Vaccines news clip and Dr. Oz’s stance

I don’t know enough about the vaccine argument to make a valid argument for or against them, but given my paranoid background I’d say that it’s worth investigating to make your own decision. Perhaps the few people that get adverse effects are considered collateral damage for the rest of the population because a few reactions are considered “better” than having epidemics of polio or whatever. Either way, if that’s the way it is there should be more transparency about it.

Here’s a news clip that covers it:

And some Dr. Oz talk (including Dr Nancy Silverman and Bill Maher):


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. Actually if you follow the history of vaccines in general you will find that its a lot like the psychiatric leg of medicine, in that more people are harmed by far than helped. That includes animals and their vaccines as well.

    They are now finding that the veterinary profession has over vaccinated our pets in the name of greed to the point that a lot of cancers and other ailments are now being linked to over vaccinating. Its been said that one rabies (I know its a law and you have to do it, I’m just telling you what they are finding) and one distemper injection lasts for up to 10 years just like tetnus. But Veterinarians depend on a good amount of their yearly income on spring time when everyones “shots’ become due along with heartworm tests and meds. They will not give that up easily. Some vets are telling people not to bother vaccinating pets older than 10 years except for rabies because they know what they are doing.

    Check out these YouTube vids for more info, you will be stunned:
    Shoot ‘Em Up: The Danger of Vaccines – Full Feature

    Vaccines: The Toxic Truth

    History of Vaccines:

    Please see these before you say yes to any vaccines including and especially flu shots.
    May Yahuah bless and protect us all.

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