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Amanda Bynes Mind Control ULTRA Monarch

One of my favorite websites ever; posted up an article on mind control via Project MONARCH. Besides a few overlooks in the article I thought it was decent. It makes the argument that men are never considered under the same umbrella of “mind control” as women do. Most specifically it goes into Amanda Bynes’ […]

Connecticut school shooting

The Connecticut school shooting where 20 young children and six adults were killed leaves all of us wondering what would drive the shooter to do such a thing. I explored the subject of brainwashing and MK Ultra in the Colorado shooting, and this Connecticut shooting is sure to draw similar accusations from some of the […]

Jesse Ventura ‘Conspiracy Theory’-Brain Invaders S3E6

Ventura’s latest episode on Brain Invaders aired on the 12th on TruTV. It features Dr. Robert Duncan, who worked on C.I.A. projects related to MK Ultra and mind control. He suggests they are using a ‘Voice of God‘ weapon on citizens, which is a directed sound weapon that makes the victim feel as if someone […]

Discovery Channel to air ‘Brainwashed’ experiment

On some MK Ultra type ‘ish… (See the results of the show post here) DISCOVERY CHANNEL’S “CURIOSITY” CONDUCTS EXPERIMENT TO SEE IF ORDINARY CITIZENS CAN BE BRAINWASHED TO CARRY OUT ASSASSINATION Brainwashed, premieres Sunday, Oct. 28 at 9 PM E/P on Discovery Channel’s groundbreaking CURIOSITY series (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Are we truly in command […]

Colorado’s Batman Shooter Conspiracy Theory Evolves…


I posted the first part of the Batman shooting here: I posted it right after the event happened, with some parallels found between it and MK Ultra brainwashing. There’s also some odd foreshadowing involving the Lil Wayne and Big Sean video discussed. A few days later now, it seems that there are more conspiracy […]

Robert Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy

Nina Rhodes-Hughes was a key witness to the RFK assassination and she has now, at age 78, recanted her story of what she saw that day. She said that Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone that day, and the FBI warped her words around. She acknowledged to CNN that she never heard the eight shots […]

Top 10 Illuminati Watcher Video Games


If you’ve read my Top 10 T.V. Shows list, then you already know the drill as to why I’m not calling this the Top 10 “Illuminati” Video Games list. I basically created this list from a blend of my favorite games that entail different aspects of the various crap I spew about on this website. […]

Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z Conspiracy


I saw this posted how someone slowed this Super Bass video down and the voice sounds remarkably similar to Jay-Z. Minaj has talked about her abusive past and her resorting to alter egos (signs of possible MK ULTRA and the “honeycombing” of memories to prevent trauma). She incorporates alter egos, which is another common theme […]