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I’ve been on a good run of creating podcasts and starring on others’ podcasts recently, so here is my latest. This show is called “The Human Experience” and it’s a great show for those looking for a more intellectual (but not too intellectual) conversation about life and what this world’s experience is intended to be.

Here’s the link to the show (via their website;


In this episode we talk with Isaac Weishaupt about the work he’s been involved in regarding occult symbology in mainstream media. We get into some stuff on stanley kubrick and the “illuminati”. Very interesting episode!

Episode 18 – Isaac Weishaupt – Occult and Mainstream Media



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The Human Experience podcast

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. I sometimes have a hard time on podcasts that don’t let me download. I promise to listen to it later.

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  2. Another great podcast. Hard to understand why the Chaos Theory would be comforting to anyone (why having an Illuminati would comfort anyone who finds the prospect of chaos too terrifying), but that’s more of a question for your host to answer. Keep it up!

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  3. Just wanted to say thanks to Isaac for stopping by the show and keeping things entertaining. Thanks man! – also big thanks to everyone who has heard the episode.


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  4. Watch this. It explain EVERYTHING in history, where we are today, and why. Americans dont know REAL history so that is why everyone is so lost. YES they want to take people away from the cross. That is what this whole secret society Cult of All Seeing Eye, Nimrod Lucifer worshippers is about. These are Tower of Babel descendants. The only answer is at the end of this video as well as all the history on these people.

    NWO & ILLUMINATI are real & the history you know is a LIE.

    This youtube channel has many great vids, also many on the alien holograph FAKE CIA they wanna pull on world.


    Catholic sacraments, Eucharist, rosary, holy water, cross, and crucifix repel Satan. VERY powerful. Protestants and all other pagan religions cant repel Satan because they refuse to understand the spiritual power of the Catholic sacraments. ALL Satanists KNOW the Catholic Church is the true power of Jesus that is why Catholic Church is their enemy. They dont care about any other religions because no others have the power of Christ. Jews and Luciferians HATE the Catholic Church and HATE the crucifix. Believe as you wish, but there is only one truth regardless of your rejection of truth.

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    • I agree; they even set up,perpetrated and facillitated the child abuse,Magdalene Laundries,Industrial schools,etc,because they knew that it would drive multitudes away from the Catholic church and give her enemies powerful ammunition against her.No better way to separate as many people as possible from Christ than to infiltrate His church with paedophiles,then cover it up! The truth always comes out eventually.I am only still a Catholic by the skin of my teeth because I copped on to the devil’s antics and decided not to blame God for the sins of human beings.Our Lady told the children at Fatima that Satan had infiltrated her Son’s church and she was not wrong! The Church is now full of Satanists and Freemasons but that doesn’t change the fact that the Catholic faith is the nearest thing we have to the truth about God on this Earth- the Eucharist,the Sacraments,the Rosary and the Intercession of the Saints are all powerful weapons in this spiritual was we are in.God bless and keep you,please pray for me.

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