Marjorie Cameron Pt 1: Wormwood Star Origins, Babalon Working of the Scarlet Woman & Jack Parsons!

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we begin our journey into the life of Marjorie Cameron! She was a prominent occult of the 20th century, artist, actress, feminist, and most importantly; the Scarlet Whore of Babylon!

The first half of the show is free for all; with the second half available for Patreon Tier 1+ supporters.


Show Topics:

  • This is the first of three episodes devoted to the life and influences of Marjorie Cameron
  • Supernatural Origins
  • Sexual punishments
  • Military industrial complex
  • Jack Parsons: Occult Destiny Fulfilled
  • Theosophical motivations
  • Babalon Working ritual with Parsons and L Ron Hubbard
  • Enochian language of the ritual
  • Liber 49: The Book of Babalon

The full show (for Patreon Tier 1 and up supporters) goes deeper with bonus content:

  • Babalon’s short lived invocation of Cameron
  • John Dee and Edward Kelley’s Enochian Magick
  • Cameron’s magical name (the first one)
  • Jack Parsons and Tarot cards: sexual union for God
  • Babalon as spiritual Armageddon
  • After the Babalon Working: Strange Deaths and the Black Box
  • Parsons and Crowley: Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll
  • Jack’s death (and the mind blowing passing of his mother)
  • The cursed Black Box



Finally- here’s the show!

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. it goes on to say antichrist needed over 9000 elemental whores of babylons wimminz and elementals cuz his repressed freudianisms would cause problems. like how pupil dilations show we’re all at least bi? but i thought according to beginning of their gross “work” that muh freudianisms were “good”? grabbem? blah blah kavanaugh epstein these cabalists never make any sense. drumpf and roswell are probably connected. names of his parents. (christ and mary). nothing is new

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