XXXTentacion=666Temptation: Illuminati Symbolism of Jahseh Onfroy

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Today’s exploration of the occult will look at the up and coming rapper named XXXTentacion. He appears to follow the trend of rappers with a flair for the avant garde (like Lil Uzi Vert- a rapper who’s name said fast is “LUCIFER“).

His imagery and messages are a bit on the dark side and that appears to be for good reason…



In terms of numerology, we can equate the letter “X” with 6. The reason is as follows (the Hebrew numerology formula):

X=24th letter in the alphabet=2+4=6

Thus when we see “XXX”Tentacion we can infer it as 666Tentacion. The word “tentacion” in Spanish translate to “temptation” in English.

Therefore, we have 666 Temptation as his rapper name. Tempted by the forbidden fruit; this rapper is alluding to the temptation of 666- the number of the Beast.


Moloch Horns: Look at Me

XXXTentacion (aka Jahseh Onfroy) released a video for his debut single Look at Me in which he depicts a young white boy being hung from a rope.

Naturally, this caused mass hysteria (even though the intent was to examine the racial component- although from a place of sensationalism).

However, if you watch the video you’ll see XXXTentacion giving us another symbol that suggests he’s part of an esoteric collection of artists that worship the ancient deity of Moloch:

You can learn more about this revered deity in the Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch and the Horns of Satan (which features MANY more examples of your favorite artists demonstrating this principle).


All Seeing Eye

Another symbol that seems to be required of all artists is that of the All Seeing Eye. XXXTentacion is no exception…

The reason we see it is because it shows the artist is awakened or enlightened to the occult principles of the “Illuminati.”


UPDATE: Blood Sacrifice of Ski Mask the Slump God

I wrote this analysis on Oct. 7th, 2017 but since then there have been some recent updates worth considering. HipHopDX has an article on how the rapper named Ski Mask the Slump God (seriously; that’s his name- I also wrote an analysis on him HERE) was to be sacrificed by XXXTentacion:

On one of his uploads to Instagram Stories Tuesday (October 31), Ski Mask revealed his family was threatened at one point. The rapper, who didn’t refer to X by name, says he was also supposed to be “sacrificed.”

“This is a person who has before threaten my family told me I was suppose to be sacrificed on some crazy shit so no i didn’t just separate myself for no reason,” Ski Mask wrote.

In July, Adult film star Marsha May backed up Ski Mask’s sacrifice claims in an interview with 6FT. May says X did sacrifice Ski Mask’s soul.

“XXX has the same thing. He sacrifices his best friend’s soul, Ski Mask. Sacrificed his soul,” May said.

Note that the allegations of sacrifice occurred on Halloween, aka Samhain. Also- this concept of the blood sacrifice is nothing new from the world of rap music (see my final conclusion…).


In Conclusion

XXXTentacion is a new rapper so I expect to see more symbolism from him that we’re already familiar with. Worship of the Luciferian archetype or Prometheus is bound to show itself in his works.

In my hip hop research project Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic I went deep into the occult territory of rap music and revealed its true nature: mystical practices of magick, Faustian bargains, and the blood sacrifice…

XXXTentacion’s album cover for ’17’; notice talk of ‘demons’ on the paper


All of these works of entertainment can arguably lead its viewers down a path. The Dark Path…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. He is not a rapper/hip hop artist, he’s simply a tool, like most rappers nowadays are. A very bad one. Even Eminem, despite the symbolism throughout his career, is a hip hop artist. Enuff to read Jahseh’s bio. Typical MK ULTRA subject. Really stop finding excuses for all scums, this dude should rot in prison.

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  2. Thank you for every bit of info – all the time!~’

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  3. Most of this is false especially the X=6 because in Roman numerals X=10 so I don’t get why you would say it’s 6.

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