Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture Podcast E15- “Bloodstain Lane”


Back on E13 of Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture when I told you that I had some great guests on deck; I wasn’t lying. This next guest is one of the most explosive defenders of the Christian faith who will definitely blow your mind with his perspective on the Illuminati’s New Age deception. Join us as we chop it up on the story of Bloodstain Lane, how he found his way back to the true Christian faith, the sad state of today’s hip hop culture, who will win the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, and much more.

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(*as always- there is some explicit language but it’s not over the top vulgar; my apologies for those that are offended)

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Yeh, I mentioned that on another one. Interesting for realz. I think this is Kanye’s way of playing both ends by convincing himself of a theosophical perspective.

    What they do in the beginning is tell you that you can keep Jesus which is the only way to grab the Christians like Kanye and Katy, then they undermine it.

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  2. Imma try to listen to this later. My internet doesn’t want me to today for some reason.

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    • BTW: Thanks(?) for turning me onto Workaholics…it’s SO stupid, but SO funny! And it grows on you. I think I’m hooked.

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  3. Okay so I listened to this last night and it’s strange how so many of us with the same experience are piling in one spot (maybe God’s trying to tell us all something).

    My comments are these

    1. I appreciate his candor and enthusiasm.
    2. I disagree on Hell. I studied these dead and living languages and in their natural language Gehenna, Sheol, Hades, etc were all used and in the language they were used they were to pain an image, I could go into the passage on “burning” and the Greek word used but its all semantics. In the end we don’t need to agree on Hell but who Jesus is in the grand order and his ultimate message.
    3. Okay, I am being picky (sorry) but I think that when you first become anything whether it is a Christian or otherwise there is a level of pride and vanity that attacks you and makes you alienating to others, pride and vanity were the deadly sins of Satan. Telling people they are going to Hell when really that’s not our job but “Gods” job is a type of vanity that is unnecessary for a servant. That’s the master’s job.

    We have to be careful when judging others because those same principles will be applied to us if we do (I don’t want that on me).

    I’m not perfect so what I will do is preach the love of Christ Jesus which is present in all the Gospels (the good news). I will talk about what I do know from the Gospels and preach it with my hands instead of my mouth.

    Gays are no more or less sinners than I am. Holy Heel is technically still married under the Gospels so he is an adultery who technically needs to find a way back to his ex-wife if he wants to discuss the sexual sins of others. This is my point, not to criticize him but to show that there are things we can talk to (general trends) and judge those fruits and things we can’t do unless we want them same done to us.

    I know I sure don’t. I’ve lived a life so imperfect.

    No person, much less the loving God Christ talks about wants someone to be their friend out of fear but out of love. You can’t scare people to God, that’s false too.

    And any God who would punish us for ETERNITY for the sins we make in a short lifespan on a world run by Satan is a jerk. I don’t believe in that God. I believe in a just God who looks at the big picture, because this is the same entity that create a perfect mathematically logical universe. That’s not justice, it’s petty revenge and God is better than we are.

    Oh you don’t believe in me? Well, I’ll shove you in a fiery pit for eternity! But I’m a loving God.

    No, I believe in the God of the Gospels who has mercy even for the wicked.

    I understand people love Paul and the apostles but none of them were appointed Messiah, the bringing of God to the world. They were ancient ministers and capable of flaws in how they bring the truth to us.

    Sorry, I’m being picky again. I just love Jesus.

    I did like a lot about Holy Heel. I like that he’s plain talking (we need to be). I like that he’s not afraid to say what’s up with the world and to say what is sin. I like that he pointed out what a craplousy dude he was before Jesus and owned his flaws. I like that he’s trying to improve. I like what he’s doing.

    Not backing down is a good thing. Telling it like it is is a good thing. Everyone has a different style.

    This is long but I wanted to be fair to him, but also I gotta defend Jesus and Christian brothers and sisters are doing to disagree from time to time but still love each other.

    He’s my brother in Christ even though I don’t agree with everything he said on the program and I’ll still donate $5 to get him his studio because I think its important.

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    • I think you and I think on the same wavelength as far as Christianity goes (e.g. I don’t feel up to telling others where they are coming up short in the scheme of God’s plans since I personally don’t feel equipped with that level of responsibility). I love that BSL shows us that not everyone has to fit into that stereotypical mold of a ‘Christian’. I mean, seriously, is EVERYONE who is a Christian going to claim they don’t swear or have some kind of vice??? That makes the religion much harder to enter for those of us who are “heathens”. Jesus spent his time with the sinners so I feel like having a message that appeals to “sinners” is the appropriate one. If that means we drop a few ‘F’-bombs then so be it. If that means we have to admit that we’re interested in dark arts, but are able to admit that they’re not good for us; then that goes as well. Anyhow, I liked you guys as my last two guests- great examples of honest, REAL people who are finding the awakening through Christ. Cheers

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      • Yep, I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners to repentance.

        I also think that many people get very Paul focused and ignore Jesus. I still maintain Paul was a minister. Jesus speaks of one who comes after him who will speak in his name but is not him. I sometimes think that’s Paul, but that’s more theology debate right there.

        Jesus said that no servant can be greater than his master. I cannot be better than God. I cannot be kinder, more forgiving, or more merciful, and if I wouldn’t condemn people to eternal TORTURE for what they’ve done in this life because I am merciful then what the heck is going on?

        Am I more merciful than God?

        I’ll answer that. Nope.

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        • Skyrim: you might be interested in listening to a debate called, “Is Paul an Anti-Christ”, that was aired on Beyond Extraordinary podcast (ep 23). The debate is actually that: an old-fashioned, Lincoln-Douglass debate. It was well-moderated, and the participants, Chris Putnam and Jeffery-someone, were good sports.

          There was, in my view, a clear winner, but it was a very interesting two hours.

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      • I might’ve missed the part in the Bible where Christians are forbidden to use dirty words. Yes, we’re to be meek and moderate, but it’s a PROCESS. As we become closer to Christ, it will be reflected in our countenance. You won’t have to work so hard at it. The same goes with music, reading material, and (I assume) movies/TV.

        One of The best decisions I’ve made was when I first started “waking up” and discovered that everything I’d been told was a lie. I, too, found David Icke, Jordan Maxwell (such a liar this man!), Bill Cooper, etc, etc. I decided that, since so much of this stuff was so dark, I needed to give equal time to God, so I started reading the Bible. I mean, REALLY reading it. For several years, I got up at 5:30 in the morning, and devoted three hours a day to study. I also read several commentaries, and much of Josephus’ “Antiquities of the Jews” to supplement my Bible reading.

        I realize how lucky I was to have that kind of time for as long as I did, but anyone can find, say, an hour a day to do this. I know it’s hard…the Bible isn’t easy to read, but it’s because we’ve been brainwashed. (Remember, children used to be taught to read using the Bible!). With prayer and a humble heart, the Spirit can guide you, even if you’ve failed in the past.

        I can’t begin to describe the benefits I have received from this practice: understanding (in every arena) beyond my own, improved discernment, personal revelation, my marriage (good to begin with) improved immeasurably, I was a better mother, a better neighbor. The awakening that had been developing absolutely blossomed.

        “Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7), and “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that give the to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” (James 1:5). These are very real promises…but it takes action on our part!

        Cheers 🙂

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        • Language is that letter versus spirit argument. What is the intention of a word? Bad or good? Language is just a communication tool. How you articulate yourself has a lot to do with the intended audience.

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        • Good insight; I agree with you that the language/image most likely just reflects the stage of the process. You aren’t gonna stop swearing to find God, but you might find God and stop swearing perhaps… I’ll probably always swear cuz I’m a jerk but let’s see where this takes us!

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    • I enjoyed reading your reply, Skyrim Fiend! I too thought his information was very good but from my own experience in my walk with God, I think everyone’s experiences of how they were turned to Jesus and his teachings are “their own”. Others may have the same experience as we do, but many won’t. God touches us and changes us through different experiences. I was touched and brought to Jesus by reading his word 5 years ago, from cover to cover in 3 months. It wasn’t a planned thing, it just happened, I picked up my Bible and I had to force myself to put it down, (funny thing is; reading usually puts me to sleep, but not this time!!) My “Whole” world changed, drastically!! I startted telling “everyone” they needed to read the Bible from cover to cover if they want their lives changed. Well, just because that is how God led me to Jesus and his work and changed my life, doesn’t mean it will be the same for someone else. It was a hard lesson.
      It is our “human” nature to promote our ways of thinking and begin to isolate ourselves with other “Like minded people”, those that “think” the same way “we” do, and relate to us through similar experiences. I know, I did it! We want to hang around “Like Minded” people because we “relate” and are now in our own little comfort zone, with an “Army” of friends that feel the same way we do. It back fires on us, so many times when others don’t relate or think the same way we do, so they want to prove us wrong, then the “debate” begins, gossip starts and now we think we are on a mission to prove our way of thinking and it causes discontent & struggles.
      If we do the best we can to “Live” God’s word by example, we have nothing to defend. Others will “See” and “Feel” God’s spirit in us without us having to do any convincing, and they will come to us and want what we have!, “God’s Holy Spirit”, shining his light through us to others!

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  4. I’m a Christian and I sure wouldn’t associate with this man.

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    • I would associate with him for sure. I associate with everyone. I would talk to him about how he promotes “Jesus”, but the I love theological debates. It’s the Catholic heritage in me. Scripture has to be taken in context and honestly if you want to debate scripture in a way that is very either/or, Heaven/Hell you ought to learn to read it in the language is was written in instead of a translation from a translation, as well as, learn about that culture because all of us speak from the context of our age, our generation, and our political situation at the time.

      Gehenna, for example, referred to two things to the ancients and only those living in and around Jerusalem: a literal garbage dump (the Romans carted junk there to burn), and a reference to a place where five to eight hundred of years (Hinnom valley) before Ba’al worshipers sacrificed babies to the fire, so in both cases Jesus was being figurative so you have to ask yourself which one did he mean and what was he talking about.

      Given that he was a Jew, given that Paul’s scriptures weren’t around, and that Jews had only a reconciliation with “G-d” and Sheol which was just translated as a “place for the dead” that was absent of G-d, we cannot say that he was talking about the Dante’s inferno version of Hell.

      Given the age and other occasions in ancient texts that it was referred to and not from a modern lens that has Catholic Church Tradition of Hell as a place of burning fire, in Matthew it seems like he’s using it to the former (especially when you see how other Rabbis contemporary to Jesus used that word) as a literal garbage dump.

      How many times have you heard someone say “your life is going into the toilet!” That is how they used it, too.

      Fundamentalists constantly refer to the passages in Isaiah and Jeremiah where they spoke of Hinnom valley as a place where they sacrificed children to fire, but again they were specifically describing what happened there. Jews of that age did not refer to Gehenna or use that words as a place describing the afterlife at all.

      We have the Tannitic Talmud of the first century to use as context, as well as, Greek and Roman writers. No one used “Gehenna” to describe “Hell” or a place of the afterlife. It was used like we use West Virginia or Alabama today, a backwater shithole of a place.

      He was basically telling people that their lives were going to such and that they were trashy people.

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        • Well, we do. Not saying it’s right but…when the contemporaries of Jesus spoke of Gehenna they were speaking of it as a garbage dump so why would he use it in a difference context if he was speaking to the same people?

          It makes no sense he’d change the reference.

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          • Oh I wasn’t mocking the theory- I just thought what you said about W.VA was funny (I’ve had some experiences down there that I wish I could take back…).

        • Lisa,your words bring insight and undtnsearding of someone much older in years than you. Just stay present and deal with each moment as in comes.

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  5. Yowzers, great podcast, and I agree with Skyrim that something is up on this site, PTL.

    I have in recent years tended to gravitate more and more towards “real” and authentic people rather than those putting on an act. In that vein, I accept BSL as a brother in Christ who is – very much by his own admission – on his journey with the Lord. No doubt he will continue to change, as I pray we all will, and no doubt the Lord is indeed holding him back for the time being from re-starting his YouTube ministry for obvious reasons.

    One other thing I would touch on – agree entirely with Skyrim’s perspective on how the Christian should view homosexuality, but I think that in the current context, it’s not just one other sin among many. Without hating and judging harshly anyone who is a homosexual, I think that we need to be clear that societies which turn towards honoring this practice are putting themselves on the off-ramp to trouble, given how this issue is dealt with in the scriptures.

    Of course, as my wife likes to say, we wouldn’t be at this point if we hadn’t already dishonored marriage and promoted all kinds of other sexual sin, inspired largely by the…what’s that……oh yes…ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. So we are all quite broken in this area and should refrain from harsh judgments. Nonetheless, the “new normal” in sexual behavior is constantly moving away from God’s standard at an ever-increasing speed, and I think a lot of Christians felt a seismic shift when the gay agenda emerged with such force.

    Also should mention that Freeman Fly – certainly no Bible-thumper, mind you – has dropped hints on what he thinks may be the dark occult motives behind the “gay agenda,” but he hasn’t covered it in detail lately.

    IW, these podcasts are absolutely great – keep them up!

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    • Homosexuality is such a hot topic for me because I studied Hebrew and Greek for so long. I think SOME people are born gay, I also sorta think that some of the people who are transgender have some measure of whatever it is that “gay” is. Basically somehow some people were wired sexually at birth to pursue the same sex/gender, and for those people to be told that they are aligned towards sin by virtue of their birth feels anti-Christ to me.

      What loving God sets you up to fail? We don’t tell the handicapped they are sinful.

      When the Hebrew Bible was written (TANAKH) they were trying to build up their population in a world that hated them so anyone not doing their duty was an asshole or “sinful”. If we lived in some weird post-disaster world I’d tell gays to suck it up and take one for the team, too. Don’t be an asshole, basically.

      However, when we absorb homosexuality from a cultural perspective it actually leads to misogyny because women are always supplanted. The structure becomes overwieldingly pro-male and focused on sex because the male sex drive is not counter-balanced, so I agree with you there.

      I feel like I sin enough to tell a bunch of gays how sinful they are, but at the same time NOW I don’t feel like I have the same urge to keep pushing for gay rights because the machine that is now pushing it is one that is anti-life and using gay people (though they wouldn’t think so).

      The push for learned bisexuality or learned homosexuality which you do see in occult practice (there is magickal reason for this) is dangerous.

      However, do I think two people who love each other and make a life together where there is fidelity and compassion is bad? No. Can’t say that.

      It’s a conundrum for me because on one hand I’m okay with it and another I’m not but to go into why is like hours worth of conversation.

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      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t turn out that homosexuality (especially those who were “born that way”), at least in part, was influenced by the mother’s use of hormones, whether from birth control pills or food. Or maybe even SSRIs.

        I’m not dismissing the role agency plays: just because a person has certain inclinations doesn’t mean he/she has to act on them. For example, I’ve been inclined toward substance abuse (since early childhood), but that doesn’t give me permission to indulge it; if I do, I’m stuck with the consequences.

        Anyway, just a thought.

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        • I hear ya (inclinations) and if it were sex only I would agree, but “love” is also involved and I have seen some real love from some of my gay friends. I mean, my old hairdresser’s partner had HIV, then AIDS and he was taking care of this man like a mother would a child, like that type of undying love and sacrificial devotion. That’s deep and Christ-like.

          Like I said, I have ten tons of mixed feelings on this one.

          Since this is a conspiracy site I guess I’ll go all in.

          I think some people are born gay. They are less than 5% of the population and other people “learn” gay. It is in the learning that women have always gotten screwed over historically. When men learn that they don’t need women for anything other than reproduction we’re hosed because we can’t fight wars as well. We just can’t. Sorry. Upper arm strength aint there. A male dominated society is one of war and politics and women don’t excel at either in the way that men do.

          Part of the horrific misogyny of the ancient world was tied intrinsically to the pederasty and then later learned male homosexuality (as opposed to those born with it).

          Women are our own worst enemies at times. We go right on the stripper pole of some marketer tells us that’s a feminist thing to do or that we’re empowered.

          Why isn’t this great pro-woman liberal society telling women to study string theory as often as they tell us to be Pro Choice? Why don’t we tell our girls to learn guitar or violin? Instead of snarky celebutants like Lena Dunham who writes books that diminish the pain of child sexual abuse why don’t we lift up the women of RAWA?

          Instead of women as mothers and homemakers we are being herded into another type of “female” role and that is brainless sex object and then have the frickin’ nerve to call that “feminism”.

          OMG don’t get me started. Marie Curie and Alice Paul would roll over in their graves at todays “feminists”.

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  6. Skyrim, I hear you, but I can’t help thinking that your views on homosexuality are too influenced by today’s standards. Yes, many gay folks do truly love their partners, there’s no denying it, as do many straight atheists, but all of that will not amount to a hill of beans in the end…God didn’t set up anyone to fail, I don’t believe, but of course, there’s plenty of evidence that some people are/were destined for, uh, “less than glory.” Nonetheless, there is an element of choice in all our lives – even Hitler had one at some point.

    The “born this way” argument misses the big picture about the fallen world, sin, God’s standards, etc. I was born with my own set of broken inclinations. It’s recognizing these and seeking God’ forgiveness that distinguishes us…and nothing else. Telling someoens else they are sinning may not be a great plan, but denying that a sin is a sin at all…that’s a problem.

    Sorry to get so “preachy” on a conspiracy site…

    One other thing BSL said really struck me, something I’ve heard emphasized elsewhere recently – the enemy wants your soul above all else. Then he’s “won” something. 98% ice cream and 2% dog poop is still neither edible nor healthy…watch out lest ye be decieved. The number of warnings about this in the Bible is striking…

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    • I understand what you’re saying but I’m not a Jew. I am a follower of Jesus. Jesus had ample opportunity to address homosexuality and didn’t. He condensed the 613 (or 663 depending on if you’re Hasidic/Chasidic) into 2 and at certain points even addressed the “Law” as being from Moses instead of God (Moses gave you those laws for the hardness of your hearts, but I tell you from the beginning it was not so). He does discuss marriage, that there is no excuse for divorce, that there is a proper relationship, but also that in Heaven there is no such thing as male or female. If homosexuality was an abomination as many protestants define it, then he would have called it out with the same rancor as he did usury, money lending, hypocrisy, and a lack of charity.

      In fact, if sexual sins were unforgivable then he would not have saved the adulteress from a TANAKH mandated stoning. That was also the law.

      He said we have two commandments, love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. We do have, however, a guidance for a proper way to live that is respectful to ourselves, nature, and others.

      Even still, what we see in Leviticus was a priestly code that would set that class of Jew above in purity, and was not necessarily given what we know of Jews then something that everyone would be able to aspire to. It is why there is a phrase used S-yag la Torah (to build a fence around the Torah) because people just couldn’t do it. Moreover, within that code the same words are used “unclean” which is just not the same as abomination. That same word is used for the breaking of any of those laws from lying to what you do on the Sabbath.

      There are more instances that condemn people for not taking the Sabbath as a day of complete rest (not Golf, not barbecuing, etc) but worshiping the Most High than for any sexual sin. It is a day of profound observance, not watching football. There are more instances that condemn people who choose not to forgive others of sins (read up on that period between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur) than for homosexuality. People who do not forgive monetary debts after 7 years are also condemned, so why do we think low of people who declare bankruptcy? Why do we not protest FICO scores?

      In the book of Matthew Chapter 25 Jesus absolutely predicates our salvation on good works but because of Paul we throw that out and believe in this idea that all we have do is accept Jesus as Savior. I dunno.

      Either Jesus is Messiah and the Gospels are our religion with his words as the final say on God’s will or we (people claiming Christianity) should all just be Jews who see the Torah as fulfilled and worship as Orthodox Jews.

      I am so imperfect, flawed, and hopeless that I’ll stick with the Gospels.

      It is not a mark of trying to accept modern ways because I don’t think that homosexuality is the intended sexual relations for humans. Penises…vaginas…obviously God (and for the atheists–what evolution produced as the most survivable and advantageous solution) intended for that to be the way to procreate and the way we should raise families.

      However, I don’t see sexual “sins” as different than me lying to my boss about being sick. That wasn’t true. It’s not different than me lying to my auto loan company when I forgot to mail the check. We all sin and every sin has equal weight because it is all wrong.

      If we have a hierarchy of sin, then it should be as Jesus said and that is that sin which hurts our neighbor that we are to love as ourself.

      I’m not being an apologist, I just see that it is easy to say that this group or that group is “worse” because that particular group and it’s push for acceptance is leading to a whole breakdown of culture and religious tradition unintentionally.

      The average gay person just wants to live their life and be happy. Some are radical and want to destroy tradition, but most just want to come home from work and have someone there with them that loves them. Do I alienate that person or persons from the love of Christ by telling them their sin?

      Maybe if I was perfect I could, but I’m a horrible hypocrite in so many ways that I would be frightened of my judgment before God and Jesus later.

      I like that whole, “Judge not and YE SHALL NOT BE JUDGED” part. I’m totally holding Jesus to that one.

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      • **amend/clarify, we have to accept Jesus as Messiah AND do good works or he’ll say he has no idea who we are.

        He said feed the poor, cloth the poor, care for the sick, for those in prison and you care for me.

        I didn’t meant for people to infer that we are still Christians if we don’t believe Jesus is Messiah.

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      • Here here! Well said Skyrim. You broke that down far more eloquently than I could’ve! But that’s basically my same feelings on the issue.

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  7. REEEAALLY DIG This Guy!
    Im gonna check out hus stuff and I’m just glad to hear a fellow believer thats honest and REAL! We are the SALT of the earth…..we are supposed to be as real as possible….that includes flaws and all! You do MUCH more damage playing a role when it comes to GOD and His son JESUS……..cause most the time people can’t relate…….or are pressured to come across in some “perfect” manner when that’s just NOT possible! WE ARE ALL SINNERS here…… two ways around it.Be YOURSELF……as real as you can…….so people might relate to you……then you might have a chance of softening up their hearts and give them the GOOD NEWS…… .before it’s to late.
    Thanx Isaac,and thanx bloodstain for a good show and for reminding your brothers that they aren’t alone.GOD BLESS BROTHERS!

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