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Big news everyone!!!!! I’ve been given the opportunity to appear on the #ConspiracyTalk segment of the SIRIUS/XM satellite radio show on Shade45 called The All Out Show. Not only am I humbled to be on any kind of show; but this one in particular is of interest to me because I’m a long time listener to the hosts Rude Jude and Lord Sear.


Although we don’t always see eye to eye; I’m a big fan of Rude Jude ever since his 90s stint on the Jenny Jones show. In fact, I wrote a review on for his autobiographical book HYENA clear back in December 2013 and I was one of the first people to review it on Amazon back then (*it now has over 400+ reviews and Jude’s got a deal to make an HBO series about his life, based on the book). So to say that I’m stoked to meet him would be an understatement.


I’m thinking that I’m primarily going to talk about my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC since that is my most recent research effort (and the show is about hip hop, so it’s only fitting).


Be sure to tune into Shade45 on Wednesday, June 17th at 2PM (PST) (*which is susceptible to schedule changes) and call in if given the opportunity- I’d love nothing more than to talk to my people live on air!

Things should be interesting since anyone who’s read my hip hop conspiracy book knows that I didn’t take it easy on the rap industry…

Shade45 Eminem Sirius XM

UPDATE: 18JUN2015- So who all heard the show?? My personal feelings are that I got what I thought I would! The show is primarily about rap music and they don’t pull any punches so I took some shots but it was mostly from callers who didn’t have anything intelligent to say or ask (ex: someone called and asked if I needed psychiatric help and another called me racist; but nobody seemed to have any legitimate questions to ask).

I did get one caller who was frustrated with what was going on in the urban environment- so thank you for agreeing that there IS a problem in America with the hip hop culture and their obsession with selling drugs and perpetuating violence. My book (and theory) is merely one explanation that tries to lay claim that the “Illuminati” are orchestrating to their own financial and occult gains.

I can take this one big thing to walk away with: I can now fully appreciate what it feels like when theorists get backed up into a corner by people who instantly dismiss these facts that are being presented. The social programming really works and this is just one more observation to support it. I could’ve been more prepared to handle the resistance, but hey, I’m just trying to figure it out as I go along!!

Also- big ups to Greg Carlwood (The HigherSide Chats) and Freeman Fly (The FreeZone) and everyone else who has podcasts that allow theorists to express their opinions in a positive environment without judgement. Now that I’ve taken some hits and paid some dues I can truly appreciate that there is a venue out there to keep minds open and independent thoughts alive.

I managed to get the book to hit #3 on the Amazon rap books best seller list- so kudos to everyone who picked it up!!

Sacrifice Magic Behind the Mic Amazon

What are your thoughts?? Drop a comment below if you have any feedback on it.



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  1. Eminem radio…I’m drooling…now, if you ever do anything with Kit Harington that doesn’t include me I may have to toilet paper your house, no shade.

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    • Haha, I thought of you after watching that recent GoT. I’m sure you saw it but in case you didn’t I won’t say anything…

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      • No…I saw…I saw. Yep…I saw. Congrats. I’ll call in and try to ask you something that makes you sound boss.

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        • I’m guessing they didn’t let your call through! LOL They seemed to lean towards the confrontational types. That’s what the bit was intended to do so I guess it worked. Oi vey!

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          • I couldn’t get through, and I felt bad. I may have a show for you to do with that guy I told you about.

  2. I need a publisher i’m work on a book can you help?

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  3. Congratulation Isaac! Teach’em ’bout truth!

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  4. LOVE ur work!! Keep it up! Receive your emails and read them every time, all the way through. About to listen to “Musical Truth”. Heard Carlwood’s interview and of course it was boss. Excited to hear yours! Please don’t back away from what you do! SO, going to purchase your book when finances allow. Great job mate.

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