Coronavirus Conspiracies! COVID-19: Kobe, 5G, Chet Hanks, & Predictive Programming!

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast I wanted to hurry up and talk about the Coronavirus. We’ll get into the big questions; is it real??? Then we’ll cover the fringy elements of its conspiracies, like Kobe, 5G, Chet Hanks, and the Digital Matrix!

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Isaac –
    just b/c ppl have all this money on the line doesn’t mean this isn’t a psyop/ false flag. These evil elites are not about $$ but about power. They are in-fighting over who will take over the world when the time comes. There is no proof of dead folks. Show us some death certificates. They know there are many of us who are skeptical so why not ease our concerns by offering death certificates, names, etc…

    Also – how we do know these actors aren’t pretending by playing along w/ the CIA-controlled Hollywood? You know this Isaac – how can you believe this virus is real when we have no proof of any of it? These actors act/ pretend and are better than ‘crisis actors’ so there is all that. Plus, they are using this as a way to take down Trump if they can harm his good economy.

    They also said they had test kits and then two days later, they say they didn’t and had not had any. So which is it? So may contradictions in these stories. The movies in the past that tell virus stories are all predictive programming – see 12 Monkeys for one great example.

    They also need to get our DNA so hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are doing all they can to merge man w/ machine so this explains the DNA swabs they need for that. This is so obvious to me that this is a major set-up plan for something else bigger.

    When they also need to bring in more health care programs too – so here is another way back to the full whole Obama Care Act. It’s also a matter of bringing on the alien agenda to say we need them to come help us – so Hegleian Dialectics are at work here too and also, they want to beta test us to see what they can get away with. How far they can push us and what we really believe. Great marketing strategies.

    Also, the insane illogical argument about how the restaurants can only deliver but we can’t sit in their business. Now tell me, if we are really that contagious, we can’t catch something from a delivery boy at our door? We will catch things at the restuarant but not at our door as they touched our food and have direct contact w/ us just the same….How does this make any sense??

    Hello people – this is a big false flag and a beta test for many other agendas. How can we not see this?
    Now, I could be be wrong b/c you can still carry out these agendas w/ a real virus but it’s not likely based on all these perceptions I am experiencing.

    – Kaitlyn

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    • PS: I just got a comment on another site that says the emf/ frequencies of 5 G is what is causing this viral contamination. W/ all the birds that have been dropping out of the sky, this makes way more send than anything I have heard so maybe I was wrong – this MAY BE REAL but – still, this doesn’t dismiss that it is also a false flag b/c they are using psy-op to test us and they control the narrative by telling us it’s a conventional type of cold virus when it’s the bio weaponry of the 5 G grid that is going up all over the world…..Things that make you go hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

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    • Kaitlyn I feel the exact same way, so many people I say any of this stuff to tell me in nuts. Its sad that so much of the public are sheep. End of times, is what I think is going on.

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  2. love listening to you, you make me laugh even in a serious time..real

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  3. Isaac,
    I have been a fan for about 5 years now and am finally going to jump on the patreon supporter bandwagon. Once I heard the chaos that is going on with this virus(even when we have flu, strep, contagious diseases etc …) I knew I had to hear your views. I immediately thought vaccines and the age of the new era with robots and digital transfer of consciousness….so much going on but glad to be in tune with someone with the same though process, and have been keeping my sanity albeit all of this.
    Much love,
    Ashley G

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  4. Si vous pouvez publier en version francaise nous vous serons reconnaissant

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  5. Good advice! I’m hindi buddist jesus(my own religion ha!) Me and friends r self employed and small business owners we feel we r being forced to rely on illumanazi ha, why r thier businesses open? We dont really need toilet paper and bottled water…I feel they dont like us who dont have many chains with credit cards car payments and such..just our opinion!

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  6. There are some inconsistencies with this podcast. Trump you need to understand has to do what he needs to do to stay in the office. He did not fire any pandemic team, he simply moved them to another division.

    The virus may be real, but there are many sides to this that you are not seeing. The Vibration of the Earth, frequency energy, we are seeing a big shift in the way humans will see the world.

    Otherwise, you got some good points and the Kobe thing was woooaa!

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