Wendy’s Kid’s Meals & the Fast Food Occult Influences of the Illuminati…

What’s the harm in a Wendy’s kid’s meal? Well, when the Illuminati get involved they are apt to fill them with symbolism of the occult which is meant to “talk” to the children’s subconscious.

A friend of the community sent me an email with some images of a kid’s meal purchased at Wendy’s (shout out to Jamie). At first glance, I didn’t think there was a lot of reason for concern, but upon closer investigation…


Create Your Occult Adventure

Wendy’s is offering kid’s meals with “Create Your Adventure” toys. There are several “adventures” to choose from, including Ice Mountain, Enchanted Forest, Royal Court, Undersea Kingdom, Mystic Jungle and High Seas.

The more conspiracy minded folks may believe that this is an attempt to get into the minds of the children. What better way than through engagements of creativity?… In  The Dark Path I asserted that creativity is indeed the key that unlocks the mental connections to the divine or supernatural; as per many occultists’ beliefs in the esoteric:

Lady Gaga’s vampire character “The Countess” marked her return to the “art of darkness” (Lady Gaga’s own words) on American Horror Story: Hotel. In the show, the character says “every man has a shadow side they must feed” and this is an alchemical idea of exploring the dark side or demonic forces in order to “Know Thyself.”

The creativeness of these artists comes from a place of exploration; whether that be an alchemical process or channeling inspiration from spirits. Lady Gaga said that “creativity is the greatest way of rebellion” and I believe this is a central tenet held closely by those in control of the entertainment industry. Nihilist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said:

Who wishes to be creative must first destroy and smash accepted values.”

This is why artists like Lady Gaga are so coveted- they have understanding of creative processes

Excerpt from: THE DARK PATH


While I don’t think this is part of destroying the “accepted values” Nietzsche spoke of; it does offer a similar guiding path of creativity and symbolism of the occult. This convoluted idea seems to be at the heart of the purpose for symbols.

Symbols such as…


666: Womb of the Illuminati

The Enchanted Forest has a fairy in it with her hands in the familiar “666” symbol:


Many of you are well aware of this symbol; given its widespread coverage on IlluminatiWatcher.com. It may have connections to the “womb of the Illuminati” which connects us into the new age or Aeon of Horus. This is the new time period that Aleister Crowley spoke of in which occult magick is a central tenet (I’ll speak more on this later).

If you’re not familiar with the concept of the 666 hand, feel free to read THIS ANALYSIS for more on the 666 hand and All Seeing Eye.

Pyramid of Illuminati Sacrifice

In the “Mystic Jungle” set we see the pyramid of Chichen Itza:


While this is indeed a very famous pyramid of Mayan history; it shouldn’t go without saying that it was important to the Mayan people that sacrificed humans to the rain god entity of Chaac.

This was a concept I explored in Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic because it appears that our culture has forgotten about the real forces being beckoned through blood sacrifices. Some theorists conjectured the modern day celebrity “gods” are being sacrificed through ritualistic circumstances (e.g. 2Pac, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, etc.).


Given all of their mysterious deaths and the annual gathering of the elite at Bohemian Grove to conduct “Cremation of Care” mock sacrifices it’s hard to deny the possibilities…


Esoteric Ice Mountains of Tibet

One of the play sets is called “Ice Mountain” and it appears to be a play on the Himalayan mountains of Asia.

What’s worth noting here is that Helena Blavatsky has connections to the Himalayan mountains from her time exploring the occult. She is known for being the occultist that started the New Age movement (which is a topic worth delving into but well beyond the scope of this article about kids meals).

Blavatsky spent seven years at a retreat in the Himalayan mountains learning the ways of the occult- which is also why Hitler took his Nazis into the same region in order to find the source of this occult knowledge. The SS Ahnenerbe quest was a desire to prove the “superior” genes of the master Aryan race and Heinrich Himmler pushed into the mountains of Tibet to find proof of this pseudoscience.

SO, considering all that; when we look at the Ice Mountain kids meal we find some shocking symbolism.

For example, there is the Pythagorean geometry which espouses some of the esoteric occult doctrines of his secret society in which the universe was understood to talk to us through mathematics.

This is also curious because the triangle and circle are employed by occult magicians for their rituals. The magician stands in the circle while he/she conjures the demon inside of the triangle; believing its power can be stolen yet kept at bay.


A much darker symbol to be found is that of the fusion of the X and O. For those of you that read my article on the Illuminati Mark of the Beast and the teachings of Kenneth Grant (the successor to Aleister Crowley), you already know that this summons occult powers from a goddess of Isis and the Typhon entity from the Abyss:


This is also combined with the lightning bolt which symbolizes the fallen angel of Lucifer (who “fell like lightning”).

One final character we’ll look at is the monkey in the yoga position. He has the All Seeing Eye on the necklace, indicating his third eye (or pineal gland) is opened, allowing him to commune with the gods. He also is using the 666 Hindu mudra of the “yoni”- another representation of the “womb of the Illuminati.”


In Conclusion

Earlier we saw the 666 hand indicating the womb of the Illuminati. This is akin to the incarnation of the Moonchild or the perfected sort of new entity the “Illuminati” seek to make a reality. When we explore the teachings of the occult we find an undeniable link to ritual magick. This is the new religion they seek to instill into the masses in order to bring about the “Great Work” of Freemasonry to make man become god.

They subscribe to a doctrine of ritual magick and we see our current world being inundated with concepts of New Age doctrine & occult concepts through entertainment such as Harry Potter and Wendy’s kids meals.


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  2. You also missed the princess dress is 2 toned and looks like a penis ejaculating on to her. I stidy subliminal in school in the late 70s early 80s. This reminds me of the penises in walt dianey cartoons or old liquor ads.

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  3. Yes there is also male genitalia as the Monkey’s face if inverted…

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  4. I wonder how many jinn-human hybrids are out there?

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  5. Sir ISAAC Are you not afraid the Illuminati will silence or try to harm you? How do you survive it? I pray Christ-Yeshua’s help for you and all of us everyday. : /

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