Vinnie Paz drops knowledge on DosRombos

Paz-man from Jedi Mind Tricks talks on the music industry, his resistance to talk about money, bitches and drugs and other related issues today:


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Hello Vinnie.
    Your are one of the heroes in this world.
    Please read this.
    My name is Peter Castor I have four kids and I am a singersongwhriter, musician from Denmark/danmark. (As in Dan the son of Jakob and the snake in Israel making his mark. Mark of the Beast Danmark).
    I see the world for what it is. Flat and in the days of Noa. Im making songs for an album about the evil lies in this dome. I will trye to wake the danish people and ready to be laughed at.
    I would love to have your permission to use the piece in ‘end of day with the voice of David I?
    I don’t do this for money but for hope.
    Let’s fight for the good in man.

    Peter Castor

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