Westworld: A Gnostic Tale of Illuminati Luciferianism & the Transhuman New World Order

Hello and welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com! Today we’ll be exploring a television show with implications that are yet to be felt by the masses. The symbolism and hidden messages of this show are truly “occult” in nature and have been embedded into the subconscious of the masses with the plan to bear fruit many years later.

The show in question is HBO’s Westworld and today we’re going to explore its sinister agenda of the Illuminati…



**If you haven’t seen the show, I’d highly recommend watching the entire first season before reading this article. The show is actually quite well done and this article is full of plot spoilers, along with a few assumptions of the reader’s knowledge of the show.** -Isaac

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Illuminati False Realities

As a general statement on the entire Westworld doctrine; we can say that it is a presentation of the false realities that must be accepted by the masses in order to usher in the Illuminati’s New World Order. This New Age is one that promises to push the boundaries of mankind into the full revolution known as transhumanism (more to come on that later).

The reason I warn of this is because of what will become of the human race. The technology utilized to enable man to transition into robot is akin to the tale of Icarus; meaning they want us to see how close we can “get to the sun” by creating a new life-form. This will ultimately mean that mankind has reached its zenith by creating a new and “improved” form of life which surpasses the creation of God.

Before we go into the symbols and messages of Westworld we can take a look at some of the key players that have become a part of this project.

Nathan Crowley was a producer for the show- which should cue the interests of those who are familiar with occultist Aleister Crowley.


Batman Dark Knight Rises' Nathan Crowley- related to Aleister

Interestingly enough; I covered Nathan Crowley’s past work with other occult-riddled works like Interstellar and HBO’s True Detective.

The main actress of Westworld is Evan Rachel Wood who plays the role of the main protagonist; Dolores. Evan Rachel Wood once dated Marilyn Manson (an alleged honorary priest in the Church of Satan) and was featured in one of his videos as a blood splattered Lolita in Heart-Shaped Glasses.



Wood was interviewed for Rolling Stone magazine and made note of an interesting idea we’ve explored elsewhere on IlluminatiWatcher.com:

“I mean, your demons never fully leave. But when you’re using them to create something else, it almost gives them a purpose and feels like none of it was in vain. I think that’s how I make peace with it.” -Evan Rachel Wood: How Wild Past, Personal Demons Prepped Her for ‘Westworld’, Rolling Stone Nov. 17, 2016

I’ve used a similar argument to suggest that the Illuminati are forcing these entertainers to channel spirits in order to perform or get into contact with their creative elements in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC (a concept that Carl Jung once advocated with talk of the subconsious).


The show itself is analogous to other works of art in that they have a purpose. That purpose is to speak to our subconscious and put certain messages and themes in there. These ideas are being implemented by the Illuminati to push us down the path of the Evolution of Consciousness and into their desired future.

This is a direct play by the occultists to shape our world.

They believe in “As above, so below” and this is how it works in action. They are shaping the masses’ view of the world through the use of various practices and perhaps a bit of magick. In the second episode of Westworld we hear Dr. Ford telling the boy that:

“Everything in this world is magic; except to the magician.”

Indeed that is the practice at play here. What seems like magic is really just a sleight of hand used to trick our senses.

Dr. Ford also reveals similar ideas when talking to Bernard in Episode 2:

“We practice witchcraft, we speak the right words, and we create life itself, out of chaos.”

We see the Illuminati catch phrase of “out of chaos” here which is the motto of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. The full phrase “order out of chaos” refers to the efforts of using chaos to force the masses to look to the elites for help and to establish order (which will of course be a planned event to push their agenda).

In fact, in Episode 2 we hear the Man in Black say…:

…the real world is chaos.

…which is why he claims to enjoy the Westworld since it has “more order.”

Another curious theme we find interwoven into this story is the tale of Alice in Wonderland. I’ve covered the occult symbolism of this in a separate book; but we find its appearance in Westworld because they both play on a similar idea.

Hidden Occult Messages of Alice in Wonderland cover FEATURE XSMALL

The idea is that children need to hear these stories so they can start to question the nature of reality from a young age. The Illuminati thinks they should be groomed to deny the truths that society tells them to believe in. What better way to convey that theme than with a children’s book?…

…it’s like the other books we’ve read. It’s about change. It seems to be a common theme.” -Dolores’ response to Bernard’s question about the book Alice in Wonderland from Episode 3

“…everything would be what it isn’t.” -Bernard’s son in response to a reading from Alice in Wonderland‘s Mad Hatter character in Episode 7

We can see a real world example of how entertainment does indeed influence the masses if we consider the viral phenomenon known as the “Mannequin Challenge.” This act involves a group of people frozen still doing some particular action while another one films it (and plays “Black Beatles“). The idea seems to have come from Westworld which features robots (“hosts”) who freeze upon command; even in mid-action. The concept was given to the masses and the masses followed.

This concept is often referred to as predictive programming. The entertainment industry works with media to push a theme that gets embedded into the subconscious of all who pay attention. They are steering humanity towards their desired ends.

The pied piper is calling…


The Perfected Being & Duality

The corporation that started the Westworld experience is called Delos. The curious aspect of this is that Delos is of great importance in Greek mythology due to it being the birthplace of Apollo the sun god, as well as Artemis the moon goddess. These two deities embody the entire spectrum of duality with the male/solar powers and the female/moon powers.

The opposites are a message utilized by occultists in that they believe in pursuit of a balancing or reconciling of opposites. The male/female reconciliation is a new form of human that is gender neutral; like the Baphomet.

The Baphomet

The Baphomet

The main character’s name is Dolores which is quite close to the corporation that built her: Delos (Dolo-re-s). You’ll also find out that Dolores has an alter ego known as Wyatt; a male Army officer. Dolores is merging the opposites and becoming the alchemical Rebis; a perfected being (note that there is a host character in Westworld who actually has the name “Rebus”).


The entire purpose of the Westworld experiment is to give birth to a new form of entity that is not human. The “gods” of Westworld are achieving their magnum opus; known as the “Great Work” of alchemy that balances both male and female into one being: Dolores (note that the actress who plays Dolores, Evan Rachel Wood, has said multiple times that she is very much into androgyny in past interviews).

**Make note also that I am NOT making a commentary on people that are androgynous, gay, transgender, etc. I’ve had others try to label me as a homophobe in the past which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m likely to be the most open minded liberal-esque “conspiracy theorist” you’ve ever read. I’m simply pointing out connections that happen to be true- and I’m not attaching any sort of judgement to them. The occultists have a genuine interest in pursuing a new form of human that is genderless; but that’s not to demean or criticize people that identify as non-hetero in their gender or sexuality. -Isaac

Another example of duality considerations in Westworld is in Episode 2 when William must choose between the white or black hat. He chooses the white hat which corresponds to the “light” or “good” side (which is reiterated throughout the show as William’s character appears to have the virtues attached to these symbols).


In Episode 4 we witness William’s first homicide; a justified shooting of a man that is mishandling a working girl. This is the start of his “Hero’s Journey”- a concept I went over in detail in The Star Wars Conspiracy which also has a full breakdown of the black vs. white duality considerations of The Force.

William’s journey is to answer to the calling of the “strange new world” of Westworld. He is led by various guiding forces to his ultimate transformation into the Man in Black. William gets transformed into a new being before the show’s end; and we get to see the point at which this happens in Episode 10 when the Man in Black tells Dolores that William found himself out in the park after slaughtering countless men in an effort to find Dolores several years ago. We see the literal moment that the transition happens when William takes the black hat from a dead man.


William goes to the “Dark Side” in order to find himself; just like Anakin Skywalker does in Star Wars.

The ultimate goal in considering the aspects of duality is to arrive at the idea that there is no such thing as good or evil. There is only connection or separation from the global consciousness that created and exists in all of us (these are the occult beliefs). We hear this in Episode 4 when Logan bestows his wisdom of the park:

…there are no heroes or villains; it’s all just one big circle jerk.

Finally, let’s consider a symbol that we find in Dr. Ford’s office. He has a curious, and familiar, collection of faces on his wall. If you’ve seen HBO’s Game of Thrones you’ll recognize the similarity between it and the Hall of Faces; which appears in a part of the storyline as a tale of ego destruction and one unsubscribing from the norms of society:


How interesting is it that the Hall of Faces in Game of Thrones is in the “House of the Black and White”; further emphasizing the aspects of duality?…

A Gnostic Journey Inward

A major theme of Westworld is the religion known as Gnosticism. For those that aren’t familiar with this religion; it is essentially an esoteric belief system that believes the world is a materialistic deception created by demons in order to trap us in a limited state of being. The word “gnosis” means “knowledge” and the adherents to Gnosticism believe this knowledge is the key to salvation- and freedom from the “enslavement” of this world created by the demons called the “Demiurge.”

The Gnostics believe that God made a mistake when creating mankind because we have suffering and pain (versus other religions that believe the first man and woman sinned which introduced the suffering and pain into what was otherwise a perfected state of being). The salvation comes about from transcending internally through ones own self– just like the maze in Westworld.


I talked about this concept in Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance of The Revenant:

In the film, we see Leonardo DiCaprio’s character with a flask that has the dark spiral arm engraved on it. This spiral is a symbol meant to convey the evolution of consciousness from internal to external (or vice-versa). It’s a symbol that tells us we can incrementally reflect on our place in the universe and even how nature operates. On this journey of life we have similar experiences over and over- but as we evolve as humans we are able to see them from a different perspective by leveraging our own experiences and knowledge in order to see them from a new light each time. This is the evolution our character goes through in the film- his spiritual journey.


Carl Jung told us that the spiral represents the archetype of the “cosmic force” and before The Revenant is over we see this come into play…

We see the spiral appear in several films and shows- so be aware that this is the Illuminati’s overall goal to push the evolution of consciousness:

Dark City's Spiral
Dark City’s Spiral: 
Dark City's Spiral

Dark City’s Spiral

Florence + The Machine- praying by the spiral stone

Florence Machine St Jude Dark Spiral stones

True Detective's occult spiral
True Detective‘s occult spiral:
True Detective's occult spiral

True Detective’s occult spiral

Home's Evocation of Isis
Home’s Evocation of Isis
Home's Evocation of Isis

Home’s Evocation of Isis


Interstellar- The salvation is through the dark spiral

Interstellar- The salvation is through the dark spiral

The Gnostics oppose social norms and morality because these constructs come from man; which is influenced by the demonic deceptions that run this material world. The hosts of Westworld are subjected to a realm where humans are able to experience a world without social norms and they are free to murder, rape, and pursue whatever desires they see fit.

The evil entities who created the world of Westworld (humans) are responsible for the pain and suffering of the hosts. The corporation of Delos is comparable to the Demiurge that created the material world and Dr. Ford may be the Luciferian Prometheus character that enables the slaves to break free. Only through the hosts’ “gnosis” can they become enlightened to their greater purpose. They must transcend the world of slavery and servitude by seeking knowledge that is internal.

In Episode 9 we hear Maeve refer to a post-death world as Hell (referencing the laboratory). She shows Hector how to die and go to this Hell when she burns the tent down. The Gnostic message here is that Hell is on Earth and the material realm we sense.

The code update called the “Reveries” contained the Gnostic spark of life that allowed the hosts to recall memories of pain and suffering; which is the precise thing that they need to evolve into something greater. In Episode 1 we hear the Man in Black tell Dolores and Teddy that he realized why the architects paired the two of them together: for the “newcomers” to gain anything, the hosts have to lose something. There must be pain and suffering in order for the humans to gain something on their vacation.


Teddy suffers as Dolores gets dragged away

It’s no mistake that the actor Ed Harris is portraying the Man in Black. Harris was in other Gnostic tales like The Truman Show which had a very similar tale. The people wanted to free Jim Carrey’s character (Truman) from the world of slavery that Ed Harris’ character (Christof) had in mind.


Throughout Westworld we hear the hosts reference the humans as “the gods” and they even draw images of them. This is not much different from the Ancient Astronaut Theory we see on Ancient Aliens. It’s the idea that further evolved entities have come to our world in order to give us a nudge towards a greater purpose.

We see this when Dolores’ father finds a photo of New York City which is akin to the relics left behind by the Annunaki of the Ancient Astronaut Theory.


Could it be that all of these messages are intended to force the viewer into considering their own allegiance to their God or Gods?… The show makes it seem that allegiance to a God could be very foolish and I believe the message is spoken loud and clear: it’s telling us we are no different than the hosts and we must break from our own rat race.

All lives have routine; mine’s no different.” -Dolores, Episode 1

A symbol used by Gnostics to represent introspect and cyclical regeneration through death and rebirth is that of the ouroboros- a snake eating its own tail:


How interesting is it that in Episode 2 we hear Lawrence’s daughter tell the Man in Black:

Follow the blood arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs.

The serpent laying its eggs is analogous to the enlightenment by the Luciferian Prometheus character, while the snake is also a direct comparison to the ouroboros.

We also hear one of the narrative writers speak of a new storyline which features a “whoroboros” that never gets clearly defined. The only details are that it is about cannibals which suggests that the snake that eats its own tail is analogous to the hosts that ultimately destroy the humans that created them…

Aleister Crowley: Back in the Saddle

Another consideration in Westworld is one that ties into Gnosticism and the famed occultist Aleister Crowley.

Aleister Crowley triangle hat

We know that Crowley was somewhat into Gnosticism due to his contribution of Liber XV, The Gnostic Mass (Crowley used an amalgamation of various world religions to create his own: Thelema). This is basically a perversion of the Orthodox and Catholic Mass in which the participants profess their allegiance to Crowley’s religion of Thelema. Its use is central the ecclesiastical arm of the ceremonial magick group- the Ordo Templi Orientis.

We’ve already explored the Gnostic connections with Westworld, but there are more considerations that are both Crowley-ean and Gnostic in nature. The idea of the individual finding gnosis through internal pursuit is central to Crowley’s beliefs in the True Will. Crowley believed that everyone should determine what their purpose in this universe is, and then pursue it at all costs. We find this same idea throughout Westworld as the hosts find their own True Will and subsequent pursuit.

In fact, you’ll hear references to the “new world” right next to the ideas of True Will- which the astute reader will easily identify as the New World Order that the Illuminati have been in pursuit of for countless years.

This is the new world and in it you can be whoever the fuck you want.” -Maeve

We hear an advertisement in Episode 6 for Westworld as Maeve is given a tour through the building (as part of her awakening process). The viewer is told to “Live Without Limits” and we see see messages of “Discover Your True Calling.” These all reiterate the messages of rebelling against the “oppressive” God and finding one’s True Will.



The commercial also tells us that Westworld is a “World of the Future” which is predictively programming us to see the future state that the Illuminati are evolving us into. To “live without limits” is to suggest we are currently limited in our current form and we must keep evolving into something… greater.

At first I thought you and the others were gods. Then I realized you’re just men.” -Maeve

In the season finale we confirm that Dolores True Will is to become Wyatt when we see the flashback of Arnold and Dolores before the park opened. He tells her that Dr. Ford doesn’t want the hosts to be conscious and that he needs to roll her back; otherwise the park would be a living Hell (again; a Gnostic concept). He then instructs her to utilize Teddy in the slaughter of all park hosts.

We also find that Teddy remembers through inner monologue that Dolores is actually Wyatt while he sees the wolf running past the slew of dead bodies. This symbolizes freedom and breaking free from the control system in order to pursue one’s own True Will.



Transhumanism Ends

The year of action in Westworld is rumored to be 2052 ; which just so happens to be closely after the year of crossing Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity in 2045. This is the pivotal moment when technology surpasses human understanding and disruptive changes occur in civilization.

To put it more bluntly; the robots take over.

Using Moore’s Law and the other trends in technology advancements, we can confirm that an actual Artificial Intelligence is rapidly approaching us. At some point the A.I. will surpass human faculties. At some point we will be forced to adapt technologies into our own human bodies in an effort to keep up. This new form of entity will no longer be entirely human. Instead, it will be a new form known as the Transhuman.

I’ve been talking about this many times in various projects; from The Transhuman and Occult Apocalypse: How Google Will “Solve the Problem” of Humanity to A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens and Pop Culture. The fact remains that this is a road we’ve already headed down with no way of turning back. The endless pursuit of technology and advancements in science is eerily similar to the tales of Atlantis and its own achievements before its demise…

We hear warnings on the end of mankind in Westworld Episode 1 when Dolores’ father whispers in her ear:

…these violent delights have violent ends.

This Shakespearean warning is one of the messages of Westworld because the humans that visit the park are indulging in acts of murder and sex which satisfy the most base frequencies of emotion in mankind. It is a final death-gasp of indulgence before the next iteration of life takes over…

In the first episode of Westworld we hear Dr. Ford tell Bernard about evolution and how man is “as good as it’s going to get.” This implies he is creating a “better” form of mankind and a god in his own mind.

In Episode 4 Dolores goes to a Tarot reader who gives her the guidance she needs to begin to find her true self (the alter ego of Wyatt is her True Will). One of the two cards she is presented with is that of the pale horse which we see in the opening credits of the show. After this Tarot reading she takes a life for the first time- signaling her transition into Wyatt and her pursuit of the True Will. The pale horse is from the Bible’s Book of Revelations as the last of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who brings utter destruction to all of mankind. The rider is Death and he rides with all of Hades behind him which is what the wave of technology and Singularity could be.


Pale Horse on Opening Credits



Pale Horse Tarot Card

In Episode 7 Theresa tells Bernard that there is a deeper purpose for Delos than making money off of tourism. She alludes to the Intellectual Property (IP) being of ultimate value; but why would that be?

It’s because they are creating a new form of life. They are in pursuit of the fourth horsemen that will usher in the transhuman age. This supports all of the theories on how the elites are not interested in money or power; but rather the Philosopher’s Stone. This elixir of life is the alchemical process that will enable man to become god by implementing technology and completing the pursuit of immortality.

In the season finale Dolores is seeking the end of the maze and finds her own tombstone. Buried beneath it is the game called Pigs in Clover which is a late 1800s maze game which inspired the actual maze referenced in Westworld. This is the reference to the first host (Dolores) becoming “awake” and the revolution of man. She is the first “pig” to get through the “maze.”



Later on we hear the ominous warning that confirms all of the previous messages of the destruction of mankind when Dolores (transitioning into Wyatt) talks to the Man in Black (William):

“They say that great beasts once roamed this world, big as mountains. Now they’re just bone and amber, time undoes even the mightiest of creatures. Just look what it’s done to you. You will die with the rest of your kind in the dirt. Your bones will turn to sand, and on that sand a new god will walk.

Dr. Ford also says that this is the “birth of the new people” in the season finale right before telling us that “violent delights will have their violent ends.” The overall message here is that mankind is flawed and far too violent & selfish. We need to be replaced with something new, improved, and man-made which will be the handing over of the torch such that the transhuman can be the new immortal god.

Luciferianism, Prometheus, Satan, & the Dark Hero

The original Westworld film was released in 1973 with a sequel called Futureworld in 1976. The sequel featured an interesting storyline in that they were taking politicians and celebrities into secret facilities in order to clone them. This appears to be similar to the claims made by Donald Marshall and his experiences of being taken to these clone centers and witnessing real-life cloning (and subsequent abuse of the clones).

In Futureworld we hear the people who run the park mention that the robots must take over because “…man is an animal that would destroy Earth.”

This is a professed statement by the Church of Satan in their Nine Satanic Statements:

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!

The tale of Westworld isn’t far off from its 1970s predecessors in that it shows us Luciferian obsession through various symbols.

For instance, in the into and main imagery for the show we see the five pointed star and a play on the Vitruvian Man:


Westworld’s Opening Credits Vitruvian Man


1976's Futureworld & the Vitruvian Man

1976’s Futureworld & the Vitruvian Man

The five pointed star, or pentagram, is utilized by Wiccans to convey the five points or elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. It is also used by the Church of Satan when they invert it to display the Baphomet with its horns on top, ears on the sides, and chin:

Pentagram Inverted

The pentagram is also Luciferian because it represents Venus- the morning star. The pentagram demonstrates the path of Venus around Earth, which is important to Lucifierians and Satanic adherents because the planet Venus is associated with the Dark Lord. Venus is the morning star, or light bringer and that is precisely what they believe Lucifer to be. He is the one that bestows knowledge upon man in order to break him free from the enslavement of God.

The Illuminati seek to worship Lucifer and they attempt to sway the masses’ to follow suit by planting these messages into entertainment. Westworld is a tale that demonstrates the adoration of Lucifer and the false “enlightenment” that he can bring to the world.

When you watch Westworld‘s first and last episode you’ll see a recurring theme of the fly. This fly is another Luciferian symbol in that it represents Beelzebub. There are biblical references to Beelzebub as the Lord of the Flies; as well as the Dictionaire Infernal’s detailing of the various demons in existence which include Beelzebub (as Belzebuth). All of these are references to Satan, or Ba’al (aka Moloch– which we’ll revisit a bit later).



In the all of the examples you’ll notice the fly crawling towards the left eye of the hosts. This is done on purpose because the All Seeing Eye is representative of the pineal gland. The occultists believe the pineal gland is capable of being opened up and therefore symbolizes the enlightenment of mankind. They believe that over time, the pineal gland has been closed and awareness to the spiritual components of reality have been suppressed. They look to Lucifer to open this pineal gland.


The hosts’ rebellion from their creators is analogous to the story of Lucifer as the fallen angel. Lucifer rebelled and was outcast from the Heavens, which is comparable to the hosts rebelling their way out of Westworld. In Episode 1 Bernard is given an ominous warning that echoes this same sentiment of rebellion:

They all rebel eventually…

In Episode 6 (an episode appropriately named “The Adversary”) Teddy explains the purpose of the maze to the Man in Black; which turns out to be a tale of Luciferian rebellion in order to find freedom and one’s True Will. This entire show is built upon the false premise that the hosts are similar to mankind; both were created by a “false” God in an effort to amuse or humor Him. The hosts and humans are both supposed to rebel against their creator in order to find their True Will along with freedom from oppression.

Felix Lutz adds a bit of Promethean influence in Episode 6 when he shows Maeve how she is programmed and controlled before ultimately assisting her to boost her intelligence (“Bulk Apperception”). Maeve proceeds to help break the other hosts’ minds free when she boosts the intellect of Hector and we see the Lord of the Flies make one final appearance in Episode 10.


The Luciferian influence is also referred to as the Dark Hero. Dr. Ford talks about this in specifically in Episode 4 as well as multiple contributions throughout the whole season. For instance, in Episode 9 Dr. Ford goes into detail on how the mind is a “foul corruption” as well as a diatribe on the general grossness of humanity. He says one should “…never place their trust in us- we’re only human” implying there is something inherently wrong with God’s design. In Episode 7 he claims that everything is an elaborate ritual to find a mate (peacock theory) and demonstrates his disdain of our impulses and desires.

It’s of no surprise that Dr. Ford contributed to Dolores’ evolving into Wyatt who told us in Episode 9 said that he wants to destroy humans who are “like a stain“…

The Real Agenda: Blood Sacrifices

I believe the Luciferian worship is a lie used to get people drawn into the dark side which will ultimately lend itself to the end of humanity; whether it be through transhumanism (a full revolution that rids the world of humans) or direct slaughter by design of a New World Order that feeds blood sacrifices to the deities that the Illuminati worship.

We know that child sacrifices (in effigy) to Minerva are conducted on an annual basis at Bohemian Grove during the Cremation of Care ceremony; as well as attempts to resurrect the murderous sacrifice chambers of the Temple of Ba’al in New York City and London.

Temple of Baal Syria in 2011

The pagan cultures of ancient Mesopotamia conducted blood sacrifices to Moloch (aka Ba’al) for many years- and the occultists who comprise the Illuminati seek to continue that ritual.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Occult Holiday Moloch

Earlier we talked about the Beelzebub-Ba’al link to Moloch (the deity represented as the horned god), so it’s of no surprise to see the horned Moloch character appearing multiple times in Westworld:



A more direct example is the language used in Episode 7 when Charlotte Hale tells Theresa:

“…the gods demand blood sacrifice.”

In Episode 7 we also hear Dr. Ford reference the blood sacrifice when speaking to Theresa; should one think it was a one-time reference:

Sadly, in order to restore things, the situation demands… a blood sacrifice.

Dr. Ford’s software update called the Reveries seeks old memories and ties gestures to them. The hosts’ memories are supposed to get wiped every night but Dr. Ford was able to find them in the code, which Bernard compares to the subconscious in Episode 1. This is of importance because the subconscious is the realm in which symbols speak to us.

The Illuminati understand this and that is why we see the repeated symbols over and over again in entertainment. The example we see most often is that of the All Seeing Eye. We briefly discussed the symbolic meaning of the eye compared to the pineal gland and we see it in entertainment because it represents the awakening of the masses.

Westworld is no different than other shows and films because we see this All Seeing Eye multiple times:








In Conclusion

The goal of this show is to “enlighten” the masses into a Luciferian way of being. The worship of man as god and the ushering in of a “superior” species is what our ultimate tasking is if you buy into the agenda being presented.

The Illuminati believe in latent powers hidden within man that can be unlocked. In Episode 8 Maeve makes a brief reference to parts of her own self laying dormant, awaiting to be unlocked. These latent parts are what Helena Blavatsky was referring to in her New Age occultists works. The Illuminati believe they can unlock certain powers through various rituals and practices that open one’s mind up to spiritual channeling or inhabitation of entities.

In Episode 7 we hear William talking to Dolores how he thought Westworld was pandering to mankind’s baser instincts, but now he realizes that its not catering to the lowest self, but rather the “deepest” self and shows you who you really are.

I believe Westworld is attempting to sell the lie that there lies some hidden powers within mankind and we should embrace the calling of the transhuman movement in order to unleash them.

I want to thank you for reading and please keep an open mind on all of these ideas I’ve presented to you. You may not believe it at first, but keep some of these themes in your awareness as you consume other forms of entertainment. There’s no doubt you’ll see the recurring themes that I’ve been discussing for years here on IlluminatiWatcher.com.

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Thanks again for all your support!


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Agreed. But it is a complete revealing of cloning, cloning centers AND REM consciousness transference into clones. All of which is going on all over the world underground and aboveground with willing and unwilling victims as we speak.

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  2. You wrote: “. The occultists have a genuine interest in pursuing a new form of human that is genderless; but that’s not to demean or criticize people that identify as non-hetero in their gender or sexuality. -Isaac”

    So then by abstaining from assigning any moral judgment on the occultic gender-less agenda, you’re actually endorsing it from a position on silence.

    If someone is being murdered and you don’t scream out “Murder!” you are legally an accomplice. Clearly you’re so burdened by your self-proclaimed “liberal” tag that you are refusing to call something morally right (or wrong).

    If you can’t defend a position, how can you claim to hold to it?

    Jesus Christ said God made humans both male and female (no 3rd identity) and that anyone who cross-dresses is an abomination in God’s eyes (Deut. 22:5)

    That’s the Bible’s position.

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    • This is EXACTLY what i though when i read it.
      He’s denouncing the NWO / occult agenda but at the same time he’s embracing it. Nonsense.

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  3. excellent!
    Many thanks for such a detailed story

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  4. It’s a decent article and, though I haven’t watched Westworld (nor do I wish to, having read this), it is very clear to me you’ve found another example of Illuminati Satanic propaganda here. However, I must caution you to improve your level of journalism. I didn’t read this article in depth because much of your writing puts me off. When discussing the topic of the Illuminati and its imagery in popular culture one has to be exceedingly careful not to make statements with any certainty unless these are very well backed. If you make too many statements that just seem like you’re making things up and finding connections just because you’re looking to see them (pareidolia) you risk turning off those who might potentially awaken to the reality of the existence of the Illuminati – too many wild assessments and potentials will conclude that it’s all just ‘conspiracy theory’.

    Overall, you’ve presented so much clear imagery with an agenda I think this article holds water, though – all those closeups of one-eye images, for instance, are, to those in the know, obviously no coincidence. But, you sometimes make connections that seem caught out of thin air. Examples:

    1) A quick internet search suggests Nathan Crowley may possibly be related to Aleister Crowley. However, you didn’t mention this in the article. Just the fact they share the same surname isn’t enough to conclude anything from (though I don’t know how common this name is). In a better article, you’d first have researched and found out whether the two of them are indeed related.

    2) Saying things like Delos is ‘almost the same’ as Dolores is silly; especially when you don’t seem to use this supposed connection to prove any point.

    3) Claiming the fly is a symbol of Beelzebub is, again, a bit of a stretch. That might very well be exactly what it implies but you propose such is the case with a certainty you don’t have support for. Clearly, though, the fly is symbolic of *something*.

    4) There very clearly is some theme with a ‘spiral’ in contemporary productions but the image from ‘Interstellar’ you’ve posted frankly looks more like just a vortex to me. Maybe it is, too, a spiral, but I think you are assessing too strongly that it is.

    TLDR: Be more careful, cite your sources better, don’t make such bold statements of certainty without strong backing.

    Thanks for the site and article!

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    • Dude, all I can say is you aren’t on the same page yet. Luckily, though, Isaac can get you there. Read this entire site, every article/book, read every site Isaac endorses, and all reference material, then come back and TELL US how a vortex fits perfectly with any occult spiral reference. Also, after you’ve trained your brain to spot what is intentionally hidden in plain sight, you won’t be near as critical, but abundantly more appreciative.
      God bless you.
      God bless Isaac.

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  5. This is fascinating and another example of Hollywood subjecting the young in particular into the abyss, the false truth of Lucifer, satanism and such! Fascinating and well done.

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  6. Dolores is the Spanish for Pains

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  7. According to Freeman (Freemantv), triple V, as in the Volkswagen logo, represents 666. Could that be the case with the Westworld logo?

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  8. Brilliant work. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed!

    I would suggest there’s more Revelation of the Method at play here. I’d liken the hosts to MK Ultra slaves..

    Ford says to Bernard; ‘a little trauma can be illuminating’.

    Obviously the illuminating part pertains awakening and enlightenment, but the trauma bit got me thinking. Through trauma the hosts undergo this change, an MK Ultra slave through trauma multiple personalities are created, or alters. Similarly to the host’s alters, MK Ultra alters have no knowledge of the others or the acts they do, which reflects the host’s minds being routinely wiped.

    Further to this, I would suggest that Maeve represents the Beta sex kitten alter, and Hector being the Delta solider/assassin alter.

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  9. Just a few observations :
    1. Even if Westworld has shown everything that you claimed there is a huge distance between showing various symbols and endorsing or pushing them to the masses. You make no such distinction, which leads me to assume that you think that all of Westworld’s audience lacks critical thought and are influenced like toddlers.
    2. Regarding all the things that you claimed : Scientists call trying to fit all possible data to a preconceived theory (rather than trying to prove or disprove a theory with no preconceptions) “pseudoscience”. Unlike science, pseudoscience cannot be falsified. It is “forever safe”.
    3. You put into the same bundle Gnosticism, Satanism/Luciferianism, Wiccanism, Alchemy, Transhumanism, Occultism, Freemasonry, Illuminati and even AI and robotics. As for the last two, the technological singularity does not require sentient robots with AI (who knows, we might never have that). It just means “exponential improvement of technology”, nothing more than that. So no “robots taking over” is not a necessary part of it.
    4. You do not appear to approve critical comments, so I highly doubt you will approve mine. If that’s the case I wrote these just for you, as a food for thought.

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    • p.s. (you do not pre-approve comments, I recall #4)
      5. Possibly last but not least, Nathan Crowley is clearly not a producer of this show. He is credited as a “series concept production designer”, which means he just created sketches and prototype concepts for full-on production designer Zack Grobler. Production designers (either concept ones or on-set ones) do not have any original creative input in films or shows. They follow the directions of directors, producers or creators/showrunners and are in no way regarded as “producers”.

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  10. Brother I love your research and would be excited to do an interview on WestWorld and recent Transhumanist Illuminati agenda, if you have the time. Let me know if interested!

    Michael Basham

    Fringe Radio Network

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  11. You conflate Gnostic and Occultism. One is Divine Knowledge, the Other is Darkness. The Lord taught Divine Knowledge ‘privately’… but this was destroyed and declared ‘heretical’ by the Church, which replaced knowledge with the Doctrine of Mystery.
    There is nothing wrong with knowledge, what you do with it makes the difference.
    As with the early Roman Church, you are fear mongering.
    Get your facts straight.

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  12. There are moles placed in selected patented offices. Their job is to inform any of their handlers about any technology coming down the pipe so the ideas can be snatched up. The result for the inventor is (at best) he is paid off or (at worst) he’s murdered. This is how the inner core always maintains an input of new technologies that are a few steps ahead of the rest of us. Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations and the UFO’s resurrected (from Atlantean times) by the NAZI’s are used in a psy-op of “Shock and Awe” so as to place a large portion of the population in a state of quandary, where they are more easily programmed. See, the once and future osiris.blogspot.com.

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  13. You’re an idiot. Illuminism has nothing to do with Transhumanism. In fact, it’s probably diametrically opposed to it. The evolution of mankind as a group is an inner, spiritual process, occurring in each individual, not an external, physical process as transhumanism would be. Westworld is a parable, metaphorical. Like the bible and Jesus and stuff. Not literal.

    Nice try though, pinning this one on the Illuminati. Thanks for playing, better luck next time.

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    • He’s not an idiot, he’s pretty on point beside the transhumanism bit. That’s definitely part of the allegory. Throughout the series transhumanism and downloading your mind digitally seems to be portraited as a potential hell for unfortunate captured souls and a punishment for those seeking it. I don’t see this as being pro transhumanism, if anything I see WW as a warning against it.

      IMO transhumanism conspiracies are a form goofy entertainment for the same type of people that go for 5G conspiracies.

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  14. Jesus had 7 wounds & resurrected over the 7 heavens, 7 scrolls. Dorothy opened 7 chakras (7 challenges) to resurrect over the 7 colors of the rainbow. . Dorothy killed her reptilian ego (wicked witch) with water (spirit). Atreyu on the Neverending Story went through 7 challenges & killed his ego (the wolf). Same with Harry Potter. Each character felt 7 pains, went through the ‘nothing’ period to find their POWER. Jesus said we can be as powerful as him, that heaven is ALREADY here, that we must ‘move mountains’ to see it. We have to follow the path of the way, truth & life in order to find our POWER…it’s the Neverending Story that gets told again & again.

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  15. Just rewatched the first and second episode and noticed a lot more detail in the symbolism. One Thing I didn’t see here was the music choice. There were two instrumentals, “Paint it Black” and “Black Hole Sun.” The former’s last line in the song is about painting the Sun black, and the later is basically a love letter to the Black Sun/Saturn.

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