Does the Illuminati control Hip Hop? The Root and Roots Show with Isaac Weishaupt

I was honored to be a guest on Greg Rasheed’s The Root and Roots Show to talk about the Illuminati infiltration of hip hop. On this show you’ll hear more of my thoughts on the conspiracies behind…

  • hip hop conspiracies
  • Illuminati influences in the rap genre
  • the global agenda of Illuminati Luciferianism
  • racial tensions
  • Beyonce’s HELTER SKELTER
  • religious beliefs and the attempted destruction of Christianity
  • positive thoughts on how to handle all of these dark topics

The Root and Roots Show

I had a great time on this show and I’m certain you will enjoy this one!


You can listen to it on the stream here:

Or you can check it out here:



Thanks for listening!


P.S. If you’re curious about my books you can find all of them on my SHOP page (*including discounted bundle deals):








Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Research the “Jinn” in Islam. These aliens or extraterrestrials are jinn/demons, posing as whatever they need to in order to divert people off the path of righteousness and belief in the One God.

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  2. I love the podcast, thanks for making it and for sharing. Please do continue.

    I agree, not watching tv helps a LOT with staying present and blocking out the negativity. I, too, analyse movies when I watch them. Actually, the occult messages are so blatant nowadays that one doesn’t even need to analyse it – you just have to be aware of their symbolism.

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  3. Why go for Hip-Hop, Black and Death Metal are pretty honest about being satanic; this is incredibly fucking retarded.

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