Superbowl & Grammy’s: Black Magic Helter Skelter Race War

I was honored to appear on Jay Dyer’s “Esoteric Hollywood” podcast along with Jamie Hanshaw as we talked about the Illuminati’s agenda to infiltrate Hollywood, the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and MUCH MORE- check it out!!

In this free first hour interview of Esoteric Hollywood, Isaac Weishaupt of joins myself and Jamie Hanshaw to discuss the recent mega-ritual social engineering events known as the Superbowl and the Grammy’s.  Delving into the esoteric side, we begin analyzing the alchemical and occultic notions of inversion and its relation to the multi-cultural program of monoculture dissolution.  Highlighting the promotion of globalism and French Revolutionary illuminism in Coldplay, we look at Beyoncé’s “Church of Bey,” the agitprop of #blacklivesmatter, Crowleyan “moon” aspects of Audi’s bizarre commercials, NASA and alien Psyops, and the history of CIA usage of counter-culture in Dave McGowan’s works.  Moving to the Grammy’s, we investigate the similar themes that link both, considering the Eagles, Taylor Swift as a “spy,” and Lady Gaga as David Bowie, particularly in reference to his “Blackstar” video.


Jay Dyer Esoteric Hollywood podcast

You can listen to the first hour for free, with the second hour available to all subscribers to the Esoteric Hollywood podcast (subscribe HERE).

You’ve got a few options to listen to this:

  • Right here on the stream of Jay’s Spreaker channel…


If you’re looking for the books I was mentioning in the show, I’ll guide you to my IW SHOP page where you can find everything I’ve written.



Thanks for listening!



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hello Isaac,

    Nice article that. However, I would like to add my two cents here. Think hard about the whole thing you are suggesting, you could be 100% right or absolutely wrong too. Because that’s the nature of how conjecture works in almost all cases. There’s a saying “The way you do one thing, you end up doing everything that same one way, it is inevitable with humans, animals but birds and trees do it differently. Their technology is different.”

    Think about this: You say the “Illuminati” has ‘Infiltrated’ everything, i.e. Hollywood, GRAMMY, Oscars, Super Bowl, etc. If you understand how and from where does this “Illuminati” of yours gets such power to penetrate anything that is — say for once — “God’s design?” The word you are looking for is called “EGO” (Edging God Out) of a grand equation. Remember the famous one liner from the Bible as well, where Jesus says to a potential disciple in the initial months of his picking apostles, “You can’t serve two masters. Money and God”. So, whoever is serving MONEY even today is automatically serving the “Illuminati” Ego within. That force is “Unseen” yet so powerful and has its own “Defense Mechanism” to put it one way. In other words, “Illuminati” is not any organization per se, but a strong “Personal WILL” called EGO that supercedes whatever GOD’S will has in its design for humans, in particular and then animals, birds, trees and this Earth, eventually. The EGO is considered “Satanic” in many cultures but different cultures call SATAN with different names. Like in Urdu speaking culture SATAN is SHAITAAN, in Sanskrit it is SHAATAAN, etc. Without getting lost in this labels and numbers game, you can still be honest, integral and divine within and without. The moment you LET IN “Fear” of anything outside of “SELF” you are already a prisoner of and into the hands of your “Illuminati”. I hope and pray this makes sense to you. If not, then shoot me an email and I’ll explain it to you in more detail. Best.

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    • That was very enlightening, thank you so much my brother.

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