Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Illuminati Symbolism: Shakira the Scarlet Woman!

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we take a look at 2020’s Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show- the highest focus of energy WORLDWIDE!

**For more on the Kobe Bryant duality symbolism listen to this:


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. God your so F ‘n Sexy , I want you so bad.

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    • There was a terrorist attack in London 2nd February, came across this you may be like to look at as it links it to Blavatsky! >>

      Interesting numerology “coincidences” about the Streatham attack (in ascending order of tin foil hattedness) :

      1) It happened on 02022020, a palindrome and the first date palindrome that works world wide for 909 years, which is also a palindrome
      2) The 2nd of February is the 33rd day of the year, another palindrome. 33 is both the highest order of free masonry and the age of Christ when crucified.
      3) 2020 is a Leap Year so there are 366 days in the year. There are 333 days left after the 2nd February to the end of the year. 333 is another palindrome.
      4) The number 333 in numerology denotes the ascended masters, spiritually enlightened beings in Theosophy (a religion founded by Helena Blavatsky) who were once humans but have spiritually transformed into superior beings

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  2. I agree the message was more political than occult. Empowerment of females, children, Latinos, and immigrants, with an emphasis on diversity and multiculturalism. Although you could argue there was a divine feminine or earth goddess theme as well. I think they briefly played Kashmir because it’s a recognizable classical/rock/pop riff, it has an epic and exotic feel which fit their whole performance, and it was a shout out to Zep, who are clearly into the dark occult. Kashmir seems to possess some occult references and symbolism, and listening to the song has a very hypnotic effect and could be used for casting spells and performing mind control. J Lo and Shakira are both very seductive, and I have to imagine there was some subliminal/occult messaging going on around them. Kind of like a magician with a sexy female assistant. Her purpose is to distract while the magician works his magic. There was a lot of intense energy created and directed during this show. And it definitely served multiple purposes.

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    • Dan I 100% agree with you!

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      • KEANNA: Great minds think alike I guess.

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    • Weren’t all the Hispanic children IN CAGES ~ white illuminated egg-shaped cages!?

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      • Yes they were. Made me think of immigration detention centers and MK ULTRA programming.

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    • Everything about the Superbowl was evil! Both teams dressed in red. Flashing the demonic number codes. The halftime skank sex magic show. commercial push to take our right to bear arms, everything was Satanic one world order brain washing !!! I’m completely done with ever watching another Superbowl again! Totally discussed!

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      • Exactly. The commercials were inane celeb worship and the game itself was boring, the halftime show was vulgar femme propaganda. Horrible. Never watch again

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    • Forgot to put DAN G. DAN is way too popular a name.

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  3. Dear Issac:
    I really need to see what you are referring to and wish you had of done a YouTube video on the 2020 Super Bowl Half Time Show.
    Please consider this and let me know.
    Thank you!

    Please do not post comments!

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  4. I saw a tv commercial prior to the Super Bowl of a lady…, a Latino lady, getting released from prison with the “help” of Trump… then, the commercial went into a political advertisement on Trump.

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  5. I would love to hear you do some theories on Lyme disease. I have it, I believe it was made to be a bio weapon, the book called BITTON by Chris newsby I have but haven’t finished reading. Would just love to hear your take.

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    • And the Epstein Barr Virus

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  6. Did you notice that J Low looks like Jesus Christ hanging on the cross at one part in her song? It happens at the 8 minute 40 second point.

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  7. Looks like st. Peters cathedral. Pole in the middle. N. Vagina.

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