Billie Eilish Illuminati Symbolism

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What is a Billie Eilish?

Billie was born in Los Angeles on Dec. 18th, 2001 to an entertainment-oriented parents Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell (who are screenwriters, songwriters, and actors).

She was on SoundCloud by age 15 in 2016 (*March 16, 2016 shows as her first Instagram photo) and released a debut EP through Interscope in August 2017 by age 16.

Her first studio album was released in March 2019; When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? which pushed her into the star status we know of today.

How did this young lady hit the top of the charts by the age of 18?…

How much credit should we give a girl who was raised by entertainment parents in Los Angeles?…


Should I really pick on a girl who’s found great success at a young age?…

Let’s take a quick look at her style; it’s that suicide-emo sound which doesn’t surprise me since she cites Tyler the Creator for style and Lana Del Ray for musical influences. Tyler the Creator is clearly a satanist, although I can’t speak for Lana Del Rey. I can’t help but think she’s an industry prop given that she never smiles in her photos (who NEVER smiles??).

Let’s take a look at the tape and see what symbols she’s been pushing towards the masses to further elaborate on this theory…

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Saturnian Influence

The cube of Saturn appears in her Lovely video:



She also sports the black tears in Party’s Over that we’ve seen so often (*I call this ‘black goo’ the Tears of Saturn because it represents the ‘blackening’ stage of the alchemical initiation process):


The black goo is a symbol for the evolution of mankind (*a subject I’ll be covering in-depth in the future- stay subscribed to my email newsletter):

Venom evolving through black goo


Black goo in Prometheus


Baphomet Beckons

Scrolling through her Instagram feed proved invaluable; as we find this curious pose…


My paranoia reminds me of the symbol for the Baphomet- the reconciled opposites:


The Old Religion

Her IG feed also showed us her sporting of inverted crosses; suggesting the obvious…


She further pushed the anti-Christian sentiment by appearing as the Triple Goddess of Witchcraft:


The Triple Goddess of witchcraft represents the three forms of feminine goddess energy: Maiden, Mother, and Crone (*I’d suggest Billie is the young Maiden here):


Lady Gaga has appeared with the same three-headed symbolism in my analysis on her story:

Oldies But Goodies

If you’ve followed me for long enough you’ll easily spot these next two symbols from her “MyCalvins” commercial.

First we have the Illuminati Bathtub (*not a good sign considering the fate of Whitney and Bobbi)…


The classic symbol of the All Seeing Eye is also found- suggesting she’s “awakened” to the Illuminati mystery religion.




One thing that struck me was the repeated use of ladder imagery:


…from her Bored video:


…from Watch video…


So what gives?… It’s the symbol of Freemason ascension through the initiation process that allows the practitioner to achieve the ultimate goal: False Theosis…

Number of Perfected Man

Her IG page tells us all that we need to see- the number of people she follows is 666. Without sounding like an eccentric Bible thumper I’d suggest she’s the antinomian archetype that seeks to bring about the “perfected man.”



Aeon of Horus

What are we to make of all this?

Is Billie Eillish just another puppet for the industry? Probably so.

Not to take anything away from her talents; but the sudden path to stardom is an illusion. To think anybody can just be ‘found’ on SoundCloud is preposterous. The gate keepers of the industry would never allow such a thing.

The fact that she is showing us the occult symbols (*the same, tired occult symbols that we’ve seen SO MANY TIMES), suggests that she’s under the thumb and pushing the “Great Work” of her handlers.

I suppose it’s only appropriate that a child could move into the forefront of entertainment (*seriously- look at all of the interviews and articles on Billie since she first popped up on SoundCloud a couple of years ago- these are all coordinated). Aleister Crowley said this modern age would be that of the “crowned and conquering child” so here we are.



Listen to the show- we get even further into Billie’s Luciferian connections, lyrics, and more!

Listen to “Billie Eilish Illuminati Symbolism” on Spreaker.


I’m back on YouTube (again)

Check out the audio-visual representation of this analysis:

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • This is trash. They live in a two bedroom house that the brother and sister each get the bedroom and the parents of in the living room. They’re essentially poor. They’re homeschoolers so they learn by doing. She has Tourette’s and I struggled with depression. You’re making up a lot of shit. Also, her first sounds wrong YouTube and sound cloud. You’re leaving out half the story. She blew up on YouTube and then got noticed on sound cloud. YouTube drove sound cloud in the text picked her up because she was already a huge force on YouTube. This is the lamest thing I’ve ever listen to you and I can’t believe I wasted my time.

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      • Georgia, get a clue. It’s blatantly obvious she’s yet another puppet. If you can’t see that, you’re lost. Wake up.

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  1. Dude your articles are horrible. And you seem to be on the fence. Also why is your name so close to Adam weishaupt. Suspect. That’s why I don’t trust you nor your trash articles. Clown! Oh yeah and never come for good fight ministries again! They are the truth. You are far from it!

    Post a Reply
    • Maybe he just wants to remain anonymous? So are the things he said true or not? That’s what matters.

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    • Haha what a moron and a narcissist “ numero uno” instead of spending all your time online maybe you should read a book. “ clown”

      Post a Reply
    • No relation to Adam Weishaupt- it’s a pseudonym. Feel free to not read my articles. Not surprised to see you’re a “Good Fight Ministries” person. -Isaac

      Post a Reply
      • Yes Numero Uno. Just back off…
        You evidently don’t understand much about Isaac’s work.
        You are way too narrow- minded.

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  2. Yes. Saw this little shit Billie on Ellen… Smug and not at all entertaining.
    Keanu Reeves had the bath symbol in one of the first two John Wick films I think…One of them or another older film of his.
    He drowns a woman in the bath to bring her to a new life… Don’t forget that Jim Morrison of the doors died in a bath, as well as Michael Hutchence.
    Also bath in new Mary Poppins….
    We’re surrounded!
    Praying for you mate.

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    • The bath tub has its own symbolism, true, but to say that every time a bath tub appears in a vid or a movie there must be smth related to the occult is absolutely ridiculous. And one in Mary Poppins! Give it a break, really!

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      • There couldn’t be a more in-your-face/truth in plain sight witch as Mary Poppins. Just because she appears nice, doesn’t make it right or good

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  3. PS…The movie of Keanu Reeves is Constantine,Isaac.
    It’s full-on occult. Cheers.

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  4. I also see the 666, “ok” hand symbol in the shadow during the bathtub pic with the ring. Such a joke.

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  5. Lana del Rey never smiles? She literally smiles on her lust for life cover, what are you talking about? Google Lana del Rey smiling, plenty pictures of her smiling!

    I have great respect for most of your work on this website, but somehow alluding that a celebrity who never smiles in pictures (which isn’t even true) must for that reason be a industry prop cheapens your articles significantly and makes us who’re open-minded towards these theories look a little bit more stupid to the masses in return. I’d rather read your theories and opinions based on solid arguments and information.

    Post a Reply
    • M, I’m pretty sure he meant Billie “The Goat” Eilish never smiles; del Ray was cited as one of the influences of this duplicitous “entertainer”…also, Numero Uno, I believe an author has the right to publish under a pseudonym if they so choose. That also means not needing the permission of any alleged “ministry.” What’s next, Isaac? One of Bill Gothard’s disciples on here raving about the immorality of even discussing the immorality of pop culture? Agreed: feel free to not read the author’s work. Everyone knows how to close the dialogue box and/or redirect their web browser. Yes? Or yes?

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  6. Maybe she is just an acting out teen in control with a decent family.

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  7. Yeah she might just be another illuminati artist especially when she got so overrated in a very short time.

    But listen, if you still wanna admire her, listen to her, doesn’t believe she’s illuminati, just go ahead. Don’t make a fuss on such things, and let’s just agree to disagree, ok? Ok.

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