“KUBRICK’S CODE”- an illustrated guide to Kubrick’s hidden codes is now available

I’ve studied director Stanley Kubrick’s films for years now, and as you know, I’ve provided analysis on several of his films made available on IlluminatiWatcher.com: A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut. I’m excited to announce an e-book that compiled all of these film analysis’ (AND 2001: A Space Odyssey) into a downloadable PDF project I called Kubrick’s Code. The PDF is universal and can be read on most any device- computer, iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.


In this e-book I present all of the images and analysis you saw on the website, but I’ve cleaned up the text, added even MORE images and theories, and included a never-before-seen analysis on Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. This 2001 film analysis is not available anywhere else.


I’m also throwing in a two-hour documentary type video I made that shows even more images and video clips from the films. This video is more in-depth than the ones you can see on YouTube (which don’t feature clips or some of the material).

As always, you’ll get a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you’re dissatisfied with my product just shoot me an email. Pick up Kubrick’s Code now and learn all about the hidden Illuminati symbols and decoded language within Stanley Kubrick’s timeless films…

OR, check out the bundle package deals I have available and you can save money on multiple products.

Signed Paperback and Video Download options now available!


I made a DVD with the entire KUBRICK’S CODE video on it- you’ll also get instant access to the ebook and the stream digital video!

Get it HERE while supplies last!


Audible Audiobook NOW AVAILABLE!

I narrated the audiobook that you can now get on Audible.com!

Audible audiobook now available!

Audible audiobook now available!



I published a paperback version, but it’ll set you back $29.99 (with $26.99 of that the costs for printing all of those color images). You can get it here on CreateSpace or grab a paperback that I’ll autograph and ship to your door from my Gumroad store.

Thanks for reading!






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Can this be published as a paperback instead of an ebook?

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    • I’m going to see how much that would cost- I’m guessing A LOT since it has so many images. I’m working on the conversion so it’ll be a couple of days. If I had to guess I’d assume they’ll charge me close to $30 a copy or so. Maybe not though, we’ll see. If I can make it paperback (and it looks decent) I’ll plug it on here somewhere.

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    • Ok- I’ve got it all formatted and ready for purchase. The bad news: it turned out to cost $29.99. For what it’s worth I only make $3 off that- so $26.99 is the costs for printing all of those color images. You can pick it up here: https://www.createspace.com/5213145

      Thanks for your interest!

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  2. Is there a lot of interview here ,i may withdraw from the group because i dont want to discuss shit?only thing i need to be helped with money to improve living standard since iam already a member

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  3. Couple other things I wanted to let you know about EWS…

    Beginning party scene-
    Dancing & House: Several of the background couples are very old men with very young, attractive women. Indicative of what the elite are about. Pretty strong clue there.

    Bathroom: Ziggler’s towels looks like a masonic apron. Get this, when Bill first walks in the red ’emergency’ phone on the side table next to Mandy disappears in the next scene after camera cuts away. It is replaced by ‘drugs’. Perhaps the same way drugs, “magically appear” when celebrities ‘overdose’. Good point Isaac about the handler not getting high…he didn’t even know what a ‘speed ball’ was. Why lie about your knowledge of drugs yet bring in your doctor to an OD’d prostitute? I think Kubrick was pretty clearly showing us how the illuminati work when people overdose. There’s a pretty long list starting way back with Elvis, Munroe, and so forth. Huge revelation in this scene for me.

    Street Scene: The guys who come around and hassle Bill are reenacting hazing ceremonies from, that’s right Yale’s skull n bones. It’s hard to see, but they are wearing Yale jackets and t-shirts. The reenactment part comes when they do no real harm to Bill, rather line up in front of him and continue the mockery. Kubrick almost slid that one by me.

    Domino scene: The tiger on the bed is facing forward when she sits down, next scene it is reversed. It is also the same style tiger we see in the final toy store scene . Domino also

    Sonata cafe: As bill walks up to the sonata sign (here nick looks like aton lavey, a black n white photo of him at the keyboard and they also have the same facial hair!), the camera pans around to a side shot and the ‘marlboro’ sidewalk sign pops into view. The marlboro logo is actually a ‘pyramid’ with a red background, and Bill crosses right over it as he enters into the cafe, signifying he is entering the land of magick. To further this point, as he enters the cafe, he descends, as the entrance does to chambers of the great pyramid. When he gets to the bottom, we see each table with a spherical light, similar to the scrying ball- another Aton Lavey reference if you search for his published photos. The host also greets him with the same phrase as the men outside the somerton ‘good evening sir’. Is that Kubrick sitting down at the middle table along the left wall?? Several signs read ‘All exits are final’. He arrives already in the middle of the main event, similar to how he arrives after the ceremony at somerton as already started.
    In the next scene, as Bill pulls up to rainbow fashions, the window mannequins comes into view. The one dressed as a ‘worshipful master’ freemason with the top hat and cloak is second to the left. When Bill enters with Milich, the cloaked figure is no longer there and the top hat is now second from the right. Not sure of the significance, but we are seeing things like the shapeshifting woman, tiger and now cloaked man.

    Being followed street scene: Weird coincidence here…or is it??? As Bill leaves Dominos apt after learning she got a blood test positive for HIV, he walks down the street and sees someone following him. He passes by address 36, then 37, then 38. I saw the 36 and immediately thought 666…however he passed by those three in unbroken sequence so I thought I would see if there’s some numerology hidden there Kubrick-style…here goes: 36+37+38 = 111, occult number. 36*37*38 = 50,616 or broken up at the comma, 50+616 = 666!! When I realized the guy following Bill first appeared in front of a wall that says “abacus”, I knew I’m not overreaching. Wow, crazy.

    Closing Toy Store Scene:

    First toys we see are Magic Circle, just like the magic circle formed around Bill when he’s discovered in Somerton. We also see bubbles, with all the kids entertained and reaching, just like a concert around celebrities.
    The next thing we see is a woman pulling the strings and manipulating creatures, just the way the elite manipulate the rest of the world. Huge huge point there.
    Next we see Fashion Doll House, continuing on the occult connections with the fashion industry.
    We also see a castle that looks eerily like the princess castle at Disneyland and Disneyworld with a random Pedobear sitting right up against it-pretty obvious connection there. Opposite a sign read’s Marvin’s Magic.
    When Helena pulls out the gigantic bear, Bill sees the tiger that looks like the one from Domino’s room and kind of peers at it pensively as his wife and daughter begin to walk away, establishing the connection of tigers. As they turn the corner, K’nex appears in the background, as Kubrick hopes the viewer K’nex the dots.
    Helena says “look Mommy” and holds up a barby in a box, an appropriate metaphor for what she will become. The barbie behind her is within a an upside down 5-pointed start, pretty straight forward!

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  4. As Bill leaves the morgue wondering how Amanda died and if what he witnessed was real, we see green signs next to each other in the frame reading “C C”, which can also be read as 3 3. Kubrick is perhaps hinting that this was executed by the 33 or 33rd degree freemasons. This clue is more evidence that what he witnessed was a real sacrifice and was carried out by real members of a real secret society. If you recall, the chair the ‘high master’ sat in was topped with a double-headed eagle, just like that which scottish rite freemasonry uses, of which there are said to be 33 degrees, 32 of which can be obtained through lecture and ritual, the 33rd is invite only.

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