United Airlines UA3411, Hegelian Dialectic and the Police State Conspiracy

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I’ll be taking a small detour from the standard analysis of entertainment and talking about a deception that needs discussed; and Lord knows the MSM isn’t doing a great job at this…


UA3411: A Quick Background

Is it safe to say that we’re all familiar with the United Airlines incident that took place on Flight UA3411 on April 10th, 2017?…

If not, the brief explanation is that United Airlines oversold the seats on a flight and took a man off by force. A few passengers filmed this and posted it on social media and the public proceeded to condemn United Airlines until it became a full blown scandal.

Overselling seats is a common practice on airlines because they can typically offer incentives to get some people to take a later flight. That didn’t happen on UA3411 so they took it into Plan B and forcibly removed a man who was initially portrayed as an innocent doctor.

Phase 2: The Outcry

The masses took to social media using hashtags like #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos and #DontflyUnited to bring much heat upon the airline company. United Airlines’ stock even took a 4% hit the next day because of the outcry.

In what seemed as an almost unbelievable response, United Airlines said the passenger was “belligerent” and offered up a half-hearted apology that said they were “re-accomodating” customers:



Damage Control

The next day (April 11th), “someone” was able to dig up dirt on the victim, Dr. David Dao. DailyMail proceeded to leak the findings on their website:

The troubled past of the doctor who was dragged off United Airlines in an incident which has plunged the company into crisis is revealed in official documents – including his felony drugs conviction and need for ‘anger management’.

Dr David Dao had a past of illicit gay sex with a patient in return for giving , and tested positive for drugs, official documents reveal.

The medic, who specializes in lung disorders, was accused of refusing to give up his seat on Sunday’s United Express flight UA3411 flight from Chicago to Louisville for the airline’s staff.


A Side Note: Magical Thinking

In what never fully gets explained; there was a claim made by a medical review board in regards to Dr. David Dao’s ability to practice medicine:

Dr. Mary Gannon ‘noted that Dr. Dao “lacked the foundation to navigate difficult situations, both interpersonally and in a complex profession”. Dr.Gannon noted a need to control, avoidance, withholding information and magical thinking as problematic.’ 

You’ll notice an odd reference to “magical thinking” in that statement. When you research Wikipedia for an explanation of what this means, you’ll find a reference to something we’ve covered ad nauseum on IlluminatiWatcher.com: symbolism.

An important question raised by this interpretation is how mere symbols could exert material effects. One possible answer lies in John L. Austin’s concept of “performativity,” in which the act of saying something makes it true, such as in an inaugural or marital rite. Other theories propose that magic is effective because symbols are able to affect internal psycho-physical states. They claim that the act of expressing a certain anxiety or desire can be reparative in itself.

So it seems that we have a mention to a world that is esoteric and truly occult in nature. This realm of ceremonial magick is one that I’ve revealed to be influencing entertainment; most obviously through rap music.



The Real Agenda

Amidst all this controversy, the real agenda can be found hidden in plain sight. Not that I would condone Dr. David Dao’s behavior in his past, I’d like to suggest that none of that should matter here.

I believe that United Airlines wants us to accept this “forcible” policy of physical removal and that is part of the push for the police state.

Much like the Citizens United law; corporations are given unprecedented power and influence in today’s world. They are considered “people” and are allowed to donate cash to politicians as a form of “free speech.”

The more we become callous to their treatment of human beings the more they will take away. The acceptance of a police state is one that is being driven from multiple angles as we see the “Blue Lives Matter” protests and a continual militarization of the police forces.

We saw the “public safety exemption” that allowed police to arrest and interrogate the Boston marathon bombers without the fundamental right of reading the Miranda Rights. The ACLU also released a report that detailed the usage of SWAT teams for the War on Drugs:

SWAT was created to deal with emergency situations such
as hostage, barricade and active shooter scenarios. Over
time, however, law enforcement agencies have moved away
from this original purpose and are increasingly using these
paramilitary squads to search people’s homes for drugs.
Aggressive enforcement of the War on Drugs has lost
its public mandate, as 67 percent of Americans think
the government should focus more on treatment than
on policing and prosecuting drug users.

With recent nods to more resources devoted to the War on Drugs it seems obvious that we’re headed towards more policing and to me this revelation of Dr. David Dao’s past grievances is an attempt to sympathize for the violent acts of the security team that removed him from the plane.

I’m not condoning Dr. David Dao’s past actions; but I am saying that none of it should matter in this incident.

He was a paying customer and the airlines’ strategy of overselling flights backfired.

I don’t blame him for being belligerent because I would’ve been just as combative to being forcibly removed from a flight that I booked and paid for.

My main concern here is that THEY are trying to quiet the protest down by demonizing Dr. David Dao. These small victories are what allow them to beef up the monitoring and censorship of the taxpayers; BOTH violating the original vision of the Founding Fathers of America. Not to mention the recent push to shut down independent blogs by labeling them as “fake news.”

To me it seems there can be a balance. We can be respectful of our police forces while also standing up for our rights as citizens and taxpayers. Let’s not buy into the “US vs THEM” mentality and the hegelian dialectic strategies they use to force a false dichotomy.

So what do YOU think?… Comment below and let me know if you think I’m off base with this line of thinking. Or perhaps you agree with me and see through the deception…


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. The public should refuse to fly United. The only way to stop corporate misconduct is to not pay for their services. The second item should be a grassroots approach to outlaw overselling of tickets. The third item should be that Dr. David Dao should get a good lawyer and sue the pants off United.

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  2. It’s not that the flight was overbooked, they just might have used that as a narrative I’m not sure, United needed those spots to move some technicians to D.C. for an emergency repair. Not that this justifies the behavior but it wasn’t from overbooking.

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  3. I just hate when things go viral. It’s an instant turn off when a story is labeled as having gone viral. People attach way too much significance to innocuous events that may be misinterpreted. It’s always relevant to the current climate too. For example travel bans, aviation based terror assertions. The first thing I thought like with any story like this. Is he muslim and when are they gon na plant the ISIS membership card? Maybe his bf/patient has it.

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  4. Do u really believe this story coz I dont and I see no reason why I should?

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    • I don’t believe it at all. I think it was all staged, and the acting was embarrassingly bad.

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  5. This sounds like the sort of thing Ryanair would do as well; they already have loads of extra charges and even started charging passengers to use the toilet a few years ago. I had a row with a member of their groundstaff at Dublin airport about 10 years ago because they charged me 60euros extra because they said my baggage was overweight and they had just put their charges up. She was very rude but accused me of raising my voice to her and the implicit threat was that myself and my son wouldn’t have been allowed on the flight and been stranded in Dublin, 250 miles from my father’s house and we needed to get back to England, where we lived at the time, for appointments, school etc. I could have punched her and as we walked away the same one had managed to annoy another passenger who was also making his displeasure known! I suppose both him and myself could have been accused of being belligerent?! That extra 60Euros wiped me out and I couldn’t give my child anything to eat or drink until we got home, 6 hours later, so yes I felt quite “belligerent”! It is very dangerous to allow these companies and corporations to have so much power over customers, to the point they can take all the cash they have on them just like that or leave them stranded, causing God knows how many problems in their lives. The days of “the customer is always right” seem to be coming to an end and this should concern us all.Today, airlines,tomorrow, every single company we have to deal with will be allowed to bully us and muck up our lives!

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  6. Watching this happen in front of hundreds of passengers and United knowing this scenario would be blasted on all media avenues, did nothing to stop the aggressive behavior of all involved. I can only hope this Dr. Will obtain the best attorney he can find and sue, sue, sue. These companies only understand consequences when they are financially affected. Stewardess are waitress in the sky. I would have told her to eat sh.t and I’m not moving to find someone else. Of course this would have adversely elevated the situation but at least I would have stood up for myself. I now understand why people go postal, it appears there is no more respect for one another.

    And I agree, his past is completely irrelevant, we all have one.

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    • Interesting article as always issac. What really puzzles me is seeing all the sheep sitting in their seats ALLOWING it to happen. Pathetic but indicative of what “they” have created in the public.

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  7. I think it was all a total sham using crisis actors. I’m not sure what the purpose of this false flag was, though. To give citizens a helpless feeling? To instill fear or anger in the public for some reason? To distract from something else going on in the world? I’m not sure, but my bs meter was going off after the few viewings. Terrible acting in this one.

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