5G Conspiracy Theory Part 1: The Kill Grid

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we start our journey of understanding 5G. Is it a kill grid designed to take all of us out?… Does anyone TRULY know the dangers of 5G beam forming signals?… Is it a surveillance tool or a revolution of mankind into the transhuman Hell…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. IV been going through an awaiting past two years and I know of isolation to knkw of all this messed up deceptions that all look at me like I’m crazy. I’m sick of all the lies and I want the truth about everything. Have to say how me knowing better and taught right to stand my ground ans have to fight for my job after another all cause iv had to speak up of mistreatment, lies, manipulation, how nobody pays conseqences while blame others and not own up to their shit. Call anyone out on their doings then they lie to screw you and reap rewards from your hard work. Noticed how these fake people I end up dealing with that they cant look you in your face rambling on of total bullshit all to not allow you to speak but when you get word in they got some excuse. Anyone who truly knows me im not racist and as a white guy in the states who was born here i know of racist black people and now know of mexican in power is towards me and defends all who speak Spanish especially have issues of all those who speak Spanish that do know English really well cause I had many conversations with them and still people either know they can but claim they dont kmow english that well. I see why people shoot up the people tit goes to there head. I’m ashamed of being a millennial cause im smarter and have common sense and all who are even younger than me are cowards and pussies that dont care and lazy to do anything and just let someone get done wrongly only to want nothing of it cause for whatever reason. I am sick of so much and I want who is behind it all and fight against this war thats been declared on us but noone will come together to do about anything. Thank you for what you say on here and for the time reading my thoughts. I enjoy you getting off track man. I do the samething too.

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  2. I have looked at the new 5g cell towers. Those things look like they were designed by Darth Vader HIMSELF!!! Now I do believe in the power of a substance called “orgonite.” The metal bits and the crystals in polyester ( NOT epoxy! ) do a lot to mitigate the harmful effects of these cell towers.
    However: I have a hard time believing that orgonites ( which I call “Jedi Light Stones” ) have enough POWER to mitigate the effects of certain cell towers. I mean, seriously, some of those masts are HUGE!!! And they are holding up over 12 TONS of transmitters, broadcasters and frequency devices!!! If you are going to “gift” ( as we so quaintly put it ) THOSE cell towers, you’re going to need a whole BUNCH or orgonites, and I mean Holy Hand Grenades, not mere “tower busters!!!”
    No, Holy Hand Grenades don’t go “boom.” They are cone and pyramid shaped orgonites filled with aluminum ( or ground up steel pot scrubbers ) and a specific pattern of quartz crystals.
    But I think you can accomplish MUCH more by just placing the stuff around your house or apartment. Put it in your car, as well. Can’t hurt.
    B.T.W.: When pouring polyester resins like Bondo or Castin’Craft ( which is particularly “nasty” ), you will need to wear a respirator, and you will need to pour it out in a garage or shed. You’ll also need an epoxy based “spray coat” to seal it and protect it’s surface from the elements. Polyester is not the most durable stuff on earth. Epoxy is better, but it doesn’t shrink as much. As a result, there is not as much pressure placed on the embedded crystals, and the stuff ends up being a good bit “weaker.” Hope this helps.

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