Hi everyone, this is Isaac Weishaupt and I’m VERY excited to write this post! I’ve got a new podcast and YouTube video that explain some of the background behind a new project I just completed that explores a topic MOST of you are familiar with. Over 65 million copies of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist have been consumed by the good people of Earth and I’m shocked that nobody has pointed out the occult basis of this story…

In THE DESERT ENIGMA: AN ANALYSIS OF OCCULT SYMBOLISM IN PAULO COELHO’S “THE ALCHEMIST” I break the New Age occult agenda down to its foundation. From the author’s occult background to the covert plan the “Illuminati” have paved through works of entertainment such as this. I believe it’s another piece in the battle for our souls, so please read it and see what you think.

The Desert Enigma 350 wide cover

In THE DESERT ENIGMA: AN ANALYSIS OF OCCULT SYMBOLISM IN PAULO COELHO’S “THE ALCHEMIST”; author, blogger, and independent investigator Isaac “The IlluminatiWatcher” Weishaupt reveals the hidden occult messages found in Paulo Coelho’s novel: “The Alchemist.”

This analysis takes an honest look at the history of author Paulo Coelho and his degrees of separation from ceremonial magick, Aleister Crowley, Charles Manson, Kenneth Grant, Alejandro Jodorowsky, witchcraft, satanism, and more.

A review of themes and messages in “The Alchemist” are juxtaposed with actual occult teachings in an attempt to unravel the core belief system at play.

Learn how the New Age movement could be leading many astray and into the clutches of an Illuminati belief system that embraces the occult “evolution of consciousness” which seeks to open up a portal to other-dimensional entities, and ultimately; the Antichrist…


You’ve got a few options for reading this:

Option #1: FREE! (*donations for your favorite conspiracy theorist):

Download on the IlluminatiWatcher Gumroad storefront where you can ALSO download the video I’ve put together for the IlluminatiWatcher YouTube channel with video clips that demonstrate some of the New Age occult tie-ins.

Because I REALLY want EVERYONE to read this I’m going to offer it as a donation product. What this means is that you can put $0.00 and download it for free and I’ll still love you…


…if you like the material I’ve been giving you for years for free, you can support the cause and drop any amount you feel necessary (*it has to be over $0.99 for Gumroad to accept it).

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Option #4: Sign up for a FREE trial membership on Audible 

You can listen to the author narrated audiobook on The best way to do this is to get a compilation book I wrote called Alice in Rocky Horrorland that has The Desert Enigma analysis as well as interpretations for:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • The Transhuman and Occult Apocalypse: How Google Will “Solve the Problem” of Humanity

Get it HERE!

Alice in Rocky Horrorland Audible


Still on the fence?

Listen to my podcast/YouTube video and see what you think. I explain more about the background and what to expect.


Here is the audio-only link for the podcast:


Thanks for visiting, and thanks for all the years of support!



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. You out to read The Valkyries by Coelho (or pg 55-62).
    You can dl it from this link:,%20Paulo%20-%20The%20Valkyries.pdf

    It’s an autobiography but told in the third person. He speaks about his relation in the music industry and magic.

    “All you have to do is listen to the words of the song, he thought to himself. It wasn’t really a
    song–it was a mantra from a magic ritual, with the words of the Beast of the Apocalypse being
    read in the background in a low voice. Whoever sang the song would be invoking the forces of
    darkness. And everyone was singing it.”

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  2. Hi there “Isaac”…
    so read your book last year,” A grand unified …”
    wanted to e mail you to congratulate but there’s no way to do that, looks like…

    SO : If you’re a Christian – as you claim – WHY on earth you cannot see, or you don t want – to comment in your book that D.Icke claims that “Jesus didn’t exist”…???
    Apart of this nonsesne and few others, Icke seems very genuine and enlightened.

    Book is good, many interesting concepts, but looks like you re into this “old school christian” who sees the horned one almost EVERYWHERE but not in the church…
    Cat. Church is going down, pope is satanic, black magician….

    Do more research, man, and NOT ALL Eastern religions are fake,
    IN FACT few are much more pure and divine than “Christian” church.!


    Greetings !


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  3. Any chance of you being a desendant of Adam Weishaupt? i know this has probably come up many times, but I was just wandering. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

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  4. Responding to the article on NY times on tops of the Giza pyramids heating up and nobody knows why. Some people with gagging orders must know as they have also built a pyramid in the US. It must be related to the channelling of the Sun’s thermal heat, redirection of radioactivity for the warfare and energy production, blasting the ionosphere with microwave radiation. It could be that like a mobile phone musts these pyramids also work in unison once the thermal heating process starts. Has anybody examined the hypothesis?

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  5. Before writing books, Paulo Coelho was a successful songwriter with Brazilian rock star Raul Seixas, both were deeply engaged with Crowley and satanism and their lyrics were really open about these themes.
    There’s a very informative doc about Seixas, even showing how both Seixas and Coelho joined OTO in order to deliver to masses songs hailing the antichrist. Worth a watch:

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  6. this is new to me my eyes are open please keep me up dated I heard about mk ultra mind control

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  7. Really, a book entitled “The Alchemist” has occult references? Staggering…

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