not new. They had arrived in the West from India and China, where these practices were known at least some decades before the year 1000 A.D. The use of these “elixirs” and the naked woman who acted as an altar would become regular features of later Satanism…
      • **Note the connections here with the Pizzagate Spirit Cooking and Crowley’s “Cakes of Light” (discussed briefly in the podcast)
    • Borghese and the hidden Palladic Temple of Satan (book referenced is “Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism” by Ruben van Luijk)

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Images Discussed on the Show

Tom DeLonge’s Freemasonry:

Compass and Square on guitar


Alleged photo of Tom DeLonge in Freemason initiation


Tom DeLonge, Peter Levenda, and John Podesta

Rick and Morty images of Illuminati symbolism (big ups to Nicole):


NOFX’s Fat Mike and the Chaos Star:

Katy Perry’s “Hey Hey Hey” video:

The All Seeing Eye is watching you…


Lightning bolts of Lucifer and the Diamond programming of MKULTRA

Rae Sremmurd Perplexing Pegasus

Checkered Pyramids and other Freemason symbols

6IX9ine (Tekashi 69) video for Gummo

Blicky got the stiffy uh

Fergie’s video:


Entering the Church with an upright Cross…


…some All Seeing Eye trauma at the hands of the entertainment industry…



…and an inverted Cross after the trauma


The Devil Rides Out

I read an excerpt from the book that discusses themes of magick, the occult, and child sacrifice; but here are some bonus images from the film that are also relevant to the conversation:

The Baphomet and the Seal of Solomon


Hammer Films


Moloch: The Horned Deity of Child Sacrifice


Kabbalistic Hands (*very similar to Tupac’s “Westside” hands…)


Charles Gray: High Priest of the Occult & the Baphomet


Christopher Lee with arms crossed: X and the Mark of the Beast

Finally- here’s the show!

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