Hi there! Welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com where I’ve been plugging away for years in an attempt to relay the research I’ve conducted into the occult and the Illuminati.

I first published my ‘beginner’s guide to conspiracy theories’ back in 2013 and just now realized that I never made an actual post to explain where (and how) you can retrieve this valuable tool. Chalk it up to one of the many learning curves I’ve experienced during my few years as a conspiracy theorist-blogger!

This book was written as a way to explain what approach a novice could take when first dabbling into this crazy world of conspiracy theory. I explain my personal journey into this realm and also what I believe a person could find useful when starting out in this fascinating exploration.

Here follows a brief pitch of what you can find inside, and afterwards are a few locations in which you can pick this resource guide up.

This is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to ALL things conspiracy! Learn how to decode Illuminati symbolism that’s hidden in plain sight with the help of an expert in spotting occult secrets.

Conspiracy theorists like David Icke got you confused? Wondering how a reptilian can live among us and shape shift in and out of our dimensions? Are your favorite entertainers part of a transhumanistic alien agenda with mind control signals coming from Saturn and the Moon? Could all of our holidays be meant to worship pagan deities?

Join me as we journey to the dark recesses of many conspiracy theories and the symbolism we’re subjected to by the music, film, and television industries.

‘A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture’ is a culmination project of several years of research and taking notes on taboo and fringe subjects from various theorists, philosophies, and academic walks of life. I’m a website publisher for conspiracy theories and the exposure that I’ve had to these topics gives me a fresh perspective and clarity of these sometimes confusing and offensive topics. I focus a lot of the material on the philosophy of David Icke, so if you wanted an independent third party assessment on why he thinks reptilian shape shifters control our planet (and why he could be correct); this is the book for you!

I explore links between all of the Illuminati conspiracy theories, the music, film, and entertainment industry’s infiltration, and brainwashing symbolism found in all of these venues (e.g. the All Seeing Eye, pyramids, etc.). Ancient cultures, Nazis and occult worship still play a key role in today’s control system, and I provide insight into these topics, including a never before released review of the controversial and banned documentary of Princess Diana’s murder Unlawful Killing. This film has never been released and I was able to watch a copy of it and detail its findings in this book.

More original theories are presented such as Rihanna’s occult origins, red dragons and their symbolism, and the Illuminati eugenics program being deployed through a transhuman robotic agenda. I also explain how David Icke’s theories of the Moon Matrix and Saturn Worship operate to manipulate us into a false reality.

I wrap the book up with a conclusion of what actually works out of all this mess. It includes an assessment of David Icke’s reptilian shape shifters explained through a legitimate cognitive style model theory in academia called ‘Adaption-Innovation’ theory.

Topics include:


Conspiracy Theorists: David Icke and Icke-isms, Jesse Ventura, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Bill Cooper, Alex Jones, George Noory, Joe Rogan, et.al.

Illuminati Influences in the Entertainment Industry: Illuminati Infiltration of Music, Television, and Hollywood , Fabian Society, Mind Control Techniques, Destruction of Empathy, Nazi Olympic Games Occult Symbolism, Illuminati Music Connections and Symbolism, Rap Music, MK ULTRA and Alter Egos, Reason for Predictive Programming

Ancient Cultures and Ancient Aliens: Sumerians, Egyptians, Golden Ages, Left vs. Right Brain, Greek Mythology, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Astronaut Theory

Worship of Serpents, Dragons, Shape Shifting Reptiles and Transhumanism: Gnostic Archons, Serpent Worship, Shape Shifters hijacking energy, Red Dragons, Rihanna vs. Rhiannon, Transhumanism Eugenics, Artificial Intelligence in a Facebook Virtual Reality, Bee Worship, Princess Diana’s ‘Unlawful Killing’ documentary review

Big Food and Big Pharma: Western Diet Problems, Corn Obsession, GMOs & Mislabeling, Vaccination Truths, Marketing Diseases

The Moon and Saturn Matrix: Moon Matrix Theory, Virtual Reality Hypothesis, Quantum Physics, Illuminati Golden Age, Saturn Obsessions, Saturn Symbolism & Theories

Conclusion- What Works: Food & Health, Global Centralization, One Political Party to Rule Them All, UFOs and the Phoenix Lights, Symbolism & Energy, Reptilians, etc.

Here is a video I’ve prepared for it on the IlluminatiWatcher YouTube channel:


There are a few ways you can get this book…

Ol’ fashioned paperback

You can get the book in the paperback format straight from CreateSpace, or on Amazon under the paperback option (**OR, scroll to the end and you can grab an autographed paperback directly from me while saving a few bucks).

Amazon Kindle

You can get it on Amazon for the Kindle:

AGUCT IlluminatiWatcher A Grand Unified Cover


Barnes & Noble Nook

The Nook marketplace also has my books:

AGUCT Cover Nook

Apple Books

You can get it on iTunes (you’ll have to go to the iTunes store on your device and search for it there.


The BEST Deal

OR, the best bang for your buck is to pick it up using one of my bundled discount deals where you can get my other works in PDF format (readable on damn near anything) in a variety of options and packages (**including autographed paperbacks):



I’ll also provide a form at the bottom of this article for my most popular bundled package which includes my other books that take the learning to new levels.

Thanks for looking, and please consider leaving a review/feedback on whichever medium you decide to go with.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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    • Hi Anna. You are really fuckin stupid.

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  1. There are no Aliens! The Earth is flat just like God’s word says…

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    • They aren’t aliens. They are the fallen angels coming back to earth to try and reclaim it. The technology that they have given our governments is not new. It has all been done before, which is why there was a flood, to wipe away the genetic experiments they produced on the earth. Now we have articles of scientists trying to make chickens into dinosaurs by muting certain traits and enhancing others. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to believe the earth is round. If everyone knew the earth was flat then they would know that space isn’t what we think it is and aliens couldn’t exist.

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    I Want Too Know How To Stop The Scammers.Useing The Name Of Illuminati To Scam People On How To Join The Illuminati world order.
    The Scammers Are Becoming Too much In Internet Scamming.

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  3. I like reading an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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