Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture Podcast E14- “Watcher Dovakhiim”


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a podcast (my apologies), but we’ve got a real treat here for you now.

Like I mentioned on E13; I’ve got some great guests lined up, and E14 is no exception!


You’ll recognize her as the handle of “Skyrim”, but she also goes by Dovakhiim, and she has a very unique and interesting perspective on this global conspiracy we’ve been unfolding. Her background of Catholicism, Kabbalah, and witchcraft provides a great all around basis of which she can clearly justify her concerns that we’ve been strategically subjected to an encapsulation of symbols and sigils.

Take a listen and let us know what you think of the show by commenting below. Do you like the idea of having some of the Watcher community on the show? Do you have an interesting perspective that you want to share with the world? Shout it out on the comments friends!!

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Here’s the show, enjoy:

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Holy smokes, Skyrim…you are smokin’! An hour just wasn’t enough.

    I agree that shouting on a bullhorn isn’t a solution; demonstrating isn’t, either. Why petition the same people that got us into this mess to get us out of it? What we CAN do is refuse to participate in their madness. Don’t send your kids to their schools, don’t rely on the police or the court system to solve your problems, get (and stay) married and have as many kids as you can take care of. We probably can’t change the whole world, but you can change YOUR world…and that would be enough. If enough of us could manage to live righteously (whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or even atheist), things would change for the better.

    God bless you both. Skyrim: keep talking!

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    • Glad you liked the show, Skyrim will have to come back to talk on that Aquarius conspiracy for a bit more

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  2. Hey thanks. I think there are lots of things we can do and I agree on the “dropping out”. Don’t participate in their schools, their events, etc.

    We can also take their methods (usually art) and do our own versions of it whether that is music, film, or writing. We also must support each other. Support the rappers and singers who break free. Write our own novels with our more positive messages. Get on kickstarter and support each other making movies.

    We have to support people like Isaac who are out there pointing this out, but we also have to have our versions of this stuff.

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    • You’re right; we DO need to support break-thru artists. There seems to be a developing genre of liberty-minded fiction, in the same vein as the classic, “Girl Who Owned a City” by OT Nelson (1975): “Little Brother” by Cory Doctrow, Andrew Klavan’s “The Homelander” series, and even “The Circle” by Dave Eggars. Same goes for music, film, and fine art.

      And you’re right, too, about making all things Illuminati seem passé. Actually, if we just used “Rules for Radicals” for the forces of Good, we could really get something done.

      We are up against tremendous forces, especially since they have the kids for 6-7 hours a day for a minimum of 13 years vis-a-vis schooling. They keep them malnourished and sleep deprived, for maximum brain washing.

      Love the way you think!

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      • I’ve been working on a fantasy novel that is pro-libertarian and anti-state that really supports decentralization and shows how this “greater good” mentality isn’t really supporting anyone’s greater good.

        When I’m in less of a strange spot in life I’m thinking we should make our own lolapalooza type of thing where we have musicians and speakers like Isaac and use our own “symbols”.

        Maybe we even pressure Isaac who is a great watcher of trends to get in kickstarter and start a music station like the Rivendell network for those artists who are NOT illuminati.

        Basically we need to use the time we have well and fight the good fight.

        @illuminati watcher

        I also want to know where to review your books so that more people will know to purchase them. Usually these types of self-published books are, well, not awesome but yours are actually well written and follow a dissertation/professional white paper format.

        Sometimes people won’t buy them because they don’t know the length or if the style is professional and yours really are.

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  3. Just thinking but if they get their point to us subconsciously we can do the same. Create art that is anti-collective, that is free-thinking, that is subversive to their agenda. Look at the Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, or Divergent. Those were huge with teens and subconsciously gets their agenda across. Why not write a book for teens that takes this and goes the opposite direction?

    Also we have to support each other, those of us that “know”. I was reading Isaac’s (Illuminati Watcher) books –lots of really good stuff in them, and I think that finding a way to review them on various sites so that more people buy them. I have to admit I was shocked they were so long and even though I read them really quick it was because they were so good with tons of good info.

    Still more musings but if we can also sort of temper those people who believe this but present it in a very adversarial way. We have to be as smart as they are (as wise as serpents) and present our ideas in a way that is less alienating to the masses that accept and believe this stuff.

    We also have to make what they are doing seem blase and “over”. Young people will rebel against the norm whatever that norm is.

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    • Skyrim: We also have to make what they are doing seem blase and “over”. Young people will rebel against the norm whatever that norm is.

      Oh I love that. That will certainly work. Old fashioned and “stale”.

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  4. Listened to the podcast and I found myself nodding along from the beginning – my life experience is, in many ways, similar to Skyrim’s – experimenting with “spiritualism” after years of playing D&D, reading fantasy, etc. I agree these are gateways and in my case, some of my friends got sucked into things and never really came out of them. There’s plenty of work out there on the occult elements of these things, esp. D&D (magic system? gods and goddesses?), but perhaps Isaac or others could look into it further. The podcast was great, left me wondering how many other people have had similar experiences. In my case, I became a Christian (thank the Lord) after some scary experiences. Recently I “woke up” again to the dangers around us and realized how far down the road we’ve gone…

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    • I’m not going to lie, I still play D&D. 🙂

      I think that those books offer is similar to what all “historical” epics offer and that is a chance or a greater chance for the “small” to become great through individual acts of courage.

      For many of us modern life is sterile, cookie cutter and distasteful. Not everyone feels that way, but enough to find those types of books, music, and esoteric sciences intriguing.

      The thing is that many of the people who fall into wicca through fantasy novels, D&D and gaming are really good hearted people, actually most who get into it that way. They’re the people who don’t “fit in” and find a home there.

      Approaching them is easier/different than those who come by this through pop music and the ‘wealth’ path. The love of money is the root of evil, and its harder to break those people out of that nanny state, hive mind collectivism than it is to grab people who are peddling in the occult through more individual means, if that makes sense.

      They go in with their eyes open as to what they’re potentially dealing with, as opposed to people subconsciously brain-washed through media and trauma.

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      • Thanks for your reply. Agree on the general orientation of RPG gamers and fantasy readers. However, it took me a long time to come around to the idea that Christians shouldn’t be messing with this stuff – I did so because of what Freeman Fly and others, including Isaac W, report regarding occult rituals and subconscious participation by those who watch/read/role-play things made for that purpose. The “old” AD&D spell system, plane system, etc., not to mention all the demons and devils, was rather detailed and probably accurate; I’ve heard that Gary Gygax went to real witch covens to make sure the game was as realistic as possible.

        NOT that I am condemning anyone who plays these games, but for me, it’s over. Not like I have time anyway…

        BTW, I note that you are from NoVA – as am I.

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    • Glad you agreed with the content. I think that’s the main strategy- gateway programming. They get ‘mainstream’ Christians into satanic stuff through ‘safe’ activities like music. Ex: I’m really into Rob Zombie, which led me to Danzig, which is DEFINITELY a satan worshipper. So now I’ve opened the door for the evil to come in. I’m happy I’ve got the Christian background, otherwise I’d be afraid to get sunk in the mire.

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      • One thing you discussed really resonated with me…the fact that, despite the overt Christianity of Tolkien and Lewis, reading their works does open up doors for many people into this “spiritualist” realm. There are those who have “denounced” these authors for crypto-occultic thinking, due to their links with other writers who were, in fact, occultic. Again, I do not fall on that side of things, but it is interesting how this shakes out…the two giants of fantasy were Christians.

        These days, we see Harry Potter and Game of Thrones as the new “Gateway” works. These are much darker than Tolkien or Lewis ever were. Someone should do a full breakdown of how the Harry Potter stories are a thinly-veiled expose of the generational Illuminati families – magic powers inherited at birth for most, fixation on breeding and bloodlines, a secret world that the “muggles” are completely oblivious to….

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        • Well, Tolkien was pretty dark. The Nazgul scared the crap out of me ( Rowling’s death eaters were cheap imitations of them) when I first read the books.

          I think that they are really spelling out the end of the world as we know it. Sauron and his “eye” is like the US Government today for realz and I sometimes feel like I’m in the tiny Fellowship trying to grab people together to fight it.

          It does lead people that way, but it can also be the platform to lead you out again.

          I wrote something for Illuminati Watcher about pop culture today being anti-Christian, something you would not have described it to be 20 years ago. Being anti-Christian is not just accepted but is now the norm in “pop” outlets. Go to any gossip site and you’ll see the writers are all pretty anti-Christian, painting it the religion of bigotry for being anti-abortion and pro-nuclear family.

          So what was once “good” (keeping your baby, marrying it’s father/mother) is now “bad”.

          We’re in dark times now.

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          • agree wholeheartedly.

          • Get real, keeping a baby or getting married is not always good and u know that. Are u a Xtian taliban or what? Yes, its all getting shittier and we are to blame for that, we allow “them” to do everything they want to and with us.

          • “Xtian taliban”? Are you serious? Could you be any more offensive? No one said anything remotely resembling “getting married is always good” or that every mother should keep her baby. However, is it really Taliban-esque to suggest that killing babies is wrong or that man-woman marriage should be the ideal? How does that take anything away from you? No one said anything about legislation.

            The US is less Christian now than ever before (certainly in my lifetime). So tell me, are we better for it? I’d say not. The girl was giving her opinion (an excellent one, in my view). So you’re not a Christian…good for you. You don’t have to be a douchebag about it. Nobody was attacking you.

          • Yes, it’s much better than the alternative. How about two people learn to be decent to each other for the sake of the children instead of calling it quits? Then it would be good for the baby.

            How is it that arranged marriages in eastern countries last lifelong?

            Because they have a different understanding of marriage and children. The Dalai Lama said that our problem in the west is we think love is romance and when the romance can’t last we think the love is over. We need to learn how to love and grow to love rather than fold when things go wrong.

          • I agree with all of that. And I’m going to post that article you sent here in the next couple of days (it’s been busy cuz the podcast thing has been time consuming). So next week your guest post will be up 🙂

        • Yea- it’s weird cuz even at my church they have a book study and one of the sessions (which I missed) was on a C.S. Lewis auto-bio book of sorts. At the time it didn’t register that he had these links so it makes one wonder where he was coming from. And yes- today’s GoT and Harry Potter are doing the same thing to the new generations; good call.

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          • Again, fantasy novels, movies, shows, games are an addiction for me because modern life is so boring, cookie cutter and suburban.

            It’s easy to see how that stuff can grab you.

            I’m wondering as I write mine how to leave a good message that reflects my faith and doesn’t turn people the wrong way.

            As Rents says to Spud in Trainspotting, “It’s a tightrope, Spud. A tightrope.”

          • Just throwing in some thoughts on the possible Illuminati/Globalist themes in Game of Thrones – if you look at the basic premises of the world detailed (to an exhaustive extent) in the books, you have 1) these rich, powerful, noble families ruling Westeros. They all trace their origins back to ancient times and each family had some super-human ancestor (for example, the Lannisters had a ultra-clever progenitor named Lann the Lucky). The interplay, intermarriage (lots of stress on those bloodlines), and interaction of these families basically controls everything. Another theme is 2) the steady re-emergence of ancient magic in the “modern” world of the novels, which is catching some of its practitioners by surprise. 3) Yet another theme is the attempt to re-discover the secrets or the magic of the ancient, fallen, civilization of Valyria, which could be a stand-in for Atlantis or the Classical Greco-Roman world.

            The difference between Harry Potter and GoT and the Tolkien/Lewis works is that, IMHO, there is no Christian base to the story. Certainly, in Potter, there’s a good-versus-evil theme, but in GoT that is noticeably lacking. It’s as if they are updating the programming to get the readers to see the universe as more of a hopeless place, with most of us at the mercy of powerful occult forces we cannot hope to control.

          • Interesting that the bloodlines also have dragons associated as well (a concept I cover in A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY).

  5. I also think that gays are out there fighting to get married and to have the ability and the rest of us look at marriage as an anathema. That’s pretty sad, IMO.

    When I say “nuclear family” I mean instead of pulling a Chris Brown or lil Wayne, people actually get married THEN have kids, whether you are two dudes, two chicks, or a man and a woman.

    Marriage is pretty much about children. If you don’t intend to have them then really its fine if you want to play house or ride lifelong without the SSI, double income, and other benefits that marriage contains.

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