Adam Gorightly: The LAST Charles Manson Interview on the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture Podcast

On today’s episode of the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast we’ll be joined by the great Adam Gorightly! He’s given me what is his FINAL interview on Charles Manson!

Special Guest: Adam Gorightly

He’s written books about Manson and even appeared on the History Channel show called “Manson Murders.” He’s also been on Coast to Coast AM and Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis. He’s also known for his expertise in Discordianism and will be in a film called The Hill and the Hole releasing in 2018.


In today’s episode we talk about different ideas regarding Charles Manson and the topics not covered on mainstream channels of media or podcasts such as Satanism, Process Church, Hollywood’s secret porn flicks, MKULTRA, Scientology, and so much more that we don’t get from Bugliosi’s HELTER SKELTER book.

Adam Gorightly, aka “The Wrong Reverend Houdini Kundalini of the Church of Unwavering Indifference” aka the “crackpot historian” takes us on a journey of alternative thinking and peering into the strange world of the occult as it ties into the Manson Family and even Donald Trump…

Show Notes:

  • Adam’s book: The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control And The Manson Family Mythos (my favorite Manson book)
  • New TV series coming out, new findings in the Manson Family murders (including new victims), and our trips to Barker Ranch
  • Manson’s connections to the world of the occult
  • Quote from Manson during the LaBianca trial: “…Masons have that power. It’s a secret that’s been handed down since the Pharaohs. The secret wisdom. Jesus knew the symbols. The preacher and the judge got a hold of the symbols and they kept them to themselves.”
  • Was Manson a conspiracy theorist?? Or aware of a higher agenda?
  • Connections of Manson with the Process Church and satanism
  • Adam’s final thoughts on the question: “Was Charles Manson evil?” with an interesting response regarding ego loss, other dimensions, crossing Abyss, and magick
  • Resurgence in Manson’s energies:
    • Katy Perry (a witch) bought house next to LaBiancas, imagery of black panthers by Beyonce at Super Bowl, and much more. Trump is somehow connected (knowingly or unknowingly) to some kind of cultural psyop for the New World Order. This connects into Russian connections (which we also found they were behind some racial tensions as part of the Pokemon augmented reality game.)
  • Trump’s role in the new manipulation of the conspiracy theory community
    • Fusion Paranoia-right/left wing conspiracy history of Robert Anton Wilson, Origins of Russia-Right wing conspiracy realms, 2008 saw George Bush w/ Putin memes, Pizzagate was derived from Cathy O’Brien with satanic panic & underground tunnels, George Soros memes (did all memes come from Russia?…)
  • Discordianism as a factor in the Trump Chaos Candidate theory
    • cult of kek, anarchy & counter culture movement of 60s, 4chan
  • Acting in a new film releasing in 2018: The Hill and the Hole
  • Sampling of the music related to the Manson Murders

Where to find more of Adam Gorightly:

We’ll be discussing his book The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control And The Manson Family Mythos (*HIGHLY recommended)

He’s written other books as well- find out more by searching for Adam Gorightly on Amazon (like this other Manson book we talk about on the show):

His websites are as follows:

A collection of his music videos can be found at here.


His blog:

Twitter: @AdamGorightly

Here’s an interesting article he wrote regarding UFOs and ritual magick (*note that it is remiscent to Tom DeLonge and Peter Levenda’s Sekret Machines book in regards to the phenomenon of magick and aliens). Read it HERE on ConspiracyArchive.


Finally- here’s the show!

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