Isaac Weishaupt discusses MTV symbolism on Freeman’s “The Free Zone”

Hello, and welcome back to! I’ve got some great news- I’ll be guest appearing on Freeman Fly’s “The Free Zone Live”on Saturday, September 5th, 2015 as we breakdown the 2015 MTV VMA Show and its occult & Illuminati symbolism!

The Free Zone Live WO

Join Freeman Fly, Jamie Hanshaw, and myself; as we’ll be taking you on a mental journey onto the next level of occult beliefs that were encoded in the VMA show!


If you’re unfamiliar with Freeman Fly, he’s the occult expert who predicted 9/11 and has been featured on a multitude of international shows, podcasts, and lectures. His expertise and two decades as an independent researcher gives him a unique perspective you’ve truly got to hear to believe.

If you read the post I created called 2015 MTV Video Music Awards Illuminati Symbolism Guide, you won’t want to miss this discussion!!!!

Justin Bieber 2015 MTV VMA crying


Tune in for the live version of Freeman’s “The Free Zone Live” (or you can even check it out later on his podcast feed- he’s got a free version and an extended version for subscribers).

Isaac Weishaupt IlluminatiWatcher on Freeman Free Zone


UPDATE 07SEP2015: The show was a real eye opener to many as we covered various aspects of the latest agenda in pansexuality, the hermaphroditic Baphomet, and other occult ideas behind Miley’s latest statements and performances during the VMAs.

Head on over to FreemanTV and take a listen!

(or you can stream it from Stitcher right here):


Here’s the YouTube video from Freeman’s channel- if you like it be sure to give it the thumbs up and leave a comment:


Thanks again for listening!





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Love your work & the fact you’re a Christian. I pray you get to the Word even more, so that you can see even more clearly what sin is, what is against God’s will and what is not, how hating the sin doesn’t mean hating the people who exercise it (as we all sin and fall short!!). GBU, brother.

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  2. I listened to the show and was a tad disappointed with how much and how long you and the others would go off topic. I understand that some back ground info is needed in order to make sense of what is going on now. But you didn’t speak much on the vma’s. It seemed like friends having a convo between each other rather than addressing the topic you had us tune in for! Your readers and listeners are already up to speed on the symbols and the history of them. So my friends and I got annoyed at the constant over explaining and lack of new content. And lack of vma content. It was like none of you could focus, jumping between this and that, not even finishing one point before the next was started. I didn’t expect that because of how you run your site and you do pretty well with staying on topic when you write. This podcast was a mess. Barely tolerable.

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  3. I wonder if you have ever heard of the Brownsville massacre? During the 80’s Bush Jr. was staying at a cult in Texas. One weekend everyone in the cult was ritualistically killed and skinned. The only survivor was Bush who has no memory of the weekend
    Would love to hear more about this event.

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    • Whoa never heard of this! I would like to know more also

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      • I would definitly love to hear more as well! When it comes to the bush family anything is possible!

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  4. Nice. Where is the second hour?

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    • You must be a paid subscriber to to have access to any of the second hours on all of his programs.

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  5. Overall, I enjoyed the audio discussion but I suspect it would have been more interesting if you had had more control and say of the direction it took. As another commenter said earlier, there wasn’t a clear-cut focus, just a general overview –at least that’s true in the first part of the show. But alas, that’s what often happens when too many cooks, with different tastes, are stirring the same pot. Still, it was nice to hear your voice (first time for me) and I’m happy to say that it has just the right sort of quality one listens for in an audio speaker. Well done and thank you.

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  6. Is this your real name? Are you a descendant of Adam Weishaupt?

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    • Somone who thinks himself a descendent of Aleister Crowley. My guess. A persistant bugger who watches illuminated people via grays.

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