Isaac Weishaupt talks Illuminati magick, sacrifice, & music on The HigherSide Chats podcast


It’s another monumental leap for the Watcher community as Isaac Weishaupt (founder and publisher of was a guest on Greg Carlwood’s The HigherSide Chats podcast. Isaac now joins the ranks of many theorists to appear on this award-winning podcast as he and Greg chop it up about various pop culture conspiracies including the Illuminati and their influence in the music arena using occult magick and blood sacrifices- particularly in the hip hop genre.

Take a listen and be sure to sign up for the THC+ membership so you can hear the exclusive second hour with Isaac as well. You’ll also have access to the archive of THC podcasts that includes a lineup of guests like Jay Weidner, Jim Marrs, Freeman Fly, Duncan Trussell, Professor Griff, Marty Leeds, Mr Gates, Neil Sanders, Mike Bara, Philip Coppens, Stan Friedman, et al..


The HigherSide Chats featuring Isaac Weishaupt:

The man behind, Isaac Weishaupt, joins THC to talk largely about his new book Sacrifice: Magic Behind The Mic which covers the crossroads of magick and music, celebrity and conspiracy.

We talk about the manipulation of Hip Hop into gangster rap, the idea of blood sacrifices, and our old pal Crowley. We also talk about many of the artists and producers of the industry, trying to discern who’s involved and who’s been a victim of the big media manipulation machine.


THC Podcast


Also- here is a link (and sneak peek) for the book we’re discussing called SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC:




THC has a YouTube channel as well, so be sure to subscribe. You can listen to the interview here:






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. off topic but could you please research the pirelli calender? its a very special limited calender that showcases the top A list models of the industry which is ONLY AVAILABLE TO CEOS. thats very telling about what the purpose of the calender is. High end escorting maybe?

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    • This is what modelling is all about, prostitution. Not a secret anymore. IW, its high time for u to come up with new things, I know I gave some to u :)….

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    • That’s interesting, thanks. What does the tire company have to do with modeling?? That’s odd indeed…

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        • So, it’s funny because I saw an add on Eros (high end escorts site) for Adriana Lisa in Seattle.
          I thought it was so odd. Cuz she’s a “super model” and than I ended up learning more about the industry.

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      • Kinda like F1 girls…. Prostitution thru and thru, end of story.

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        • I don’t know what that is.
          I meant Lima.
          Auto correct.
          I’m new to all this.
          But, I’ve always known of things.
          When I was little, like 3, I was convinced aliens were coming to get me at night. I’d barely breath paralyzed to move when I went to bed.
          I even put up my mom’s cardboard fabric cutting fold out desk around my bed. I thought it protected me.
          This was before there were shows on aliens etc..

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  2. Are you related a grandmaster Adam Weishaupt?

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  3. I enjoy your YouTubes – I’m an author and would like to send you some of my research. I wrote under ‘Doug Yurchey’ (real name) for decades, but since being published, I go by a pen-name. Call me Tray. Love to send you what I’ve done and would need an email address for you. Most of my work has been on ancient mysteries as well as modern mysteries…I’ve connected Tesla with Atlantis & found the 13-point ancient Grid. I wrote ‘Son of Tesla’ & 100 other articles online. I’m also proud of the theoretical Astronomy on Black Holes/Quasars & the destruction of 5th planet in Gap. My articles are well represented on IlluminatiNews & webmaster Wes is a good friend. I think you’d find my investigations interesting…even my stories ~
    tray dugx (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

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  4. Isaac: “Good Christian” is an oxymoron. None of us are truly “good”. I think God has given you a lot of discernment in this field. We are all sinners but something about your life isn’t right, I think almost all of us are in the same boat but that’s okay keep striving towards the mark and asking for more discernment. That’s something that I ask for esp with regards to what is going on with our government and just society in general like with what can easily been seen in entertainment.

    Sounds like a cliche but this world surely won’t last much longer. We can see that New World Order is on the horizon.

    A lot of my black brothers and sisters are blind and/or in denial about “stars” like Jay-Z and Beyonce. To me it’s obvious!

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  5. A lot of my black sisters and brothers are in denial about what is really happening and when you try to explain things to them, they look at you like you’re crazy. They only want to listen to their music and live like there isn’t anything wrong with this world. Everything is fine. You’re what’s wrong with it. And please don’t mention anything spiritual or anything about darkness. I give up. I’ll be glad when Jesus comes back again. At least I know that Jesus is real. What else that is walking among us, well, I don’t know what they are. As a matter of fact, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t know what they are. Scary enough as it is already.

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  6. Hi Issac: If I may call to your attention please the Cannibal Club in Los Angeles CA which is a membership only restaurant that ensures that their speciality meat is only from the “young and healthy” .

    Despite the shroud of euphemism found in the website’s words, notice the current musical guest selection which I believe is to mimic the sound of torture and also notice in the background of the FAQ page the statue which includes that of a child at the feet of one who appears to be eating human.

    Apart from this, I’m wondering if you could please do an entire episode about “handlers”. I have not been able to find any detailed information about this crucial piece of understanding. And perhaps give real life examples of who is who’s handler.
    If you are not an expert, which you may be, I’m sure you could have a guest on who is an expert on this. (Field McConnel comes to mind off hand as I believe his now deceased sister was Clinton’s handler. Is Jay Z Bey’s handler?)

    Thanks kindly and all my best to you,
    Kristen Stycket
    New Listener is the Seattle WA area
    (just learned of you. Will probably become a supporter)

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    • Hi Kristen! I was shocked to read through that website but I was curious to find more on it. Snopes claims the site is faked and they used stock photos. (*note that I don’t 100% trust snopes but this one seems legit). I’ll look for a handler expert for the podcast… -Isaac

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