Venom: Illuminati Symbolism of the Anti-Hero

Venom is a film releasing in 2018 that promises to embrace the anti-hero movement we’ve been seeing in our entertainment. I’ve written exhaustively about the path for mankind to pursue superhero powers based on occult doctrines from the likes of Helena Blavatsky; and this film shows us the Illuminati agenda through symbols of esoteric importance…

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Venom: Evolution through Black Goo

Tom Hardy’s character, Eddie Brock, is a reporter who learned how to “hide in plain sight” (the exact wording of the script in the trailer). His purpose in this tale is to be used in an experiment to fuse man with symbiote; a black goo type substance we’ve seen many times in the past from movies with a similar esoteric theme.


Venom evolving through black goo


Black goo in Prometheus


These themes are important because they show us the plan to evolve man into something supposedly “better”, as I discuss in The Dark Path with the Alien: Covenant film which is a retelling of occultist Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: or the Modern Prometheus:

The second prequel to the series called Alien: Covenant reveals an entire host of occult ideas. It is extremely similar to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: or the Modern Prometheus tale. We see how the creation of man is able to turn into something horrific; just like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster.

We’ll get back to the evolution concept, but let’s look at some other symbols first…


Saturnian Influences

In Venom we see that the “LIFE Foundation” found symbiotes they want to use to evolve mankind into something new. What’s curious is that their logo is a flattened cube- a six sided hexagon which also symbolizes Saturn in terms of occultism.

Life Foundation and the Saturnian Cube (bottom left)


We see this symbol because Saturn represents the forces of the “Other” or the adversary. It represents all that is valued in their antinomian systems.

Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Saturn and the Black Cube



Another Dimension

We see Eddie Brock being shoved into the bathtub, which represents the portal into another dimension:


We’ve seen this MANY times in the past- so much that I’ve created an article explaining the cleansing ritual it is meant to symbolize.



We also see an X fused with the O which symbolizes the communications with the Abyss– an underworld which occultists like Kenneth Grant believed to be the home of a entity named Typhon that could be awoken…


The Unholy Union

The evolution theme is important in this film. It shows us the capabilities to turn man into something greater with more powers. Blavatsky and Hitler both wanted to bring a “super human” into existence through occult doctrine using powers from the unseen forces.

“…the union between human and symbiote is the key to our evolution…”

If we take a closer look at the shirt worn by Eddie Brock in this screenshot we’ll see the classic Illuminati symbol of occult knowledge- the All Seeing Eye inside of a triangle:



This shouldn’t surprise us because the All Seeing Eye is also on the movie poster:


Conclusion: Embracing the Anti-Hero

All of this is meant to push a subtle message for us to embrace anti heroes or dark forces. They believe these left hand path doctrines are the key to enlightenment or evolution into something… new…

They literally spell it out in the trailer:


So what will it be?

Can we innocently watch and enjoy these films without seeking to pursue unholy technologies that promise to make our lives “better?” Technology like CRISPR promises to manipulate our genetic sequence, but we need to be careful not to go into the dark side…



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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Speaking of “black goo” I’ve heard accounts of demonic possession in which the victim has vomited a “black goo” of sorts. Also reminiscent of the death/murder of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers, who was investigating a left-hand path cult involved with the Presidio child abuse scandal just prior to his death, who had shown indications to loved ones at the time he may have been a victim of ritual abuse and was also found vomiting “black goo” at the time of his death as it were..

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  2. You talk about Typhon and the black goo, I don’t know if you are aware but a video game came out this year under the name PREY and the game takes place on a space station called Talos 1 and the enemies in the game are an alien race known as the Typhon and they resemble a black goo like substance. Maybe you should check it out.

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  3. have you ever actually read blavatsky?

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  4. Cant believe you wrote all that stuff and forgot to mention his shirt when got into the lab and found Venom.

    Go back there and pay attention !

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