Pope Francis’ secret satanic society affiliation


I’m not gonna lie, this pope stuff doesn’t interest me. The Roman-Catholic faith is dealing with a host of issues that are not conspiracy theories, so it’s no surprise it’s a controversial topic. Perhaps the schism of the faith of Christianity when the Orthodox Church and Roman-Catholics split is becoming more of a delta between […]

New NOFX Album Songs

The newest NOFX album- ‘Self Entitled’ is awesome, if you love NOFX. Here’s a couple of my favorite tracks. Obviously I’ll throw in the track called ‘Secret Society’:   And ’72 Hookers’ takes a comedic and practical look at wars and religion:     And just for the hell of it here’s footage from a […]

Puma Shadow Society Illuminati Clothing Line


Check out IlluminatiAgenda.com’s good catch on this new clothing line with the all seeing eye, pyramid, etc.: http://www.illuminatiagenda.com/puma-unveils-new-illuminati-themed-clothing-line/ “Small but repeated examples like this illustrate perfectly, how the true illuminati, having ‘hidden’ their secret society symbolism in plain sight for centuries, have subconsciously influenced society, to the extent that their ancient occult symbolism has now […]

Casey Anthony accused of being in Illuminati


Anthony was sued for three billion (yes, BILLION) dollars for allegedly making death threats against Naomi Riches, who was quickly labeled a ‘lunatic.’ “Casey Anthony is an Illuminati actress who has used the summers 2009-2011 to mock and harass my current circumstances,” Riches’ bizarre lawsuit states.   “Casey Anthony and [HLN commentator] Nancy Grace are […]

Tom Hanks’ Electric City Illuminati Symbolism

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Electric Area

Tom Hanks’ new online animated series called ‘Electric City’ is about a bleak future and is hosted by Yahoo. Or Yahoo!, whatever. It’s actually quite a good show, and contains a secret hidden-hand type Illuminati control group called the “Knitting Society.” Here’s a still from the first episode that shows the lair the Knitting Society […]

Ghost Adventures- New Episode and New Season 7 Premiere Info

Season 7 starts September 28th, 2012. New episode airs this Friday, July 20th at Fort Horsted in the UK. Check out my badass post with some investigative digging on the GAC boys last episode at the Hellfire Caves: http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=2845 More GAC News: http://mygacuniverse.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/new-season-of-ghost-adventures-7-begins-sept-28-2012/

French Montana Drops Knowledge on Illuminati

French Montana has been all over the hip hop news with rumors of Illuminati affiliation through his lyrics and symbolism. In an interview recently he talked on it, making some real sense out of it: “The secret societies is the people that’s rich,” Montana offered. “They hang around with each other. That’s the bottom line…they’re […]

Hellfire Caves and Orion’s Belt


Last night as I watched the newest episode of Ghost Adventures (technically it was a ‘special’) I became fascinated with their location called the Hellfire Caves in the U.K. Zak Bagans started the journey out with a description of the venue, an underground network of caves in which secret societies (the Hellfire Club, more specifically) […]

David Icke Petition to Get on BBC

Change.org is pushing a petition to allow David Icke on BBC’s Question Time show. If you watch BBC and even know wtf Question Time is, feel free to sign up, this petition is lighting up the internet so let’s hope it happens: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/david-icke-to-appear-on-bbc-question-time-programme-for-the-bbc-to-personally-invite-david-icke-onto-question-time You could even go through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DavidIckeVQuestionTime While I’m peddling links, PLEASE […]