Vinnie Paz reminisces on Jedi Mind Trick’s Inception

JMT’s ‘Violent By Design’ album is easily top five personal rap albums of all time, if you haven’t heard it yet I’m almost jealous because the first time I heard it my mind got blown and I wish I could experience that again. Sort of like the first time I heard ‘The Chronic’; it’s that good.
So, JMT front man Vinnie Paz has a new solo album called ‘God of the Serengeti’ and he gives an interview with that covers a ton o’ stuff. He also tells us that him and Ill Bill got another Heavy Metal Kings album in the works.
What was the first show you went to?
The first that was really lucid in my memory was 3rd Bass opening up for Big Daddy Kane. I was like twelve years old. It was on a college campus – Irvine Auditorium. I remember I snuck a tape recorder in too.
Violent By Design was done in the crib?
We recorded and mixed that in the bedroom. We didn’t even have anything sound-proofed and we had no mic booth. We just had to be quiet! It would be a fuckin’ 100 degrees outside and Stoupe would fuckin’ shut all the windows and turn the fan off so the mic wouldn’t pick anything up. It was like a thousand degrees in there bro! And we were smoking and drinking 40’s! You look back at those times and you think, ‘We were fuckin’ idiots!’
How long did the first album take?
Maybe nine months, which sounds insanely long. We had to record when it was cool to record as far as his parents were concerned, so we were basically recording every Friday for three hours. Stoupe is, to this day, notoriously slow. There would go weeks at a time where nothing would get done. It took another three years to do Violent By Design, because we were taking it more seriously and elevating our craft. We did the first two records on strictly vinyl, so then Violent By Design comes out and gets distribution through Landspeed, so that’s available on CD and that shit takes off. The amount of records we must have sold off of that shit? I’d probably be rich if we actually got paid off of that. Landspeed were doing everybody dirty, and then in Europe – they were bootlegging it! But when you’re young and you’re getting into magazines and the internet is buzzing, you’re not even thinking about the business. I was just happy we were getting shine. If we had to get ripped-off to get exposure, then so be it.
What’s next after this new solo LP? Another Heavy Metal Kings record?
Me and Bill have already started working on it. We probably have 30 beats we love, already. That’s the next move.

Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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