Stephen King’s “IT”- Podcast Analysis of Illuminati Symbols in the Movie and Novel: CTAUC Special with Isaac

Stephen King’s “IT”

Podcast Analysis of Illuminati Symbols in the Movie and Novel:

CTAUC Special with Isaac

Join along as I explore the Illuminati and Occult symbolism of Stephen King’s “IT” in all of the forms- the novel, 90’s film and the recent treatment in 2017!

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Show Notes:

  • Some interesting connections to be had with the occult, David Icke’s Archon theory, and some interesting symbols and themes of IT
  • Easter Iron Works explosion in Derry (Eostre and its pagan roots).
  • Symbolism of the All Seeing Eye in the films
  • Pharmacist is the “sorcerer” (Pharmakia- spells, drugs) hitting on Beverly. Interesting choice because the Hippocratic Oath starts out: “I swear by Apollo Physician, by Asclepius, by Health, by Panacea, and by all the gods and goddesses,…”
  • The novel is the only source for determining what IT is. We find out it’s an extraterrestrial shape shifting entity of evil from a dimension called “Macroverse” since it crashed onto the earth millions of years ago (before humans- like the serpent or Satan which can take different demonic forms also). It feeds on children because the fear is a form of sustenance. THIS is reference to David Icke’s belief in Archon shape shifters. (which also was Billy Corgan’s experience on Howard Stern)
  • It can also manipulate people and use them as pawns into doing its bidding
  • The most fundamental version of IT the mind can comprehend is the spider which has “Deadlights”- looking directly into which can either kill a person or drive them insane (this is akin to Crowley’s Choronzon which can drive one insane- enlightenment symbolism perhaps)
  • 90s film has Star of Chaos Magick or Star of Ishtar
  • Ritual of Chud used to contact the divine- Maturin (the turtle creator)
  • Bill uses magic ritual to contact the “divine” (this is the same as the apollonian/dionysian concepts discussed in The Dark Path).

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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