“Us” Film Analysis: Occult Symbolism

Don’t listen to all of the millennial hipster VICE-Huffington news outlets, bloggers, and podcasters trying to tell you their analysis of Jordan Peele’s Us. They can’t get over themselves and virtue signal any harder with their theories about all the social problems and Donald Trump and blah blah blah (*not that I’m a fan of Trump).

The movie is an occult initiation.



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The Dark Side: It’s Going Down

Appropriate for me to also see the trailer for X-Men’s newest installment called Dark Phoenix. The movie cardboard scene outside the theater I attended said “Every hero has a dark side” because this film is all about the initiation of the masses- a Revelation of the Method.

The film in next question, Us, demonstrates the ritualistic elements of approaching the dark side and a confrontation with the shadow (all terms we’ll breakdown in this analysis). I explained this being a part of occult rituals in The Dark Path (we’ll revisit it later in this analysis). It was reminiscent of the analysis I conducted for Rihanna’s ANTI album with her initiation through the alchemical blackening process:

The film starts out with an explanation of all the underground tunnels in America- foreshadowing the importance of going below in this modern day version of Alice in Wonderland- an occult initiation represented by going underground (*which was curious because just wrote up a piece on the occult devotion to Alice in Wonderland).

Every occultist should read this…

We see a young Adelaide watching television and there is a commercial for the Hands Across America from the 1980s. If you look closely you can see VHS tapes next to the TV of “The Right Stuff” and “C.H.U.D.

Curious choice of films because The Right Stuff was about America’s first manned spaceflight (did we really go to the Moon?…) and C.H.U.Dis about homeless people coming up from the sewers and turning into mutants- below becomes above; just like Us.

The Luciferian Initiation

The 80s flashback continues as the young Adelaide is on the boardwalk with her parents and she walks past a homeless man with a Jeremiah 11:11 sign. The Bible verse in reference is as follows:

“Therefore this is what the Lord says: ‘I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape. Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.”

Does this verse represent the occult/Illuminati belief that God is an oppressor that must be usurped? They typically hang their hat on the Old Testament God and overlook the New Testament God of Jesus Christ. They fixate on telling us that God is oppressive and wants to restrict our freedoms and that Lucifer is the desired path.


The Orthodox Study Bible reveals the passage as follows:

“Then the cities of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem will go and cry out to the gods of whom they offer incense. But will they save them in the time of their calamities?”

The tone is similar- meaning the people are defying God’s will and they’ll be punished.

Adelaide goes under the boardwalk as lightning strikes in the background. The lightning bolt represents Lucifer as the fallen angel.

She walks towards a funhouse called The Shaman with a message on the front that says “Find Yourself” (which later appears when the boy approaches it in present day as “Merlin’s Forest” with the same message to “Find Yourself”- Merlin is another nod to ritual magick).

“Find Yourself” is a reference that goes back to the ancient Greeks and alludes to the oppressive god Zeus who imprisons the people. Prometheus becomes the savior when he steals fire from Zeus and gives it to the people. Prometheus is the same archetype as Lucifer, so it fits together nicely.

Several philosophers have utilized this phrase in the form of “Know Thyself” (including The Matrix above the Oracle’s door). We’ve even seen in on Netflix’s Maniac (see my Maniac analysis for more on that).

Adelaide enters the funhouse and immediately gets “attacked” by the owl- a symbol of knowledge with the Minerva owl. This owl symbol is utilized at Bohemian Grove during the Cremation of Care ceremony.


Next we see opening credits with zoom in on the all seeing eye of white rabbit- it’s an initiation tale like Alice in Wonderland (reviews online get this obvious clue wildly wrong).


The film gets rolling and Adelaide is now an adult. She’s riding with her family to a summer vacation home and her daughter is wearing shirt with white rabbit on it.

Curiously enough- as they are driving to the summer house the daughter tells them that fluoride is put into water to mind control us; drawing us back to the mind control themes of Peele’s first movie Get Out.

We see the second reference to 11:11 on the clock as Adelaide is putting her son to bed. Another reason we may see the 11 reference is in the numerology of 11. The number 11 represents enlightenment and I’ve even read that it represents man becoming god. So it seems, the 11 ALSO shows us that the film is about enlightenment.

The Shadow

Another key area nobody seems to see is the concept of the shadow.

The first half of the film is a home invasion horror film, and the clone family breaks in and tells Adelaide and her “above ground” family about how they are the shadow people. I covered this concept in-depth in The Dark Path (*pay attention the bolded text towards the end):

Jung provided the theory of a person’s “shadow” side after he had a dream in which a large black figure chased him in the fog. While he was being chased by the dark figure he held a small light in his hands which he eventually determined to be the cause for the black mass which he understood to be his own shadow.

The idea of the shadow is one that requires some prerequisite knowledge of how a human mind operates (in theory). There is a “persona” which is like the mask that most people see and interact with. This is not the same as our true inner selves for a variety of reasons; it is more of an outer behavior that we show others. Think of it as our social media caricature that we show others in order to portray ourselves in the best light.

The process of individuation means that a person is able to integrate all aspects of their being- including the persona and shadow.

“In general, it is the process by which individual beings are formed and differentiated [from other human beings]; in particular, it is the development of the psychological individual as a being distinct from the general, collective psychology.” –Carl Jung [2]

This means that one is able to move inwards past the persona, the ego, and even penetrate and understand their inner most shadow. Alan Watts compared the shadow to the manure necessary to create a rose- meaning that one can only flourish if they understand the inner workings of their psyche. In German, the “hintergedanken” references this dark corner of the mind that is deep seated and seemingly impenetrable.

Facing one’s shadow is the recurring theme found in occult rituals when the initiate is led to believe they are facing imminent danger or even death. They believe it is necessary to integrate the evil and employ the inner devil that can be viewed as strength. Watts believed that without the shadow there cannot be a substance, and I believe he may be somewhat correct.

As the film progresses we’ll see how the shadow element fits into the story.

The Initiated

The shadow/clone family is in the house and the ‘shadow’ boy goes into the closet with the “above ground” boy and you can see a board game called “Magic” on the shelf:


Themes of magick always go hand in hand with occult ritual, so it’s no surprise that the boy is invested into practicing stage magic and there are magic games in the closet.

The “above ground” family gets away, kills the white people’s shadow crew, and watches the news. They find out the shadow people are coming from the sewers and doing the Hands Across America (a reference to the beginning of the film with C.H.U.D.).

We find out that this is a mass initiation as everyone must confront their shadow.

Primarily the story focuses on Adelaide’s experience since her shadow was the “Messiah” to break free. Thus, Adelaide follows the white rabbit into the “Find Yourself” funhouse and goes UNDERGROUND (again- it’s an Alice in Wonderland tale).


After following the white rabbit all the way underground (what appears to be about 11 stories, and she even passes up an obvious X inside the O- the mark of the beast), she has the final confrontation with her shadow and she reveals the tether that connects them. Shadow Adelaide reveals that there was an experiment to clone humans (without the souls) in order to have the subterranean clones actually control the real versions above ground.

As Above So Below- the infamous occult phrase uttered and demonstrated so many times.


The way shadow Adelaide broke the tether was when they were conducing a dance (above as well as below). This topic of occult ritual dance elements was discussed at length in my analysis of Suspiria. Shadow Adelaide says “God brought us together that night” and we get more flashbacks of the Luciferian lightning.




So we see that the film has characters facing death, approaching their shadow self, and reconciling the opposites (a side effect of approaching the shadow- I talked about this in The Dark Path also). We even see the boy wearing his mask- another concept of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung when referencing the ego and the mask we wear to communicate with the outside world and repress the shadow.

Basically the idea is that one can reconcile the opposing dark forces they’ve been suppressing and keeping from society due to fears and social norms.

One must confront their shadow and destroy the ego; a concept well known in Star Wars– they must “balance the Force.” It’s quite clear when we consider the first Jordan Peele movie Get Out which had a SLEW of symbolism for reconciling the opposites- from the merging of consciousness between black souls with white bodies to legit Baphomet symbolism of “SOLVE” and “COAGULA.”

Get Out showed us “BEHOLD THE COAGULA”- language of the Baphomet


The film was about an occult initiation and approaching one’s shadow. The protagonist goes on this journey with the help of Minerva and Lucifer. She reconciles the opposites and fulfills the Baphomet’s calling as a follow-up to Get Out


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  1. Without the knowledge of both good and evil, we could not know the good, and that is worse than evil. Life is not all about the light but a harmonious balance, it is only in the dark that you can become enlightened.

    We are all willing participants in this game we are playing and helping to co create. Life is a cycle and this one has required darkness, pain, evil, and slavery. Yet it is these very things that have allowed us to know our light, find meaning in pain, given us the choice to be good and to truly know what is to be free. Sometimes the only way you can truly know freedom is if you are free to be enslaved.

    This place wasn’t meant to be comfortable, it wasn’t made to be easy, it is meant to be a challenge, it was made to test you, to be the catalyst for your growth. The truth is we can’t always be happy, we can’t always live in peace; we can’t always know what it is to feel true love. We have to experience it ALL to be able to experience any of it; only by accepting the pain and suffering can we overcome the need to experience it. You will look back at all the pain and hurt, all the alienation of our adolescence as a great gift that shaped our beautiful destiny.

    If life hadn’t been so challenging we never could have risen to become champions, if it had not been so dark we would never have able to shine like stars, if it had not been so fearful we could never have known this beautiful love we now share.

    Even in darkness
    there is light,
    For those with courage
    knows no fear.

    When you can see the work of God in the darkness you shall finally know the power of the light. When you can love even those who hate you, you shall know unconditional love in your heart. There is truly only one of US here, One became two, so that two could know themselves as ONE

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