Travis Scott’s Illuminati Super Bowl: Symbolism, Alchemy, Fallen Angels, and Occult Rituals!

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we’re going to breakdown what we saw at the Super Bowl Halftime Show! If you read through the pre-game article (or podcast episode) then you’re ready to pick up here! If you haven’t- check it out because some of the images and predictions I discuss are key to understanding it!


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I recommend looking through the images on the article while listening. Let’s go…


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A Super Bowl Aleister Crowley Would Love

The Halftime Show continued the themes of the 2015 Katy Perry ritual of Aleister Crowley’s Scarlet Woman into the next phase. The commercials prepped the mind for the evolutionary processes by showing us themes of transhumanism via robotic themes. The announcers of the Super Bowl even peddled the “#17YearChallenge” nonsense that is merely a way for Facebook and the global surveillance scheme to capture important data for the capture of aging in humans.

But you came here to talk about the Halftime Show so let’s get into it…

Rap Deception: Prepping the Mind for Acceptance

The themes of evolution through transhumanism segue into the performances of the artists. I spoke about Avril Lavigne’s Adam Levine’s role as yet another Illuminati musical puppet in my pre-game podcast; and today supported it even further. In fact, we saw a commercial for another surveillance product called “Expensify” that was featured in a music video by 2 Chainz that gave us some very curious symbolism.

For example, the video starts out with rappers in negotiation with music industry managers that have a very curious necklace:

The video proceeds to show us a man with a third eye; a reference to the all seeing eye or pineal gland (a concept I’ve beaten ad nauseum). The idea is that it represents the enlightenment of the person in the ways of the occult.

The eye-guy is also sporting a curious necklace:

This symbol appears, to me, to be the lion headed Demiurge of Gnostic beliefs.

The Demiurge is a fitting placement here because Gnostics believe they are the evil force that created our material world. They believe all materialism and creation in general is plagued with evil and the only way out of it is to ‘enlighten’ oneself and become an ascended master of sorts (akin to HP Blavatsky’s Theosophy).

It should also be mentioned that today was curious in that the famous rapper 21 Savage was exposed as a fraud! This supposed Atlanta based gangsta rapper turned out to be from the UK and over extended his Visa! The reality is that all of the musicians are actors being put out there for mass consumption and tools for pushing the agenda. The “Illuminati” agenda…


Let’s get into the Super Bowl already

OK! So here we get into the actual Halftime Show. It started out with Maroon 5 taking the stage. Avril, I mean, Adam Levine took the stage and did what he does best. Middle of the road dental office music that everyone can accept. Nobody will love it, but it’ll be fine.

The real show came when Travis Scott came out…

Travis Scott stole the show in terms of Illuminati symbolism- and here’s why: alchemical transformation, summoning Nodens, and fallen spirits for Project Bluebeam.

First, I previously mentioned the obvious symbolism of alchemical transformation for Travis Scott. His videos show us themes of alchemy with his first stage of initiation as the black bird.

I postulated that we’d see the next stages which would progress through the four colors of alchemy: black, white, yellow, and red (the phoenix). Of course, he came to the stage with the final stage.

The other concept we could consider is the optical illusion provided to make it appear that he really fell from the sky like a fireball. This was very similar to the ideas we’ve read about with Project Bluebeam; a supposed false alien invasion planned for humanity in the future (when the technology is perfected). This could very well have been a trial in technology.

*note the ‘C’ shape that is used as the “EYE OF SATAN” symbol

The concepts here go much deeper (as I’ll go over in the podcast) but just know that the aliens are part of the Illuminati agenda.

The other concept we can consider here is the occult theme of summoning entities from the Abyss. We’ve explored this theme in the Illuminati Mark of the Beast article, so it’s interesting how we saw a visual demonstration of the exact concept!!

Culmination of the Mass Ritual

The concept comes from Kenneth Grant’s continuation of Aleister Crowley’s beliefs as well as HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu legends. The idea is that a spiritual entity is hidden in another realm and a practitioner of occultism can conduct rituals with enough energy to make this connection happen (*note that the Super Bowl is a time of the highest mass ritual energy…).

Maroon 5’s logo is the “V” which is the same “V” that Winston Churchill used to fight Nazi solar powers. The infamous “V for Victory” was utilized as a mass-charged sigil based upon the recommendations of British intelligence spy and occultist Aleister Crowley (*see how we’re tying Crowley into the 2019 Super Bowl?).


In Kenneth Grant’s Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God book we learn that Nodens is the “lightning war god” (*which explains why we saw Travis Scott depicted with the lightning bolt so often in his videos) and in the book it claims that he “flashed forth as lightning from the depths and formed a throne in the celestial realm; a seat of stone where the goddess was established.”

“Goosebumps” video: the Fallen Angel of Lucifer

It seems to me that is precisely what we saw when Travis Scott fell from the skies as the alchemically perfected fallen angel of Lucifer right into the “V” of Maroon 5’s stage. This was a gesture of charging a mass focus onto the Nodens entity from the deep abyss for this new initiate of the occult…

Culmination of the Mass Ritual



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