Susquehanna Goddess Worship & Alchemy of PA with Michael Wann on CTAUC Podcast!

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we are joined by Michael Wann as he explains the esoteric history of Lancaster, PA (my hometown)! He breaks down the hidden nature of the Susquehanna River- one of the oldest rivers on the planet that he argues is being used in a ritual to the occult goddess. His theories are incredibly intriguing as we scratch the surface of how altar “sacrifices” are being conducted in a ritualistic manner to conduct hidden alchemy…

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Show Topics:

  • Michael’s “Columbia” roots (Maryland)
  • Parallel of historical conspiracy with esoteric practices (e.g. Robert Anton Wilson’s exposure to witchcraft)
  • Michael’s education in the “School of Esoteric Studies”
  • Reiki teacher channeled Metatron and inspired his path
    • (*note that I spoke about Metatron and how Santana channeled him as well in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC in this excerpt that also talks about the “eye in the triangle” which is also the title of a book by Israel Regardie who was associated with Robert Anton Wilson– weird synchronicities):
    • “Prolific guitarist Santana was interviewed by Rolling Stone in 2000 about his album Supernatural and he described a spirit he evokes named Metatron, who tells him that he is responsible to connect people with this ‘light’ (which I read as Lucifer; the light bearer since there is so much rampant Luciferianism and black magic happening in these industries):
      • “Metatron is the architect of physical life. Because of him, we can French-kiss, we can hug, we can get a hot dog, wiggle our toe.” He sees Metatron in his dreams and meditations. He looks a bit like Santa Claus – “white beard, and kind of this jolly fellow.” Metatron, who has been mentioned in mystical disciplines through the ages, also appears as the eye inside the triangle.Santana credits Metatron with alerting him to the recent changes in his life. In the mid-Nineties, he met some people in a spiritual bookstore near his home, and they invited him to their afternoon meditations in Santa Cruz. The last time he was there, Metatron, delivered some important messages. “You will be inside the radio frequency,” Metatron told him, “for the purpose of connecting the molecules with the light.” Carlos Santana understood. He would make a new album and be on the radio again. And he would connect the molecules with the light: He would connect an audience with some of the spiritual information he now had.”
  • Arcane School and School of Esoteric Studies both came from Alice Bailey’s teachings
  • Did the books make sense? They’re dense material- sometimes material doesn’t make sense due to a block
  • “Neurospark” by Theosophical Society written in way to get past the conscious mind (much like symbols work; all meant to influence us)
  • How a bike ride along the Susquehanna River led to the John Smith map…
  • Jamestown was first step in the new empire and competition within the “organization”
  • John Dee was the link (followed by discussion on this famous occultist)
    • He was the first 007 occult spy (Tubal Cain=Two Ball Cain=007)
  • Michael Tsarion said Dee’s entities were imprisoned in the Abyss and wanted freed and the links between energy and matter needed to be understood first (see this link HERE for more on Tsarion and the “John Dee Macrobes”)
  • Is the Susquehanna the Fountain of Youth?…
  • Jamestown started at mouth of Chesapeake Bay which comes from Susquehanna (one of the oldest rivers in the world)
  • River Goddess Worship (Druids and Vedas)
  • The Singularity- Life will change after it as threshold to be passed
  • First computer (“electric general programmable computer”) was first point on path to Singularity; called ENIACH from U of PA for US Army (on Feb. 15th, 1945- a date for ode to Pan)
  • Ray Kurzweil is a high priest
  • Next step on path to Singularity was Internet, then quantum computers (*global consciousness connection)
  • Quantum Computers: one public company known for it called D-Wave (John Dee waving)
    • Founded by Geordie Rose who said it’s a higher calling
  • Susquehanna River is special for its age; River=Water + Current; thus river goddess worship. They are conducting rituals or offers along Susquehanna (like ENIACH) as altars to goddess. It’s all an alchemical process
  • Age of Aquarius- timeframe and archetypes
  • Connectivity and Globalism is trait of Age; Jamestown was start of Globalism (the 1st offering on the Susquehanna)
  • Sunbury PA- first distribution of electricity; Three Mile Island and Project Manhattan all had alchemical work with electrons/atoms in PA
  • Invisible lattice field- natural energy worked through the natural world
  • Mormonism and Joseph Smith along Susquehanna

The full show (for Patreon Tier 1 and up supporters) goes deeper with bonus content:

  • Cooperstown, NY: Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Baseball is Illuminati confirmed; Theosophical aims
  • Who was Abner Doubleday?… Certainly not the inventor of baseball but the Illuminati mythology suggests so
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and its theosophical roots through Dutch painter that invented abstract art
    • (*note that I need to revisit this on our next talk; some of the names have more curiosities like Robert Sterling Clark was an heir to Singer Sewing and General Smedley Butler claimed he was part of a higher conspiracy)
  • Hall of Ascended Masters=Hall of Fame
  • Dakota Building’s history (Ghostbusters, Lennon, UFOs, etc)
  • Personal story of connections- attention is the only currency left
  • iPod=Internet Protocol Overdose
  • Susquehanna River has significance of macro and micro based on a variety of things:
    • age (moved energy through current)
    • origin/start; 15 miles from Herkimer Diamond site, Geometric perfection=crystalline lattice
    • terminates at biodiverse estuary at Chesapeake
    • One of largest craters on planet is under Chesapeake (Bolide Crater); a site for insemination from outer space
      • (*much like the idea of impregnating the moon with the Apollo phallus)
  • LDS Mormonism is smaller sect, yet Book of Mormon is on Top 10 selling books of all time…
  • Esoterica is good for blind spots
  • River and altar completed 400 years after Jamestown on York Highland Park with Crescent Moon symbolism


Find Michael & Learn the Esoteric History of Lancaster

You can learn more about Michael’s project at!

**Michael said that “Alchemy” has two meanings- contributing upon altars of Susquehanna River goddess to create reality as well as natural movement from lead to gold and become wise.

Michael is also on Facebook under SusquehannaAlchemy!

We didn’t have time to get into the content of; but he’s got videos available that walk us through the occult history of Lancaster, PA as well as the Susquehanna River goddess theory. The videos feature infographics to explain the information he is presenting; such as these:



If you’re interested in the occult or the esoteric history of Lancaster (which is ironically my hometown– weird huh?); you’ve got to check out!



Want Michael’s book? Here’s how you can get it (for FREE even?…)

Michael and I worked out a deal where I’m able to give away THREE signed copies of his paperback to those on my “IW Supporter” Patreon list! I’ll be announcing the winners on June 1st, 2018!

The book is called The Rites of the 40th Parallel and it’s described as follows on his website (where you can purchase it as well as watch a video with interior shots of the book):

The Rites of the 40th Parallel (The Rites) is a 26-page, full-color guidebook describing a modern and meaningful way to interact with the ancient Susquehanna River at the sacred location of the 40th Parallel.

The Rites outline four walking meditations at public parks and nature preserves lining the banks of the Susquehanna, providing a blueprint for a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually fulfilling experience.

Each Rite reflects a different aspect of The Goddess Cycle.

The Goddess Cycle is an elegant and ancient way of understanding the nature of reality.  The cycle is expressed in three steps:  Creation, Preservation  and Destruction.  

Every person, idea, situation, relationship, feeling is born, lives then dies.  The only variable is the time from start to finish.

The purpose of The Rites is to offer a tangible way to move through the challenges of life, while supported by the energy of the Susquehanna, at the same revered location used by indigenous people and secret societies for thousands of years.

Each Rite is a personal ritual, but without dogma or pomp and circumstance.  Through intention, each participant steps into the quality associated with the different Rites as they walk and breath.

The Rites go in reverse order of The Goddess Cycle.


Finally- here’s the show!

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