Alice in Rocky Horrorland: Entertainment’s Pursuit of the Transhuman Desert Apocalypse

Awhile back I sent out a survey that many of you responded to (*thank you*) with some unexpected ideas! One of these ideas was to offer a paperback version of my mini-ebooks. I’ve decided to not only offer a paperback version of these books; but a consolidated compilation of several related topics!

You can probably figure out which books made the cut on this first paperback by checking out the title…

Alice in Rocky Horrorland: Entertainment’s Pursuit of the Transhuman Desert Apocalypse

The project referred to as Alice in Rocky Horrorland: Entertainment’s Pursuit of the Transhuman Desert Apocalypse is a compilation of various research efforts to expose the entertainment industry’s attempt to implant certain messages and themes into humanity’s subconscious via pop culture.

Many of us have participated in these events; whether it was enjoying the tale of Alice in Wonderland and her occult initiation into the underground or the sexualization of the androgynous aliens of Rocky Horror Picture Show and their dance across the Abyss (you didn’t think the Time Warp song was just in good humor did you?…); you’re sure to change the way you view these works of art after considering the evidence that lies within.

The Illuminati end game is total annihilation and this New World Order will be established through their evolution of consciousness which craftily guides the unaware through New Age agendas found within Paulo Coelho’s best selling tale: The Alchemist. The ultimate apocalypse will be the final push of man into the digital substrate known as transhumanism, where the final Mark of the Beast will be imprinted on all those who aren’t awake to the agenda…

In this compilation you’ll receive the following projects:

Hidden Occult Messages of Alice in Wonderland cover SMALL

RHPS Cover V4 small 300w

The Desert Enigma 350 wide cover

FEAT Google Apocalypse cover Future Eye v1 WITH TITLE wo

Book Availability


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The paperback options are available through:

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Alice in Rocky Horrorland cover 150w small


OR, while supplies are in stock you can pick up a personally signed copy by the author right here at the Gumroad store:

Signed paperbacks on Gumroad

Signed paperbacks on Gumroad


Audible audiobook is now available (narrated by the author)!

Alice in Rocky Horrorland Audible Promo

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Our first parents Adam and Eve are alive, living somewhere amongst us here on Planet Earth. There are something like 3 or 10 billion possible DNA combinations. Meaning that there is a high probability that somewhere here on Planet Earth you have a twin, who shares an exact copy of your DNA combination. Also for every living person, there is something like 15 dead people. So like lock combinations, these DNA combinations have to be recycled, including Adam and Eve’s.

    So when we talk about transhumanism, we shouldn’t be tampering with human’s DNA. Although I believe that it is acceptable to perform gene therapy DNA alterations strictly to cure medical disabilities and diseases. For example, there are people and animals whose DNA sequence makes them immune from diseases such as HIV. Therefore, science should map which DNA component makes all of these people and animals immune from HIV. But more important than gene therapy to cure HIV, is gene therapy for Multiple Sclerosis and other conditions originating at birth. I mean even genetic alterations to cure someone of homosexuality is more important than curing HIV.

    And ever after the entire populace has had their DNA altered to make them all immune from HIV, once those people start birthing children, the child is going to be born with errors in their DNA sequence. So that civilization just continues correcting the DNA errors in all of the newborn babies. So that, that baby’s DNA is flawlessly unblemished without errors, the same way Adam and Eve’s DNA was spotless.

    The reason why there are all of these sodomite homosexuals is because of extraterrestrials. Extraterrestrials are just demonic manifestations of Lucifer the Devil.

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  2. I’ve heard you say you are a Christian although not a good one and wonder how you cannot be with all of the research you do on the dark Luciferian Sabbatean Kabbalists. The more I research these topics, my Christian faith is strengthened.

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    • Tom- yes I know what you’re saying. I’ve gone back and forth; sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker.

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      • I personally find your research compelling and “thought provoking”. From my perspective in (criminology) the reference from Scrafic Magic behind the mic… There is a distinction between crime, racism and slavery. I Am so excited to read this Alice and Rocky horror book.

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        • SPOILERS: If you haven’t seen “Hobbs and Shaw“

          Did you notice that “Hobbs and Shaw” the new movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise had Idris Elba’s character be a transhuman? He basically received upgrades throughout the film. He kept trying to get Hobbs and Shaw join him in the new evolution of mankind and become transhuman like him so that the strong would eliminate the week.

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