“Where Are U Now” Video: The Occult Awakening of Justin Bieber

Hello and welcome to IlluminatiWatcher.com! Today we’re talking about a recent video released from Justin Bieber and EDM musicians Skrillex and Diplo called Where Are U Now.

The video was made by having fans show up at the Seventh Letter Art Gallery in L.A. and drawing their art on single frames of footage that would later be compiled together. It’s really quite an interesting video, but the images fly by so fast I decided I’d take it frame by frame (seriously- it took FOREVER, but that is the cost to be the boss in this conspiracy theory world).


Naturally the fans of Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo showed up and as expected, you can see several images of pyramids and triangles

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Pyramid Eye

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Triangle


…you also see him with the All Seeing Eye of Horus; both in the artwork and the video…

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now All Seeing Eye Large



…some conspiracy theorists tossed a couple of gems on there…

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Nodens Bush 911

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Fed Reserve


…and there are even some disturbing images that were thrown in the mix:

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Head Gunshot



What I found most intriguing was the over-abundance of satanic imagery you’ll find as you scroll through the artwork. I realize that this is somewhat topical (just like those All Seeing Eyes and pyramids above), but it’s interesting that all of these people had the same idea in their heads. It’s almost like someone planted them in there…

What follows are the results of years of satanic imagery from the entertainment industry. People scoff at the theory of predictive programming and the fact that symbols are embedded into the collective unconscious, but here is proof positive.

For example, why is Bieber juxtaposed with so much evil?…

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Devil 666

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Greatest Trick Devil

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Devil Horns

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Devil horns Money


Another oddity is the pervasive use of the Illuminati Mark of the Beast with the ‘X’– which is typically seen over the All Seeing Eye:

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Mark of Beast X All Seeing Eye

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Mark of Beast X All Seeing Eye 2

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Mark of Beast X Eyes


Holding true to that Mark of the Beast theory; it appears that the people see demons and Satan right alongside aliens. This supports the end of the “big theory” of why we see all of this stuff in entertainment. The Illuminati are seeking to bring these demonic entities from another dimension into our world (see that Mark of the Beast post).

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Alien

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Alien Inverted Crosses

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Alien All Seeing Eye


What appears to me as the most solid proof of evil being tapped into the artwork of the video is the strange fact that there are MANY inverted crosses being drawn on Bieber’s forehead:


Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Inverted Cross

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Inverted Cross 2

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Alien Inverted Crosses

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Inverted Cross 3

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Inverted Cross 4

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Inverted Cross 5

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Inverted Cross 6

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Inverted Cross 7

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Inverted Cross 8


It’s almost ridiculous how many times this pops up in the random fan artwork.

So what’s the explanation behind all of this? I propose that Bieber is being marked for something. In fact, take notice to this one piece in particular:

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Help Me alien

You’ll see hidden messages like this from other pop stars who are allegedly under influence of mind control and ensnared in the traps of the entertainment industry:

IlluminatiWatcher Katy Perry Prismatic Teenage Dream HELP ME


It appears that they are trying to get Bieber to fall in line with the occult belief system of the Illuminati and the occult. They call this “awakening” process ‘blackening’ in the occult, which is why we saw Selena Gomez with the black bird symbolism:

Selena Gomez 2014 AMA white wings transmutation



…and Miley Cyrus’ first video before she transitioned fully from Hannah Montana:

Miley Cyrus cant be tamed bird cage alchemy black wings WO



…and Lady Gaga did the same:




This alchemical process has the initiate take in the occult beliefs one stage at a time, and it appears at the beginning of the video when Bieber is overtaken by the blackness:

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now blackening



Another thought to ponder is if he is being surrounded by evil symbols such that he is trapped in the system. The plot of the Eddie Murphy film The Golden Child was about this precise topic where they keep the Golden Child trapped inside of a cage of evil and demonic symbols.

I bring this up because that message was scrawled on one frame of footage:

Justin Bieber Where Are You Now Golden Child


How “odd” is it that we see these same symbols over and over? It feels like this is a test of sorts by the Illuminati to see how well their symbols are ‘sticking’ in the minds of their clueless followers. Apparently it’s working…

Plus, I hate to say it, but I called this a long time ago with my post on Justin Bieber: the next Illuminati MKULTRA mind control victim analysis.

Thanks for reading and be sure to sign up for the free email newsletter!

-Isaac Weishaupt





Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Brilliant analysis! Glad I found your website, keep up the good work.

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  2. The golden child is an alchemical reference, too. The child is the philosopher’s stone created from the union of the male and female principle, the end result of alchemy.

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  3. Hey Isaac
    Top notch work as always. Its pretty incredible how the sheep use this imagery. Its stunning. here in Cali its really bad almost everyone who takes selfies throws up some sort of luciferian/satanic imagery or is wearing something with it, or both! Makes be both crazy and sad.

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    • Wow! It doesn’t surprise me though. I do some art and landscape photography for sale online and I have noticed than on many sites I sell, there are many artists that utilize the all-seeing eye in their work! Predictive programming? As far as Cali goes though, I heard where they passed that law to force vaccinations on all their children 🙁 Which I find really sad, considering what is in those vaccinations. It is a terrible world we live and I figure other states will probably follow. Which I think follows along with their sick plans for de-population. I wish more people would wake up to all of this. There are a lot, but still so many! I had often heard too that the only that frightens the global elites is if everyone were to get on to them. As we still do outnumber them. Just not enough of us that believe and the majority likes to poke fun at ‘conspiracy theorists’

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      • So true, so as i tell my children i can just prepare myself and share with my loved ones and those that will listen to be warned. its a matrix a veil. stop wearing all these symbols and following every fad or trend they put out their to grab you in.

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    • I agree. Not my type of music but I never had a problem with the guy but my hearts bleeding for the poor kid now. Jesus i look forward to your return !

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  4. Glad u did it, IW! It was mandatory, lol. It takes a lot of time and patience but its worth like hell. Its not satanic imagery by all means, but occult definitely. Personally I found 2 screenshots in which some reptilian creature/part of smth reptilian was getting out of Biebs and another in which the word “Help” appeared, like a cry for help, of course….

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  6. Please,you really need to analize rihanna’s NSFW video for bitch better have my money,she really did espouse the notion of nudity,drugs and violence,it’s really bloody and also the BET awards was filled with artistes performing stage with triangles at the background

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  7. Excellent analysis again. This stuff is ramping up, coming fast and furious now. I also wonder whether these “fans” are not another false flag in that these images are actually drawn by insiders, not actual fans. As in “Come on all you kitties, jump on the train! Everybody’s doin’ it. Be cool!”…

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    • I tend to agree with you that the ‘artwork’ was done either by insiders or they were coached beforehand. Too many upside down crosses, too many X’s on the eyes, too many devil’s horns, etc. to be coincidental. However, there is always the possibility that their minds are already so full of all those images that they did it on their own. If that is the case….we are in trouble. I hope they did NOT happen to come up with all of this on their own!

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    • Good point ‘Freebird.’ It makes a lot of sense. I too think Insiders drew these images….. great perception!

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  8. At the 1:46 mark were the words “False Gawd” and an upside down cross on JB’s forehead (mark of the beast?). Right after that JB was flashed wearing the Flag of Israel with the hexagram on it. Hmmm? Jesus explains exactly what mind control programming and MK ultra is all about in Matthew 12:25. It is the “Abomination of Desolation”. “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” The kingdom of satan and the kingdom of heaven (Luke 17:20&21) cannot exist in the same temple (duality: Genesis 3:15; Matthew 16:22-26). —- Beiber Nation: The U.S. and the world has now become “MK’d”/split/traumatized/a divided kingdom, and under the complete control of its satanic handlers (i.e. the Bankers: the ones Jesus threw out of the temple back in His day.)

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  9. Great work again Isaac!

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  10. The “help me” stuff is so disturbing. It’s so cruel and antagonistic of their handlers and it’s in plain sight, but people are still stupid. “Help me pls, what Justin? To pull your pants up?”

    They can’t comprehend the evil.

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    • The devil hides in plain sight.
      What im wondering is are they trying to use us to try and make real what is not.
      People(sheep) think of the devil as they think of god, a physical being.
      Demons, the devil and indeed god are all parts of the human psyche IMO

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  11. I just went to Youtube and watched Justin’s new video. You are so right….unless you go frame by frame, you would have no idea what you are seeing. It is just flashes in split seconds. This is really disturbing to say the least. I am a middle aged person so I don’t watch many music videos unless I have a reason. I guarantee most people my age have NO idea what the younger people are seeing and taking into their minds. While I was on Youtube, I also watched Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’. I feel sick. I don’t understand how all of this evil is slipping by. The situation with all this is much further along than I imagined. Isaac, I also thank you very much for calling attention to it and bringing this to light….frame by frame. I am trying to make other people in my age group aware of what is going on….because I promise—most don’t have a clue. Ugh, I shouldnt have watched that Rihanna video right before bedtime…..it was frightening!

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    • I agree Donna, it is scary. I am now in my 40’s, but I had lost interest in listening to music sometime in the early 2000’s. Now, it is so clear why! I used to often wonder about all of the strange symbology though when I was a kid. It is sad and you are right, this is what our young people are listening

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      • I’m 15 and i dont like new pop music, i prefer old music. And i’m really scared, what if it’s true?

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        • I’m 19 and I have never like pop music as well. But I always preach to my friends to stop listening to this kind of music …especially music now a days. It’s working little by little. Jesus is the only way.

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  12. Good job… So is disney THE source for aspiring juvenile satan worshippers? It sure looks that way… Walt being a 33rd degree mason makes sense too…. incredible….

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    • Walt Disney is horrible! I have worked in retail for toys before and know firsthand of some of that stuff. In fact, I was in a large store the other day and happened upon the children’s isle, which had large throw and stuffed pillows for babies and children. I came upon a Spiderman pillow. I had never noticed but the pillow had Spiderman giving the devil’s horns sign with one of his hands. I suppose most would say it was his way of spinning his web. Yah sure….

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  13. Great work Isaac
    May God save us from their traps.

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  14. Aren`t Illuminati stupid if they do believe in stuff like aliens or multidimensions? It sounds so fun to me that such powerful organisation believes that crap

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    • Aliens and multidimensions crap? I hope for all our sake that youre wrong.

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  15. gud work lsaac for all the alarts, but why most in U.S.A

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  16. Hi Isaac thanks very much for writing this post – I just cannot believe (belieb) how much illuminati symbolism there is here. Wow. When I have worked up the stomach to listen to his music, I’ll check out the full thing for myself.

    Just something I wanted to bring to your attention, as I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of you bringing this up on this post or other linked posts concerning Bieber. But https://youtu.be/Pl_v7-BLBXw – are you buying it? This goes further than the “Cyrus and Bieber are two parts of the same person” thing!

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  17. Thanks for the explanation. It was great help. But what about the Arabic written in the art ?? I wanna know about that too.

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    • Your next really you better bleed Jesus cause if he gets you your gone
      And better love the lord that your not famous
      Don’t take this offensive but I have got attacked before and it’s not pretty so slow your rule and we all love Taylor swift

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  18. Justin Bieber is going to be the next blood sacrifice for the satanic music industry.

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    • or one of his friends/family members as we have seen with so many other celebrities that gave up a “sacrifice” ….

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  19. Very good article/research I have always paid attention to this stuff and watched various vids on YT but never have I seen it so thoroughly done, and making sense with valid explanations. Im so glad I found your website, its bookmarked and above on my bookmarks bar now! Keep up the great work! Thank You!

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  20. Every thing you do is really good work i love it. Am so happy for you

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  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone spliced out a bunch of frames to put all of the symbolism on and put them back in before production. How would all those random people at the art gallery even know there were frames missing anyway?

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  22. Thanks for writing, i got many answers from this keep it up! 🙂

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  23. You people are nucking futs if you think Justin Gayber is part of some fairy-tale MLG organization.

    No wonder people make fun of conspiracy theorists. You’re all autistic as hell.

    OH I SAID HELL! I must be working for the devil!

    MLG has 3 letters in it.

    3 sides to the triangle.

    Illuminati is a triangle.

    I am in the illuminati confirmed.

    BAHAHAAHAH you dumb people.

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  24. What you’ve not shown are the other frames of him having wings like an angel, signs of peace and saying help me save the world. I’m sorry to pass urine on your chips but ‘Illuminati’ simply means illuminated. And ‘occult’ comes from the Latin word occultus which means hidden. In other words, it just means a group of people that have hidden knowledge. The symbols that they use have a very powerful hidden meaning to them as well. They used them in ancient Egyptian times and in other mythological cultures. It’s a fucking shape, what’s evil about a shape? The only reason we assume it’s bad is because of the misconceptions that have been raised around the people that use them. These frames are beautiful messages to the earth. There is no such thing as good or bad, these are human made concepts. We need to transcend this duality of good and bad as a species! I know this is a weird concept but if we care for someone, we do that to get the outcome, to make them feel better. It being a ‘positive’ thing is something that we humans have created in order to understand the world and life around us. Likewise, if you stab someone, you are doing that to get rid of them because you feel angry towards them. The more good you do to people, the more good you will receive. The more bad you do to people, the more bad you will receive. This is the true nature of the universe and God! Religion was created to separate people and to misguide people from the true beauty of Mother Nature/God/Buddha/Source, whatever you wanna call it! The people that we need to be fighting are the people that are already in control of this planet and have been for a long time. We are all made of the exact same thing deep down in our core and that is energy. We are all equal! As a species, and as something that’s living! And the truth has been hidden from us all for a long time. My advice to everyone reading is to do your own research on it all. And do not stop researching it.. ‘The awakening’ is not something that big celebrities are doing to take over the world. It is a beautiful thing that is happening all around the planet, where millions of people, including myself, have been awoken to the true power of our spirit. ‘The New World Age’ has begun, and it is not here to steal everyone’s soul and run away to hell. It is here to bring balance to the earth! There will be no leaders! We will all be one as a whole:) We all must meditate and conquer our demons! In other words, meditate and face your fears! It is fear that is stopping us from evolving and the people in charge know this.. Let Love guide you and not Fear!

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    • You sound crazier than everyone else.

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  25. Dear Isaac,
    We are very disappointed that you did not have the testicular courage to answer my last email and questions. You slander me without knowing your facts. For example while it is true we have read and studied A Crowley ( pronounced to rhyme with HOLY as you know) we are NOT A FAN, FOLLOWER OR DEVOTEE! Far from it. We just spent a lunch with my Nepalese brother bemoaning ACs awful brutality of women and aba comment of his children. His system is based upon ego and self centeredness and personal power. An infantile approach. Any distance traveled towards wisdom leads to a realisation that UNSELFISHNESS, COMPASSION, LOVE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THAT IS, KINDNESS, LOYALTY AND FORGIVENESS! None of these were demonstrated by Crowley, nor by most of YOUR fans. If Crowley fails these measures he is a fa!se prophet. Logic my dear Isaac.
    We still wonder why you name yourself after a founder of the Illuminati? Is it ironic? Or what? We KNOW you know the Illuminati do not exist. So what IS your strategy? Is it just fun to lead your less critical readers up a paranoia laden path? A money making venture? What is your long term ambition? Or is it just egoism, seeming benign. Increasing fear and paranoia is a tactic used by all totalitarian regimes. Putin would love you! Pol pot would too. Fear is the most insidious destroyer of our species. Creating an invisible enemy. Nazis hates Jews, Freemasons, gypsies, communists, gays, writers, artists, free thinkers. Is that where YOU hope to lead your flock?
    By the way, anyone who quotes the Judaic mistranslated Old Testament is NOT Christ FOLLOWER. He can to say God is not angry, does Not want war, does Not want violence, does Not want bigotry, does Not condone hate. The Christ said ALL THAT IS WRONG! THERE SHOULD BE NO MONEY, NO MONEY CONNECTED TO GOD! NO TEMPLES! NO PRIESTS!
    All that IS and all that matters is LOVE that is ALL.

    Genesis Breyer P- Orridge

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    • If this is truly Genesis I don’t mean to offend. I’ll gladly put you on a podcast and you can tell us the script. Email me illuminatiwatcher@gmail.com and we’ll link up. I suspect you’re not Genesis so I won’t hold my breath.

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      • Just as FYI for everyone reading these comment threads- that is indeed Genesis P-Orridge. We’ve been corresponding. I’m learning a lot from him while we go back and forth. Maybe someday we can have that podcast…

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  26. Why is it that many people now like his new album? I don’t understand why?

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  27. What is the U with the 2 dots above it?

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  28. I did my own findings concerning the video but i wanted to sure … And now it seems am right

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  29. The Illuminati Occult World is taking over the younger celebrities. Beiber is next on the Agenda. Demons are not to play with let them continue to play and dig deeper into their dark or darker world. THEY WILL TORMENT AND KILL YOU. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. VISIT jw.org and type in Spirits of the Dead. HELP ME! HMM. I’m sorry but we cant help you. You’re in it and could never get out only through death. You choose that part for fame and Riches gotta pay the price. Satan have them trapped that’s why they’re asking for help. Not even God can help u already disrespected TWO main one of his ten commandments. THOU SHALL NOT HAVE NO OTHER GOD BESIDES ME. THOU SHALL NOT WORSHIP NO FALSE GOD. THANKS FOR YOUR PAGE EXPOSE THE EVIL MUSIC INDUSTRY.

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  30. An excellent but utterly disturbing article. I just linked back to it. Great work, Isaac!

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