GroovieBean, Jim Nichols and Isaac Weishaupt Part 2- CTAUC Podcast

As most of you know, I was honored to be on the GroovieBean show a few weeks ago– and now we’ve been given the awesome chance to put the interview out on the IlluminatiWatcher Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast!

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In this show we talked about the ancient Egyptian occult beliefs in the Eye of Horus, Nazi Theosophists, channeling spirits, KUBRICK’S CODE, and the overall common thread in entertainment with the occult belief systems (e.g. child abuse, hijacking the positive energy from humanity, initiations, symbolism, Rihanna’s ANTI initiation, mind control breakdowns, and of course- Aleister Crowley).

**(This episode is part 2 of 2— if you haven’t heard the first part please click HERE to check that one out first!!)**


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You can catch GroovieBean at or (or the latest network to pick her work up: Paranormal Into the Night network).

Here is the stream for this episode:


Video now available on the IlluminatiWatcher1 YouTube channel (subscribe for updates)!
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