Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson Conspiracies and Sexual Abuse

I watched four hours of Michael Jackson’s alleged abuse of two young boys with the Leaving Neverland documentary. It was like a movie marathon in Hell.

Now that I’ve completed the documentary I want to provide my unsolicited opinion on Michael Jackson and the questions about his sexual molestation allegations. Since there is a grey area on this one where one could argue either side of this case, I decided to provide two viewpoints and supporting ideas from each. In the conclusion I’ll tell you my personal opinion on what happened (I mean, how could I possibly know what happened- I wasn’t there).


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As you may know, I have a podcast. I provided an in-depth breakdown of this exact article on there so check it out! Sure beats reading all this text. Plus you get to hear my story of narrowly dodging molestation as a child.

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Viewpoint #1: MJ is guilty

Of course he’s molesting kids. What grown man do you know that sleeps in the same bed with young boys? Have you heard him talk about sharing his bed with boys in the Martin Bashir documentary Living with Michael Jackson?…

Did you hear what Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck said on the documentary?…


How could they come up with such graphic terms for the appalling things MJ made them do?

Why else would Michael want to take these boys to live with him for an entire year?…

The reason Robson and Safechuck waited several years after Michael’s death to reveal the truth was due to the psychology of victims of abuse. Michael befriended these children and made them feel responsible for his well being- coaching them to lie for him.

Michael Jackson’s lawyer tried to plant seeds of doubt into Robson’s story when he cited his testimony from 2005 (SOURCE: CNN):

“Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005, partly based on the testimony of Robson, his sister and his mother.

“It’s absurd,” said Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who successfully defended Jackson in the trial. “He was one of the strongest witnesses for the defense at Michael Jackson’s criminal trial in 2005. He was adamant under oath that he had never been molested at any time.”
A housekeeper at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch testified that she saw Jackson showering naked with Robson during a visit in the early 1990s, but he denied it at the trial.”

I’ve heard many other voices in Jackson’s camp retelling this claim, but clearly MJ could be guilty and the men who defended him were just under his hypnotic celebrity spell (yes- even many years later, after his death). In fact, the catalyst for them to come forward was due to their initiation into parenthood. They fully understood how evil it was for someone to take advantage of a young boy and decided to take a stand against it.


And the parents?!… What kind of awful parent would allow their kid to sleepover with a grown man??…

Michael Jackson could’ve easily fooled a jury or paid off witnesses to corroborate his story. In fact, that is basically what the documentary tells us- MJ reached out to his mind controlled defense witnesses to try and get him off the hook. Plus; consider that R. Kelly was found innocent when there was a video of him peeing in a girl’s mouth (*allegedly*)!

With enough money, anyone can be innocent.

Director Dan Reed claims he investigated their claims (from NPR):

“Reed notes he initially approached Robson and Safechuck’s stories with “a good deal of skepticism” but after extensive research, verified their claims with police documentation from 1993 and the 2003 to 2005 criminal investigations against Jackson by the LAPD by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department. “We found nothing that contradicted and we found quite a lot that corroborated Wade and James’s stories,” Reed explains”

The argument is that Michael was manipulative and coerced his victims not to snitch on him. He even tried manipulating Martin Bashir in the Living with Michael Jackson documentary when he lied about all the obvious plastic surgeries he’s been through.

So it seems that Wacko Jacko was really out of his mind and he fell in line with the behavior of many child-celebrities and sexual molestation victims where he perpetuated the actions he learned as a child.


Viewpoint #2: MJ is innocent

It’s a money grab. Michael had so much money and fame that he was a clear target. Add in the eccentricities of a creative artist that has a soft spot for children and it makes for a perfect setup.

Some people even claimed Michael was worth more dead than alive and everyone was waiting to get their cut.

His own producer, Quincy Jones, sued the Jackson estate in 2013 (after his death in 2009) for various royalties such as This Is It. He won $9+ million (SOURCE: RollingStone)

The precedent for trying to get at Michael’s money was set back in 1993 when Jordan Chandler’s father Evan Chandler claimed his son was sexually abused by Michael. Carrie Fisher claimed in her Shockaholic book that Evan Chandler tried to entice Michael by saying:

“You know, my son is very good looking.

They would settle out of court for over $25M. (SOURCE: CNN)

In 2003 the LAPD investigated Michael after his Living with Michael Jackson documentary was released (the one he talked about sleeping with boys). LAPD found no reason to bring charges (they even pulled the FBI in), but another accusation would result in Michael’s arrest and subsequent trial in 2005 (this is the court case that brought Wade Robson, Jimmy Safechuck and Macaulay Culkin in to testify on Michael’s behalf- later Robson and Safechuck would claim they lied under oath).

Michael was acquitted on all charges.

Investigative journalist Ian Halperin wrote a series of articles detailing the disturbing coincidences surrounding Michael’s death. He claimed that a cadre of bankers, agents, doctors and advisers pushed Michael into doing his 50-date concert series even when he was too sick to carry it through.

Halperin also infamously predicted Michael’s death six months prior (he was only one day off).

Michael was half-owner of the Beatles’ catalog. The other half was owned by Sony. Halperin alleged that Sony was lending Michael hundreds of millions of dollars since the banks would no longer loan him money.

Why would Sony do this?…

They couldn’t publicly take Michael’s half of the Beatles’ catalog because of the poor public image that would portray.

LaToya Jackson went on Piers Morgan and made a cryptic statement:

People come into your life, wiggle their way in, control you, manipulate, control your funds, your finances, everything that you have.

She also said that Michael claimed he’d be killed for his music publishing catalog and estate.

In 2013 Wade Robson retracted his previous defense of Michael (the 2005 trial) and proceeded to file lawsuits against now deceased Jackson’s estate. (SOURCE: NPR)

The Daily Beast reports in 2013 that after very publicly and repeatedly defending Jackson, Robson now says that Jackson sexually molested him for seven years.

Two years later, in May 2015, a judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Mitchell L. Beckloff, dismisses Robson’s suit against the estate, saying that he waited too long to file his claim. In December 2017, the same judge dismisses the rest of Robson’s suit, filed against Jackson’s two companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, because the two corporations could not be found liable for Jackson’s alleged behavior. Notably, neither of these judgments address the credibility of Robson’s accusations.

James Safechuck files a similar suit against MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures in 2014, alleging that Jackson abused him on “hundreds” of occasions between 1988 and 1992. Beckloff, who is also the presiding judge in this suit, rejects Safechuck’s suit in June 2017 on the same grounds he gave Robson.

Clearly Robson and Safechuck were only interested in getting some of that vast estate of money from Michael Jackson. They apparently didn’t consider floating the allegations without asking for money. If they really just wanted awareness of the evil deeds wouldn’t they be interested in publicizing it for the sake of widespread awareness?…

If there were so many molestations of boys then where is the flood of revelations from others we didn’t hear about yet?

Michael was eccentric guy who was the target of so many opportunists that it would make your head spin. Robson and Safechuck merely join the list. My book on hip hop conspiracy theories goes deeper into Michael’s sordid past, including allegations from his maids about him peeing on the floor or holding onto dirty baby diapers.


Conclusion: A Sick System

*I’ve got to preface this section with a forewarning. I wrote this entire analysis before watching Oprah’s post-Leaving Neverland special on HBO. It turned out that almost every conclusion I came to aligned with her statements on the event (should I be alarmed by that?…). So basically if you didn’t like Oprah’s special on this- turn back now…

Who’s really to blame here?

Even if he did molest these kids, we could easily argue that he’s damaged goods and a product of his environment and upbringing. I’d go as far as to blame the mechanization of the entertainment machine.

His father could’ve exposed Michael to the apex predators of Hollywood like we’ve seen so many times. It seems that child molestation is a problem that is learned from experienced traumatic abuse, so most likely Michael himself was abused.

We also have to consider the latest hot topics of the MeToo movement and the Surviving R. Kelly documentary which started the #MuteRKelly trend. It seems that there is a consideration to stop listening to R. Kelly which will surely not apply to Michael Jackson.

Jermaine Jackson allegedly claimed that Michael was taken away to late night hotel room meetings with “important business people.” Michael would come back days later in a very sick state.

Dr. Conrad Murray (the one who was attending to Michael when he died) claimed that Michael’s father chemically castrated him in order to maintain his high pitched voice (SOURCE: EW.com):

The fact that he was chemically castrated to maintain his high-pitched voice is beyond words,” Murray continued, echoing a claim he made in his 2016 book, This Is It! The Secret Lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson, in which he accused Joe of forcing Michael to get hormone injections at age 12 to cure his acne and prevent his voice from changing.

There are three glaring problems here:

  1. Celebrities are over-worshipped as gods
  2. Sexual molestation is a recurring theme in Hollywood
  3. People have a hard time grasping the concept of this alleged MJ

I’ve spoke ad nauseam about our celebrity obsessed culture and how dangerous this is. Sexual abuse is just one of many ways in which this experiment has gone tragically wrong. If we get into the seemingly absurd theories on blood sacrifices and Faustian bargains then its not so difficult to proclaim that celebrity deification is a trap for all those involved.

Hollywood has a serious problem with people sexually assaulting other people. The fake morality that these entertainers project is laughably hypocritical. On the other hand, it seems that people who perpetuate a crime are the loudest critics of it, so maybe they are just trying to stop the cycle and spread awareness because they are too close to it. Either way- the fact remains that Hollywood has a real problem with sex in all its forms, but I believe it comes from the first point (celebrities are mistakenly treated as gods).

The real version of Michael Jackson is nothing like what you imagine. All we know is the persona and behavior the media pushed at us over the years.

Entertainment and media pushes archetypes; and one such model is that of the classic pedo. This is the creepy man in the van.

People can’t imagine that someone can be a sexual predator while also caring for the victims (which is what I think Michael was). There is some form of cognitive dissonance to overcome because of the oversimplification of someone being all-good or all-bad. Michael Jackson was surely like most human beings- a bit of both (*a reconciled opposite as it were).

Clearly there is not a single image of what a predator looks or sounds like. People have a tendency to desire full and comprehensive understanding and explanations of who is who and what is what but sometimes it’s just not that clear (we can thank the dogma of science for making quantitive metrics for everything).

For instance, the jury from the 2005 Michael Jackson molestation case thought the boy wasn’t acting “distraught enough” for someone who’d been molested (SOURCE: TheCut) (*NOTE: I watched The Jury Speaks on Oxygen and a woman named Juror #6, Tammy Bolton, said almost the exact same thing that TheCut is claiming Coccoz said, so I don’t personally know which juror really said it).

“Of then-15-year-old Gavin Arvizo’s testimony against Jackson, juror Paulina Coccoz said “He didn’t seem as distraught as you would think somebody who’d been molested would be.” But what Coccoz found insufficiently “distraught” is just one of many possible reactions to trauma, says Jennifer J. Freyd, a professor of psychology at the University of Oregon and expert on the psychology of sexual violence.

Similar accusations are going against Robson and Safechuck.

The truth is that they may very well be dissociating from the trauma. The dissociation is precisely what we’ve talked about in the past from mind control victims who create alters to cope with traumatic events. Many people are confused because they don’t understand anything about therapy or the human mind. Instead people want to compartmentalize and live in a black and white version of reality because it’s easier that way (like how Defaming the Dead on YouTube belittles the victims and pushes the audience to think it’s simply not possible to lie under oath).

Plus- add in the confusion a young boy must feel who is hanging out with a modern day “god” like Michael Jackson who was providing a plethora of gifts and opportunities; yet (*allegedly*) snuck in various sexual activities in a way that might have even felt good to the young boys. These victims grew up to be heterosexual men (presumably from the documentary) but surely there was some form of satisfaction during their times with Michael which must be extremely confusing.


Deeper into the Conclusion

I was on the fence about my judgment on this because it seems strange that the two men in the documentary had filed lawsuits against Jackson’s estate after supporting him for so many years. If all of the allegations were true, then wouldn’t there be countless other boys out there who were abused that haven’t stepped out yet?

Wasn’t there at least ONE victim who wanted to clear the air without some financial reimbursement??…

I was on the fence until the last thirty minutes of the documentary. At that point I heard the details from all of Robson’s family members talking about the spiral of pain as he revealed the truth to them. From the small details like how his mother wasn’t allowed to visit her grandchild, to the genuine raw emotions, tears, and bulging veins in their heads; it seemed very real (*plus the credits show him burning up the Michael Jackson Thriller jacket- THAT’S a commitment!!).

Having personally experienced therapy (not for anything this serious); I can say that processing traumas can take a long time and can be very painful and difficult to work through. The family’s reactions seemed 100% legitimate.

I don’t have children but I know people that do (obviously). Without a doubt there is something that shifts in the psyche of a person who has a child, and that is the shift that forced Robson and Safechuck to finally reveal their truths.

Why would these two guys want to be hated by so many of Michael Jackson’s fans?

Why would they admit the embarrassing acts that occurred to the entire world (especially given the ‘toxic masculinity’ elements of forced homosexual rape)?…

One could argue that its for a check.

True, I can’t deny that could be motivation. However, I always go back to the gut feeling or smell test. Does it make sense that this happened? ABSOLUTELY.

Dude was sleeping in beds with little kids; of course this was possible. He told Martin Bashir that it was the most loving thing you can do but I’d argue it’s a quite inappropriate for an adult to sleep with a child that is not their own- call me old fashioned.

I wouldn’t allow my hypothetical kids to go anywhere near a man that slept with little boys. Michael and his defenders always claimed he just loved kids; but why was he always just hanging out with boys and not girls?…

But what about all the conspiracies? Yes, the two things can be mutually exclusive. He can be the victim of a music industry conspiracy AND molest kids.

Did he make some of the greatest music of all time? Yes- absolutely. I’d offer that we not even ban his music (because that is the dual-thinking of extremes with the all-good or all-bad discussion). Instead I’d offer that we use it as a redemption lesson of sorts to share the story and warnings of celebrity deification. It’s also a good time to discuss human sexuality and how to work on reducing the number of molestations that occur (instead of oversimplifying it and saying to chop dicks off or whatever).

Ultimately I’d offer that we stop defending these celebrities. After all, you really don’t know them. They’re not the gods that the entertainment industry wants you to believe they are.

What do YOU think? Comment below or hit me on the socials.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Don King told David Letterman during an appearance that he “laid out” with Michael Jackson often. I thought it a very odd choice of words.

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  2. OVER deification is so right!! That is the whole power the upper echelon thrive off of, like a wind mill to creating energy…And we “lower level beings” are plugged up like the draining sources we emit!

    Post a Reply
  3. He is guilty as hell and I dont know what other proof one needs. The so-called parents of those kids are equally guilty and they belong in jail.

    Post a Reply
  4. If anyone read Thanks for the memories by Brice Taylor, she states that Bob Hope used to molest the Jackson 5 before every show. THEIR FATHER WOULD LET BOB HOPE MOLEST THEM. So I believe that MJ went through the programming through Hollywood and could be an example of how hurt people could hurt people. The REAL agenda is to normalize pedophilia so that the powers that be could legalize it.

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  5. I’m so disappointed in your conclusion Issac. The amount of time you spent watching this wretched so called documentary, yet you do little to zero research on anything related to the 1993 case, nor the 2005. A 15 minute search would have told you more than enough to understand this was ALWAYS about THE MONEY. Please see links below. These are a tiny sampling with a wealth of info.
    Sexual abuse victims suffer ever more when false claims are spread. Mr. Robson and Mr. Safechuck are no victims.


    Post a Reply
    • I disagree- I always go back to the insanity of what we’re told to believe. All of MJ’s behaviors are that of a pedo. We’re told to believe that he is some unique entity that simply loved kids. If you had a 12 year old boy you wouldn’t allow him to sleep in the bed of a strange 40-year old man. Plain and simple. Occam’s razor. Again- all my opinions and like I said on the podcast; I don’t know what happened cuz I wasn’t there. I can understand why you think he was framed but I’m sticking with the fact that he had the world’s most elaborate candy van in his backyard and proceeded to pull kids from their parents to sleep in his bed which had alarms all around it to warn him of people coming upstairs.

      Post a Reply
      • I appreciate your response and of course, you’re allowed your opinion, as well. Yet, are you telling me the insanity of what we’re told to believe, goes so far as actual court records? The response you gave me is littered with inaccuracies. Michael didn’t sleep in the bed, he took the floor, when he was even present. What other behaviors indicate a pedophile? Being kind, showing children, boys and girls, he cared. Not by touching but with his words. Building an amazing park that was open to visits from charities, schools, special groups. Once again, often he wasn’t home. The myths are secret bedroom, elaborate alarm systems, all proven false. His bedroom was not just one room but 3 tiered, all open spaces. It’s in the court records. An actual diagram of the house itself, with photos.
        Of course, what you state shouldn’t ever happen, plain & simple, can sound pretty damning when told a certain way.
        Yes, parents were so infatuated with Michael, they themselves, were derelict in parental duties. You DO NOT allow your child to sleep somewhere, when you don’t know the home owners on a personal level etc. Yet, when Michael tried to distance himself from the lecherous families, they came at him with a vengeance.
        I appreciate the work you do, I follow you closely. I believed you would see through this mess & a least look for facts before going with the status quo. Isn’t that really the insanity we’re told to believe?
        Thank you, Issac, for allowing me a chance to respond.

        Post a Reply
      • i find it odd isaac that you believe that he couldnt be innocent but you believe in the most ridicolous stuff like illuminati or fake moon landings

        Post a Reply
  6. Thank you Karen Marie for your timely and well-researched response to Isaac’s sadly misinformed and dangerously inaccurate piece, which serves to threaten to undo a lot of the good work that he has done. Isaac – I subscribe to your otherwise excellent newsletters and have purchased most of your publications (though I have yet subscribed to be a Patreon supporter), and I value your research and analysis in your field. This article does you a severe injustice (as it does the late Michael Jackson) and it saddens me to see someone of your standing and intelligence submit to the lies and deception of the MSM and its affiliates. I am not a Michael Jackson fan by any means and my musical tastes differ, but what I do see is a hugely spiritual and humanitarian man who lived to help others be villified and defamed – both while he was alive and now after he cannot defend himself – by the MSM tabloids and other media agencies and a host of corporate bodies jumping on a transparent and shamelessly lurid attempt by two known serial liars and fantasists. Karen seems to have done her research and supplied us all with the evidence that demonstrates that these claims do NOT hold water. I ask you as someone whom I have great respect to please take time out to research this without prejudice or any sort of perceptual filter, and to let the facts stand up for themselves; to please question the accounts and motivations of these individuals; and to separate yourself from the deluge of corporate-sponsored (and real hidden illuminati-scripted agendas) that are operating around the latest attacks on Michael Jackson. If you can do this objectively – as I know you usually do – then please give us another article that cuts through this hype and smokescreen that has been set up by dubious agencies to twist the masses to follow a certain agenda. We all have blips and make errors of judgement. I am hoping that this was just an error of judgement on your part, and that you will eventually understand that we are being hoodwinked by the MSM and its powerful sponsors to dance to a certain tune, one that Michael Jackson never danced to and would never dream of dancing to either. With respect to all of your previous attested research…

    Post a Reply
  7. hey iw!

    i enjoyed reading the post. and i appreciate that you are sharing more of your work. i hope in the end, not being a part of youtube will do it good.

    about mj…

    i guess if everybody always told the true, no lies or false claims, no hidden agendas etc the world would be a much simpler place!

    my take is that some of the cases (known and unknown) he probably behaved as a pedophile… and some he did not.

    some of the cases got into court and mainstream media and of those some were false claims… but some were not.


    Post a Reply
    • Danilo said,

      “some of the cases got into court and mainstream media and of those some were false claims… but some were not.”

      You are absolutely correct in your statement that there was a trial (two trials actually – and a long-term FBI investigation with phone monitoring etc), and on both occasions Mr Jackson was cleared) – though you are factually wrong when you assert the mass-media peddled claim that there were ‘some cases not being false’. Well if they were demonstrably true then he would have been indicted in a court of law, and the tabloids and MSM would have made damn sure that we would never forget that fact!!).

      Yes, the world would indeed be a better place if no-one told lies and we all spoke the truth. If only so! But when we also repeat lies and falsehoods and do not bother in personally checking evidence, or allowing our own biased perceptual filters to judge the facts, then we are as guilty as those from whose mouths originate those very lies!!

      Post a Reply
      • Thank you Mr. Potter. Reading through your comments, I’m grateful for your presence here. I am also hopeful Isaac will review all the evidence that support the fact Michael is innocent. Isaac does such superior work in his breakdown of occult symbolism, the “Illuminati” and it’s infiltration of the entertainment industry, etc. His published works on the Super Bowl and it’s highlight half time show, which have grown ever more dark and so full of the occult, one would be hard pressed to try to explain real “value”. The seduction of the SB half time shows, shown thru symbolism, artistic interpretation, etc. seems to get wilder every year. Cut back to 1993, here we see Michael Jackson performing in what would be described as a defining moment for SB’s half time show. From here on it became a hopeful notch in the belt of every superstar. What Michael presented to the entire world that January day were odes to the much needed healing of our world, and reminding us WE are the world. His focus that day was on his lifetime message, look to God, help one another, love one another, remember the children and CARE for them. The platform he had that day, while great, in no way outshone the platform that was Michael, he used it for GOOD. Always.
        Issac mentioned his understanding of my belief Michael was framed. While I appreciate his tone, in no way is framed the word for it. Michael was consistent in his will to do good, often anonymously, his belief in God, something he spoke of often, he brought people together with his message of love and hope, he didn’t resort to sex as a way to sell. Yet, he was a target for evil. Im referring to deep, dark evil. The kind that zeros in on light, especially light that offers hope, through the grace of God. Michael never gave up, he continued loving people, making music, bringing his message to our world. I won’t try to offer up additional evidence, it’s all out there. I implore everyone to research, please. The unfair way our world has been baited to believe this latest scam is hideous. It is, however, being deconstructed and shown to be the money grab it is. I’m more focused on how we can see one of God’s true messengers, whose spirituality was evident, and so many not recognize it. That’s why it’s so important to share the truth of Michael whenever and wherever you can. I believe people will eventually get the message. Even if some will need reincarnation to escape the ignorance.😊
        Isaac, once again, I hope when you’ve had enough time to research more, maybe you will make another post. One that is consistent with the deeper truth, often hidden from us. I know this can take time. Until then, as I stated above, I’m still here, reading your work, listening to your sincere voice speak about the evil existing in the entertainment industry and the larger world audience. Thank you.

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      • hello clive, thanks for the opportunity to exchange!

        yes you are right, i have nothing to support my ‘personal take on it’… besides iw post i have not watched the doco, i have not followed up with the trials or anything like that.

        but those are my thoughts (just that) and they are for this exactly, exchanging. no harm intended even thou sometimes harm occurs.

        and if it is not too much to ask, i would like to change the ‘and’ in the phrase you quote, for ‘and/or’… see i do not think that the cases that went to trial were true… but i do think (my take on it, perhaps perpetuating lies) some of the cases that went mainstream media were.

        i see that you do not believe that mj never committed any harm towards kids, not in the way of the doco says anyways. so im sorry to get a bit personal but i need to double check if there are not any cultural differences between our ways of thinking… would you let your kids, i mean sons or daughters, sleepover with adult friends???

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