Another child of Charles Manson surfaces

rebecca evans bonyadi

I posted about Jason Freeman (an MMA fighter) being Manson’s grandson, and now another direct child has come forth: At 15, Rebecca tracked down her biological mother, Andrea Kavakow, after a social worker gave her a birth certificate. When they met, Andrea told Rebecca how she had known Manson and had become a member of […]

Charles Manson set on fire in prison


Manson is rumored to have been set on fire, (I say “rumor” because I only see the one website reporting on it). There’s not much more beyond that as far as details go, I’ll post more when I see it.  

Charles Manson writes letter to Marilyn Manson


Charlie wrote an open letter to Marilyn from prison. He seemed to be interested in promoting his ATWA movement stuff, but who knows, it’s pretty far out there: To Marilyn Manson – It’s taken me a long time to get there from where I could touch M. Manson. Now I got a card to play […]

Charles Manson; new documentary, new music

There’s some new music being released from Charles Manson, a new documentary on ID, and a courthouse that Manson and his ‘family’ supposedly squatted in back in the ’60s. First, there is a producer who compiled guitar songs from Manson’s time in prison who is cutting the album on vinyl in California: Vasquez, who […]

Manson Girls Musical In the Works

This musical was in the beginning stages several months ago, but now it’s becoming a bit more of a reality. There’s also a news clip about it, posted after the interview: The musical follows the half-dozen women involved in the Sharon Tate and LaBianca murders, and how under the charge of Charles Manson, they were […]

Necro- Sharon’s Fetus (The Pre-Kill) Rap Song


Horrorcore rapper Necro never fails to shock. A song called “Sharon’s Fetus” (referring to Sharon Tate from the Manson Family murders) from his new album, Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EP. Before I post the video, here is a link where you can buy/pre-order the autographed CD (if you still use those things): Tracklisting: […]

New Manson Audio Recordings Could Reveal More Murders

Over eight hours of audio recordings between Charles “Tex” Watson (the real murderer in the Manson Family murders in 1969) and his attorney, Bill Boyd are going to be reviewed by the LAPD.  They believe that Watson admitted to several more murders committed by the Manson Family. Watson waived the right to client-attorney privilege and […]

Manson Family’s MMA Fighter


Jason Freeman is a kickboxer/MMA fighter is Charles Manson’s grandson. His father, (Charles Manson son- Jay White, aka Charles Manson Jr.) committed suicide in 1993. Jason talks about the shadow he’s been living under as Charles Manson’s grandson and provides some commentary on his experiences. Our teacher ” … was talking about Charles Manson and […]

Charles Manson Denied Parole


This outcome was to be expected. It was his 12th and most likely final parole hearing as his next one is due when he is 92 years old. “‘I have spent my life in prison. I have put five people in the grave. I am a very dangerous man.’”  

Geraldo Talks on Charles Manson Interview

Geraldo was on O’Reilly Factor talking to Juan Williams (I guess Bill O’Reilly was busy) about his interview from 1988 he had with Charles Manson. Juan Williams lies about Manson at the beginning (shocker, gotta love Faux News) and says that he slayed nine people, when in fact Manson didn’t personally kill any of them. […]