Kobe Bryant: Conspiracy Theories of the Illuminati

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we do the dirty work of assessing the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. I’ll discuss this on the show- but I want to drive home the point that I’m not thrilled to be breaking down some of the conspiracy theories floating the internet on his passing. I don’t see any smoking guns but there DEFINITELY are some SHOCKING elements we need to consider…

**See Instagram.com/IsaacWeishaupt for the UNBELIEVABLE video depicting Kobe’s death just three years prior on a cartoon- it’s crazy


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Images discussed on the show:

**See Instagram.com/IsaacWeishaupt for the UNBELIEVABLE video depicting Kobe’s death just three years prior on a cartoon- it’s crazy.


Freemason Shaq


LeBron’s obsession with the 666 hand and all seeing eye


LeBron’s tweet about The Alchemist


Chief Keef’s “Kobe” video



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. You shouldn’t need disclaimers for the information you present. Those who get offended at the truth most likely aren’t listening to your very good, very well researched podcast. I understand you want to go out of your way to be perceived as less a whacko than certain “conspiracy theorists”, but truth itself is radical. They will get mad and hurt no matter what if you are exposing the lies and corruption. They will be upset because they foolishly worship idols of sports and entertainment. Speak truth brother and be encouraged. You are not alone. This was most likely a sacrifice, and if I had any money, I would bet right now the Lakers are winning the championship this year.

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    • You know more about the small round ball baseball gof white man game but not about the big ball… #RACIST… WHEN WILL YOU RACIST STOP HAVE SOME RESPECT

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      • Kareem Abdul jabbar is number 1

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    • Yup ! Check this out since it seems as though you’re on the REALLY TRUE truth level.

      gematria effect news …channel on YouTube

      And website


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    • The Lakers and Lebron are getting more rings for sure. Very predictable script.

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  2. Kobe was a distraction for Donald Trump’s impeachment trial let’s be real he wanted to distract all the American people

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    • I will disagree with you regarding your comment. The thought you’re projecting is that “he” is causing a distraction from the impeachment trial. One thing you’re overlooking though. The media has the power to report or NOT to report a situation. Whoever has control of the media is the “distractor.” Think about it.
      Does “he” have control of the media?

      Absolutely NOT. They are his enemy. He can only tweet. Whatever you see on the MSM, I can assure you, the “deep state” had something to do with it.
      Even the virus in China after “his” successful trade deal.

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      • Rue 33- There is no need to Sabotage Trump. He hires folks in his inner circle that do that for him. Omarosa, Ex Attorney Michael Cohen, Rudy G.’s Atty who said Trump did what they are impeaching him for, John Bolton, General John Kelly who said he told Trump if he kept yes men around who look the other way on his abuse of power he’d get impeached. The only Deep State is Trump’s unfiltered tongue and lack of how the Constitution does not make a King with subjects! Trump has over 14,000 verifiable lies because he never shuts up and his rants are on tape. Get real!

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      • Rue 33 If John Bolton was hired by Trump and has a book saying Trump is guilty of abuse of power and did what he is being impeached for, how is that Deep State and sabotage? if Trump hired him and did those things Bolton said why blame Deep State. Are u spreading Fake news?

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    • There is an invisible world that exist and most people do not understand this world. Creator God is a spirit, Jesus, angles, Satan and a host of evil forces are spirits. The invisible world exist, people do not understand it and it’s a shame because it is the realm where the Creator God dwells. The scripture, Proverb 18:21a God informs the reader that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: This is a law established by Creator God before the foundation of the world, prevision provide by God on how to live a long healthy prosperous life on earth. Stop blaming President Trump, he really don’t have that kind of power. However, Satan do! He’s the most subtle creature God made. This devil is a spirit and he forges covenants with people in dreams. And because a lot of people do not understand the spiritual realm and dreams are spiritual, the devil can carry out any evil plan he wants, when people are ignorant to the will, the laws of God. If the devil can get a person to agree in the spiritual realm,and the person don’t rebuke the dream, renounce the dream, even repent for words spoken out of one’s mouth can bring forth death. People speak death more than life and a many people’s lives have been alter and change from God’s original destiny. The devil have all types of tricks to steal the future from anyone. Devil is good at changing destinies. There are great consequences levey against people who do not understand the devils capabilities. Satan is known for altering God’s will (God says, HAVE NO COMMUNICATING WITH THE DEAD) but the devil will come in a dream, masquerading as a dead love one, a family member, friend or whoever. Most people think dreaming of a dead love one is a good dream, NAP God says in his law have no communication with the dead. Satan is aware that most people are ignorant to his tactics. The dream about mother or father that is dead, most believe they had a good dream because of the memories of them. But mr. slick Satan a spirit got an agreement from the dreamer and they believed the dream was a good sign? Most people lack godly knowledge. The spiritual world is as active as our physical world. Understand this, a tragic spiritual occurrence happened, 9 people, all death, and a lot of people felt the spiritual riff deep in their soul. President Trump is a man who had nothing to do with those death. Put the blame where it belongs. Our adversary the devil seeks out people to destroy by any method that will conn a person to agree with him. The devil forges covenants with people. He’s a trickster and knows how to get anyone to sin against God. Words have power to give life or take life.

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  3. Kobe was a distraction for Donald Trump’s impeachment trial let’s be real

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  4. So basically you are just promoting mainstream media. If you dont think it’s a conspiracy then just do another show on something else. By the way, Anonymous is a COA front

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  5. 1. The recent Q Post 3794, dated Jan 23, 2020
    The post talks about a State Funeral, these are not just for politicians, could be any celebrity deemed worthy of such an event. It will be interesting to see if a state funeral is authorized for Kobe Bryant. In this same post, Q has shared a link to the Death of Mr. Peanut, there is old video footage of Kobe riding in a car with a young person wearing a Mr. Peanut costume.

    2. The Cartoon called “The Legends of Chamberlain Heights” Episode 8, Titled “End of Days.” shows Kobe Bryant trapped and blown up in a helicopter crash, this was published on December 28, 2017. This seems to clearly be a case of predictive programming.

    3. Kobe dies today 1-26-2020, add those numbers: 1+2+6+2+2 = 13 the Illuminati number, but there is more– the mainstream media says Kobe and 4 others died, but later the 4 changes to 9. 4 + 9 =13.

    4. Kobe dies the day after, his scoring record is passed by Lebron James, who seems to be someone they are trying to promote to the masses, despite Lebron’s limited public appeal. In fact Kobe’s last tweet is congratulating Lebron, and this tweet can now be used to promote Lebron.

    5. The helicopter has one of the highest safety records, in addition it is well cared for, most importantly where is the Pilot distress call? Anytime a plane or helicopter goes down with no distress call it is suspicious.

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    • you wrote:
      Kobe and 4 others died, but later the 4 changes to 9. 4 + 9 =13.
      considering later – it should be Kobe and 8 others. ok?

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    • get a life… numbers and what they represent can be infinite. just stop

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    • please let me know when you have actual proof “13” has any “power” outside some dumb ass cult person claiming it does.

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      • I know,..what is all this hocus pocus that’s haunting all mankind? The number 13 has a history, which leads to reputation. I suppose it could of been any number, but 13 seems to be the day of the month that notible events happens which in turn leads to a reputation, that people who dabble in the black arts can take advantage of. Add to this the practice of rituals, with many members, who are serious, who put their energy together, and don’t under estimate the power of the mind,…in a group situation, many minds, with the right formulas, things can happen, good or bad. Lets face it, what seems like magic and fantasy to you, with the right mathamatical equasions is definitly real to them,..take it or leave it!

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    • n253WC is his helictoper tail number.
      2+5+3 Plus 3 letters(nwc) = 13

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  6. Is it possible that it was just an actual accident? there were more families on that helicopter with kids too. Maybe it was just bad weather, fog, mountains , i live here in socal and it was a foggy morning especially where the crash happened…juicy story, but just an accident… god bless all their souls.

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    • Also in 2016 Kobe released his last and 13th shoe from Nike and the party had a Dio De Los Muertos theme with ofrendas and pictures of his career.

      Predictive programing, Illuminati #

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    • I don’t care where you live and who you know, all things are NOT the same. Get a grip and try NOT to tell others how to live their lives. Jesus said: “Follow Me.” I try to follow JESUS!

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  7. Kobe was the pre-grammy sacrifice.

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  8. So his death was faked or he actually died. Nobody can present evidence for either option. Los Angeles has a history of corrupt Coroners. If he was relocated I assume others in his family will mysteriously fake died within the near future to move to Kobe’s new location.

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  9. LA fire chief stated there was presence of magnesium making putting the fire out at the crash site difficult. Yet no one else talking about that.

    Magnesium doesnt exist on helicopters. So how did it get at the crash?
    Magnesium is used in pyro and incendiary bombs.

    So there is your proof that something nefarious happened.

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    • Clearly you didn’t get Demiurge correct. Lol.

      “In Numenius’s Neo-Pythagorean and Middle Platonist cosmogony, the Demiurge is second God as the nous or thought of intelligibles and sensibles”

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  10. Kobe was an Illuminati member. He and his daughter were a pre-Grammys Illuminati sacrifice enabling Billie E to become more famous and more powerful. She is possessed by a powerful demon named Beelzebub. She, and her brother, are now guaranteed tremendous fame, fortune, and influence. Her main role moving forward will be to corrupt the youth (Socrates was accused of this crime at his trial, despite his good intentions). Kobe was sacrificed because he was famous, and his daughter because she was a virgin child. This is high level black magic. Typing this out sounds crazy to me, but these days, the truth sounds crazy, while the official narrative, which tends to be garbage, actually is crazy. Time to lift the veil. Apocalypse soon.

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  11. So you have to do a little gatekeeping every now and then..? Stop shilling dude..

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  12. A few connections I’ve been thinking about—Kobe’s number was 24. 2020 marked the 24th year since Kobe was drafted into the NBA. This also happened the day after Kobe gave LeBron some shoes for LeBron passing his point record. Weird timing or coincidence?

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  13. Isaac,
    Kobe was close friends with Paulo Coelho and was writing a book with him. Check out the tweets from him about it.

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  14. Kobe crash site: 333 nautical miles from Bohemian Grove.

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  15. Lets get on the court…and play garbage. With a Big G.

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