William Ramsey and the occult conspiracy of the West Memphis 3 case- C.T.A.U.C. Podcast E16

I said this last time on E15 of Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture where I got to talk to the infamous Bloodstain Lane, but here I’ll repeat it one last time:

Back on E13 of Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture when I told you that I had some great guests on deck; I wasn’t lying.

On this new episode we’re privileged to be in the presence of William Ramsey; a legal professional who has spent A LOT of time researching the likes of Aleister Crowley, 9/11, and the controversial West Memphis 3 murder case.


**You’ll have to scroll to the bottom of this page to find the show- we’ve got a lot of material, images, and resources loaded up on this page**

If you’re not familiar with any of those topics, you’ll enjoy this show where we give a brief overview of why these things are important, and then explore the hidden side of the West Memphis 3 murder case that you DIDN’T see on the HBO Paradise Lost documentary series.

Paradise Lost Mark of the Beast X and O WM3

Here are the links to all of William Ramsey’s social media connections that we’ll be talking about- be sure to follow to stay up to date on his latest findings:

Here his YouTube channel called “Occult Investigations, Inc.” where he shares all kinds of occult-related information and video clips (be sure to SUBSCRIBE while you’re there):

Occult Investigations William Ramsey YouTube

Here’s an example of one such video that we talk about on the podcast:


Here’s a link to his Facebook page, where you’ll see him post all kinds of news related to this WM3 case.

And here are the links to his books, which you can pick up from Amazon on Kindle or paperback-

The book about Aleister Crowley and 9/11 called Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order


Here’s his book we’ll be talking about called ABOMINATION: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis 3 Murders:


We talked about the Mark of the Beast (the fusion of the “X”) is used by occultists, and here is an example of what I’m talking about with Damien Echols actually tattooing this on occult friends, as per an article on Vulture.com:


Echols is a painter—an exhibition of works he did in prison using Q-tips and pen cart­ridges just opened at Sacred’s in-house gallery—but the only body art he can manage is a simple X. “They all make fun of me. Like, what if someone comes in and goes, ‘I really wanna get this portrait of my daughter done.’ And I’m like, ‘Nah—you want an X.’ Or somebody says, ‘I really want this, like, field of roses.’ And I’ll say, ‘Nah—you want a field of X’s.’ ”

Speaking of the occult buddies, here are a few images that William Ramsey supplied us and you can find MUCH MORE if you follow his social media channels:

Echols hanging out with Process church member Genesis P. Orridge:

Damien Echols yoga magick on the mat WO

Damien Echols gf masks WO

Here are the tattoo images we talk about towards the end of the show:

Damien Echols tattoos WO

Echols and Depp share the ‘prince of air’ tattoo:

Damien Echols Johnny Depp air iching tattoo WO

Damien Echols black sun tattoo which William Ramsey saw on the film Red Dragon (it also means ’77’):

Damien Echols back tattoo black sun 77 Red Dragon WO

Which looks similar to Henry Rollins’ sun tattoo:

Henry Rollings back tattoo black sun

Johnny Depp’s sigil tattoo:

Johnny Depp sigil tattoo chest Echols 2

Johnny Depp sigil tattoo chest Echols

Which can also be seen on my Die Antwoord Illuminati symbolism post where they flash their own sigils (*note that the rapper from the Die Antwoord was playing concerts with Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp- you can find these videos on YouTube):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Die Antwoord Ugly Boy Sigil

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Finally; here’s the show, enjoy:

Listen to “William Ramsey and the occult conspiracy of the West Memphis 3 case- C.T.A.U.C. Podcast E16” on Spreaker.


Another option is to watch it on YouTube (again- subscribe and give some comments or feedback- we’d LOVE to hear what you think):


Thanks for listening, drop your comments below, and be sure to leave some reviews for the show on Stitcher or iTunes if you like it– that’s the ONLY way this will get to the masses!!!





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Isaac, I love your stuff and I want to contribute! I notice so much symbolism on such a regular basis that it’s honestly hard to keep up with! I see so much of it on the show ‘Ridiculousness’. One in particular where Rob Dyrdek throws up the ‘Roc-a-Fella’ triangle hand gesture as he is signing off. Not to mention the clothing they wear. I would love to be able to send you clips and images. Respond if you are interested or if there is already a way to submit information and I am just missing where I can do that.

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  2. Another great podcast. Love how you’re starting to branch out from strictly entertainment-industry stuff (or, at least, given the Hollywood connections to this case, from a focus on the entertainment industry’s products) to other themes like occultist murders and transhumanism.

    Next thing, you’ll be on Alex Jones…:)

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  3. I finally listened to it. Whew! I am not on iTunes so I’d have to make an account to review you!

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  5. I was reading your blog, until I saw Ramsey as an expert? Please.
    Many 1/2 truths to fit selling his book, poorly researched.
    Example. The picture of Damien Echols with O ‘Porridge?
    They are not hanging out as he leads you to believe, but were working on a film they both were in, in the same clothes.
    IRL the film.
    I have caught him in many of these …. misconceptions.
    To educate is to seek the truth.
    Please make sure you are before printing things that can easily be traced.
    Also, on other pages, You are correct Whitney and Bobbi Kristina’s demise were in bathubs, but the girl at this point is still living. probably not long, but still, double check these little things.

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  6. William Ramsey is a hugh Idiot! Any person who believes him has a IQ of 2

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  7. Hi Issac please let me say first I enjoy your site but I couldn’t listen to the podcast! You guys keep talking over one another more so your guest. It’s driven me nuts so I gave up after 13 minutes. It gave me a headache. It’s a real shame because I really wanted to hear what you had got to say about the Memphis 3.

    I hate to criticise and I realise you and your guest are both passionate about the subject but no no no it’s the hight of rudeness to talk over one another. It was so bad I couldn’t hear either one of you clearly enough to continue .

    I’ll continue to read your site but this was the first time I’d bothered with one of the podcasts are they all like this!

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    • Hi Tammy- yes the audio got screwed up on this one, my apologies. The two channels started mixing and it sounds like we’re talking over each other. I’ve since upgraded my software and equipment so hopefully that doesn’t happen again!

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  8. Hi Issac, I took the time to listen to this podcast this morning. I remember this & have always been fascinated. The HBO documentary definitely portrays the young men as innocent. I also read the book by Leveritt. Somehow, I missed the movie referencing the book. Coincidentally, I recently came across photos & information in reference to Echols. He is definitely still involved in the occult. It’s difficult to comprehend that young men could have participated in these atrocities but 3 young boys were murdered. As a mother, my mind can’t even go there. What I do know is there is a spiritual war going on all around us. It’s evident Crowley knew how to tap into it. I believe the demonic is structured in a military fashion with principalities. This is proven when a message is delayed coming to Daniel. It looks like the Prince of Persia (Iran) is still very active today. It’s also odd that Depp took Echols under his wing. With everything that’s surfaced about Depp, we know he’s not a straight up kind of guy. I wondered if Echols mother had some kind of influence on him. This was shared in this podcast. Typically, youth are influenced by their parents & friends. Echols’s fascination with Crowley is evidence to me that something or someone influenced him. We need to remember this happened prior to everything Internet. Thanks, for sharing this again. Also, I do think the other boys have regrets. They simply were influenced & listened to Echols. Does that mean I think they are guilty. With all the evidence now presented & material left out & not presented to the public, I’m definitely leaning towards yes, they are. Again, as we progress towards the end times/last days the occult is showing their hand. Most Christians are very naive & just don’t want to believe this is real. That’s part of the reason the occult have gotten away with so much. I always want to know my enemy & these expose’s help.

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    • Issac, I just had a thought after I posted my comment & did some further research. Unless, I missed it somewhere these murders were conducted during “Beltaine”. I also heard it was during the full moon. I don’t know if anyone noticed it was Beltaine but it definitely was. Just more food for thought. That is definitely another occult link.

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