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Welcome to your new home for exploring conspiracy theories hidden in pop culture. This website will open your eyes to a world that you didn’t even know existed. Occult symbols, Illuminati blood sacrifices, ancient knowledge and secret symbols will be explained through common place works of entertainment like film, music videos, television, and many more places where they can “hide it in plain sight.”

I also run the Conspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culture podcast which covers all the latest in pop culture, conspiracy, and Illuminati theories!


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Who is Isaac Weishaupt?

Hello, my name is Isaac Weishaupt and I’m the founder of I’ve been researching my entire life as an ongoing mission to determine if this reality is the truth or a cunning holographic deception. I don’t fully subscribe to any conspiracy theories, but I do find some intriguing if they resonate with any logic (also if they don’t, who am I kidding, some of them are just clever). I live in America and feel that a lot of people are more concerned with being entertained than being informed or educated. Our media reflects that.

I listen to all kinds of music, although I feel as if it is almost manipulative so I also listen to smooth jazz and classical to balance the more hardcore stuff out. I focus on the Illuminati, transhumanism, religion, aliens, cults, music, various conspiracy theorists (e.g. Freeman Fly, David Icke, et. al.) and the occult. This website is just a bite into some of the material I dig through daily, I figured I might as well share some of it in case there are others out there who follow the same breadth of material that I do.

For those of you who’d like to learn a bit more about what got me interested in all of this, I’ll give you a brief rundown of the synchronistic events that brought you and I together at this moment.

It all started back in the 1990s when I was first giving thought to subjects like extraterrestrials and government cover-ups through the show X-Files. I was interested in other alien-related works of art like The Head, the docu-drama film Fire in the Sky, and of course, the Alien films. At this point of my life it was merely an interest, but it was intense enough that it never fully left my mind.

I recall walking around one night with a friend that held similar interests and we would shout out to the sky to have aliens abduct us, just so we would know for certain if it was true. Of course that is a ridiculous thing to do (on many levels- who would really want that to happen to them?!), but the point is that I knew I had a desire to find the truth, even in my adolescent years. In recent years I’ve learned the demonic deception of seeking aliens and ghost hunting, but I’ll save that story for later when you’re ready to go that far down the rabbit hole…

When I turned 18 I joined the military and met a lot of great people in my journeys. One friend I met in South Korea turned me on to William Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse. I obtained a copy of this book and it BLEW MY MIND! A lot of the material referenced in X-Files was actually showing up in the former Naval Intelligence Officer’s book (e.g. Majestic 12, cover-ups, etc.). The book really opened up my mind to a higher level agenda than merely covering up extraterrestrial existence. It gave me the awareness to realize that perhaps we were being deceived for the gain of some shadowy group here on Earth…

After my enlistment was up I got out and met another guy who was into Bill Cooper. He regularly listened to his AM radio shows, so we both went in on a $100 set of DVDs of all of Bill Cooper’s lectures. At this point it was 2004; three years after 9/11 (and also Bill Cooper’s death at the hands of law enforcement in Nov. 2001).

I digested these lectures while going to college and studying electronics, mathematics, and even took a course on American politics. Even though many conspiracy theorists dismiss college as a tool of the “Illuminati”, it really helped me gain perspective and learn more about HOW to learn and research. For a few years I was heavily interested in politics and found myself leaning very hard to the liberal side of the political spectrum. This led me to watch Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11 which is basically a conspiracy theory film about how the 9/11 attacks were pre-meditated.

Like I mentioned, I was heavy into politics and found myself devoting a lot of my free time following up on the media’s coverage of politicians and pending legislation. I could see that seeds of deception were evident in all of the realms of politics. Nothing seemed to make sense. The liberals and conservatives were both saying one thing and doing another, all the while cozying up to lobbyists and supporting agendas that their constituents didn’t. Why would they do such things? Well, at about this time I would meet another friend who loaned me a David Icke VHS tape called Freedom Road (you read that right- a VHS tape!).

I found a VCR and started watching David Icke as he lectured to me from a studio about reptilian shape shifters, phallic powers emanating from obelisks, and the large spider web of the Illuminati. It took me several repeated viewings to grasp what he was saying because it was all so foreign to me at this point. Sort of like my interest in aliens as a teenager; I just knew there was some kernel of important truth in his message. I ripped the audio to MP3 format and started listening to the lectures at work where I was a generator mechanic.


After a couple of years of reading and listening to David Icke, I felt as if I finally understood what he was saying. Various concepts seemed to be playing out all around me. There was no longer a left-to-right spectrum of political parties for me, I now understood Icke as he talked about the circular spectrum and how they are both parties for the same agenda- the Illuminati.

The term “Illuminati” is referring to a secretive group of those who could be in power; not necessarily the one secret society formed by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 (although they are all related in same form to one another). Also- my moniker is Isaac Weishaupt, which obviously isn’t my real name. I use the moniker because this is my hobby; not my full time job. I’m a working professional and need to keep the anonymity (although it’s not necessary, I’m pretty ‘safe’ on this website).

The concept behind this website is more or less a journey that you the viewer can take with the rest of this community as we look at the symbolism, theories, and conspiracy theorists that exist in this sub-culture. It started as an informal blog covering different topics and conspiracy theorists (as you can still see from the older, more amateur posts), but since then I’ve discovered more fascinating theorists and tried to shed more light on their theories, while building new ones by piecing together information.

Just to place a caveat; I don’t know for certain that there is an Illuminati organization (or even one like it). I’m simply exploring the theories and ideas that are currently out there. I most certainly don’t know who is in these alleged groups, so if I refer to anyone being affiliated with them, just know that it is merely the speculation that currently exists. I try to base these claims on symbolism, which is also based on theories being floated out there. For goodness sake please research these things for yourself before accepting any of it as truth.

Since the inception of this website I’ve been accelerating down the rabbit hole and learning more and more, right alongside the rest of the IlluminatiWatcher community as we share symbolism and ideas that support this ever changing conspiracy theory.

Thanks to this community I’ve been fortunate enough to spread the message through books, interviews, and radio shows to a wider audience. We’ve gone from a virtual ‘nobody’ to a high visibility group with acknowledgement from websites such as The Daily Beast, Bustle, Disinfo, COMPLEX, along with celebrity tweets from the likes of Dave Navarro, Adrianne Curry, Vinnie Paz (from Jedi Mind Tricks), Rude Jude, Bloodstain Lane, and more.

I’ve had the privilege of being interviewed by the Rolling Stone (an article that hasn’t been published….), Rude Jude on SIRIUS/XM, theorist Freeman Fly, Greg Carlwood from The HigherSide Chats, DJ Mark Devlin on his Good Vibrations podcast, and Robert Phoenix’s FARCast. Radio shows like the Big Mad Morning Show and Fringe Radio have also allowed me to share this information.

The reason I am saying all of this is because there appears to be some serious traction to these ideas. Conspiracy theorists are starting to take a foothold in the landscape of pop culture through websites just like If nothing else, these theories allow a vehicle for life-long learning and exploring the history of our cultures while projecting the future; which is what keeps the material fresh.

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Thanks again for checking out the website and I look forward to sharing thoughts on these controversial issues with you!

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  1. Hey isaac how can i directly send you an email? (btw im using an alias and my email is fake if you have seen xfiles you should recognize the name)

    Thanks man

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  2. Greetings from France.

    I’ve read your book two years ago, wanted to contact you immediately after, very interesting, well writte, thought provoing, well presented etc but -if you really Christian as you claim – WHY
    you don’t see what Icke thinks about Jesus : that He doesn’t exist !
    ( Frankly, there are few more nonsenses in DI books, but looks like 95 % makes sense anyway ).

    Icke is generalising, in few topics. But you also :

    divination techniques are not occult… even if yes many are in positive sense.
    Your vision of Christianity is naive : Bible was changed, this religion was HACKED years ago.

    Are you Jewish, btw ? Or just this strange surname/nickname…to confuse readers ? 😉

    There is a blog , very interesting, written by some Christian lady, she claims that there is NO more Christianity,
    all was replaced my masonic rituals…this religion will extint, anyway.

    Time for dharmic religions. Sattvic… of course, all religions were infiltrated by evil, in form of corruption, paedofilia etc but church is absolutely on first place given level of depravity there.

    Pls read Bhagavad Gita as it is. Hare Krishna is genuine, powerful religion.

    Ommm tat sat,

    good luck to you !

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  3. Hello!
    I am pleasantly surprised by the info I have read and listened to across your sites and media. I have been doing overall sifting, trying to glean your view point and how you process your theories and info. I find that you state facts as facts and your theories as yours, other people’s theories as just that and why you agree or disagree. I have been researching “conspiracy theories” for some years now, and have found many rehash, regurgitate and parrot the same info, right and wrong and in this way I can tell who really fact checks, and even their political affiliation. Sad, right?
    I always fact check info and “facts”, even when coming from supposed Christians. As a believing Christian, my initial response was to trust info coming from these sources, trusting that they would not put out information as fact without having done due diligence to the best of their ability. That is not what I have found. You have given me new RELEVANT food for thought. Please don’t get caught up in the numbers game like so many others, who may have started out with good intentions, then suddenly you read they used to be a 900 degree Freemason and Supreme Illuminati Over Lord and now want to reveal the darkest, never before revealed hidden secrets.

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  4. I’ve tried multiple times to register for the newsletter but it doesn’t work. Dead submit button.

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  5. Have you seen the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls?

    I have twin boys who are 8 and they started watching this show last week. When I started hearing them singing the theme song, I knew something curious was going on. Tonight I became alarmed when they were describing the symbolism and explaining the story in great detail. I never thought I would be teaching hidden meanings and underlying messaging to them at such a young, innocent age. It hardens my heart and saddens my soul knowing children are being trained as “puppets” just like the ones portrayed in this show.

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  6. Hey,
    I just discovered you 2 weeks ago and just been sifting through all your shows that I missed. I love what you do man, thank you SO much for devoting so much of your precious time to do all this homework and sharing it!

    I relate with you how You want to be a good person but drawn to the Darkside…. I have had so many crazy encounters in my life, seeing shapes, shadow beings, short creepy creatures when i was 9, hearing voices, robotic voices, voices that are in a weird language(not of this earth) So many others that I could talk about the #1 craziest thing was when I was meditating and pow It was like I was in a cryo tube, the liquid drains and robotic arms carried me into this dim lit room with gold Egyptian artifacts on a shelf. Then and I see a blue humanoid figure cowering in the corner. She was extremely blue and had a very large forehead, not like ancient Alien large forehead but a very odd shape she calls me “Anunnaki” then I zap back to reality and I see flashing symbols in front of my face for a good minute. all kinds of symbols from alchemy to star mathematical symbols. I thought wow ok was that a super intense dream but then a helicopter started flying over my apartment complex, it being 9pm I thought that was a strange time for a helicopter. I ran outside and it was a black helicopter literally circling my apartment! So I just sat in my room scared thinking I was going to get taken away by the Men in Black or something but eventually it left. So yeah I dont know if you will ever even read this or not but Its just nice knowing there is people like you in this confusing ass world and it makes it a little more bearable.

    P.S. I like when you swear on the show, don’t apologize for it. 😛

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  7. WOW… I’m not entirely sure if I’m happy or sad but I found all this. All this stuff has been bugging me for so many years… I see it everywhere in everything. Its creepy to look into this stuff, and even creepier when you know what you’ve been thinking and seeing has been right all along. My focus has always been in the music industry and the artists. For two reasons I love music and my son is an extremely talented musician. He has that itch and all I want to do is protect him. I mean you can’t talk to anybody about this s*** they’ll think you’re nuts- especially your kids. Lol I have to tell you really scared the s*** out of me I never researched it cuz I didn’t want to know and if I ask questions or read about I get the answers I didn’t want. First I recovered my webcams with tape and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to run like hell or jump down the rabbit hole!! As for Oli and BMTH I really believe that they are the antagonists to all this evil. I think he plays the part to tell the story. I do believe they have been down some pretty dark paths but I really think (hope) Oli woke up and his whole message has evolved into helping us understand what the hell is currently happening while the masses have been sleepwalking. We saw them again last Fall, they are one of my all time FAV
    bands to see live. Mainly because they give off such a positive vibe. Evilness feels aweful and spreads like fire-not BMTH. These boys don’t follow they carve out new paths for other artists to follow. OMG my faith in humanity will be shot to hell if I am wrong!

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