Did XXXTentacion’s Fake His Death? Drake and the Illuminati Blood Sacrifice: CTAUC Podcast Special

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we’re going to explore the death of XXXTentacion. Was he killed by rival rappers? Did the Illuminati get him on the blood sacrifice? Was Drake involved? Did he fake his death?… Learn more about these theories that the media is NOT talking about on today’s show!

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Show Topics:

  • Who is XXXTentacion?
  • Lyrics and Numerology of 666
  • Death on 666 day
  • Beef with Drake
  • Predictions of his own death
  • Lyrics to Drake’s song that says XXX will be shot
  • XXX’s IG posts saying that Drake would kill him and the “sacrifice”
  • Drake and Bohemian Grove
  • Did XXX fake his own death?…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • Sad? He was a criminal, are u ok in the head? I honestly hope he died for real. Hypocrisy much?

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      • Just because this guy was a criminal and made mistakes in his past doesn’t mean he deserved to die! Wth is wrong with people! No compassion no heart for others! This young man was lost and needed God! He was caught up In satanism for money and fame and it cost him his life! These people don’t realize Satan does come to collect! If this young man is dead, he possibly is in hell and yes that’s sad!!!

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        • The same old broken record. Spare ure (religious) nonsense for those like u. What if u or someone dear to u would have been one of his victims? How do u feel about Jimmy Savile for instance? Or Charles Manson for the matter? Excuses, excuses, justifications…..
          Really? As long as u “think” like that, u are in the same leagues as them. A criminal.

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        • he was a criminal yes although everyone needs a chance

          (also please dont bring religion in to a public conversation)

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          • 1. If a paedo rapes ur child, does the former deserve a second chance?
            2. Ever heard of free speech, American pansy? Besides, religions is discusses a lot on this site, so again whats ur REAL problem?

  1. gday isaac id like you to write more articles . regards cam

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  2. The @edgy_leaks instagram shows “footage of xxxtentacion after he was reportedly shot and robbed” but there is no blood

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