Ultimate Warrior predicts his own Illuminati sacrifice death


There’s a conspiracy floating around the forums online that the WWE wrestler “The Ultimate Warrior” actually predicted his own death during his WWE Hall of Fame entrance speech. He makes mention to the final days of a man’s life (not specifically to his, but more vaguelly in general terms), and then proceeds to turn out two Illuminati hand symbols. He made the speech on April 5th, and then passed away just three days later on the 8th.


He also makes a weird MK ULTRA-like personality alter to ‘get into character’. He says “You shut up and let ME do the talking” and then snarls like a beast/demon before going into the speech. We’ve seen many musicians make reference to an alter ego, which they allow to enter into them so they can perform in a certain manner (e.g. Eminem getting into ‘Rain Man’, Beyonce, Jay-Z, etc.). All of this ties into the theories of trauma based mind control, where a person has to introduce alters into their personality through various triggers. The process by which this happens includes various occult type rituals, as pointed out by Fritz Springmeier’s book, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.




He proceeds to make his speech, which was mostly to motivate his fans, but take a look at what he says:


“No WWE talent becomes a legend on their own. Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them believe deeper in something larger than life then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized. By the story tellers, by the loyalty, by the memory of those who honor him and make the running the man did live forever.”


Is he is in fact talking about his own death?


The symbols we see him flash are the Mano Cornuto, aka Devil Horns:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Ultimate Warrior moloch


And also the ‘666’ hand symbol:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Ultimate Warrior 666 hand


I’ve covered the symbols in previous posts, see the Decoding Illuminati Symbols: The All Seeing Eye and 666 Hand post.


To throw a couple of more oddities ‘in the fire’ he has had some questionably occult storylines. This includes his short stint in the golden age of WCW as the One Warrior Nation (notice the initials are the reverse of NWO; the New World Order). During that time period there were several wrestling groups going by the NWO initials, not even hiding that it stood for “New World Order” on the storyline. He also was involved with a storyline in 1991 that Wiki breaks down:


The next chapter of Warrior’s career was an encounter with The Undertaker, after Undertaker and his manager, Paul Bearer, locked Warrior in a coffin on the set of Bearer’s Funeral Parlor. WWF officials worked feverishly to break the casket open, finally revealing Warrior’s seemingly lifeless body, and the torn fabric inside of the coffin indicating Warrior’s desperate struggle to get out. Warrior was finally revived by the officials performing CPR. This led to Jake “The Snake” Roberts offering to give Warrior “the knowledge of the dark side” in order to prepare Warrior to take his revenge on the Undertaker. This involved Roberts giving Warrior three “tests” shown on WWF TV in consecutive weeks. For the first test, Roberts locked Warrior inside of a coffin for a second time.

For the second test, Warrior was “buried alive” by Roberts. For the third test, the Warrior entered a room full of snakes, to find “the answer” in a chest in the middle of the room. Waiting inside the chest was a Spitting Cobra, which bit Warrior in the face. As Warrior weakened from the effects of the cobra’s strike, Roberts made a heel turn and was joined by the Undertaker and Paul Bearer, revealing the three were working together all along. Roberts then uttered, “Never trust a snake.”


RIP James Hellwig



Here’s the video of his speech:




Don’t forget to pick up my book for more on Illuminati symbolism:






Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. You fools should never speak of this again. We suggest that you remove this article completely, if you care about your state of being. It is fortune for you that we have allowed you you’re silly website thus far.

    But there is a code that you are violating and only just now have we noticed. Our mourning has taken its toll on us, but time has passed and we have been made aware of your implications. Remove this, and never speak of Warrior, or any other being or entity that has any involvement in any of the shadow arts again.


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    • No, don’t remove this website, it’s acutal evidence which the world should know the true, In God we believe

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    • Since you’re the fake…. I’m guessing you’re name isn’t therion. …..i gotta know, ever been to blitzkrieg?

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    • The veils that was on my eyes are off and i can see the light. I am against the illuminati and i am ready for the war that is to come….I AM WHAT I AM AND WHAT I AM NOT I WILL NEVER BE, I BE 274-14

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    • Silence, interloper. You do not understand the nature of the powers you are meddling with. Let it be known that your name has been added to the list of those whose blood will flow forth to be consumed by the great god Osiris, beginning with the pathetic “wonderworker” Nazarene to whom you cling so desperately. Let this be your final warning

      AMEN RA

      Ronald Wilson Reagan

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  3. I am the son of God, servant to Christ and am filled with the Holy spirit… Ronald you weakling… flesh and blood is not power, demons are weaklings, satan is a weakling and all your so called shadow arts… Your ignorance will be your downfall… I personally asure you that osiris is weaker than I and he’s plajs shall fail… Witness the rise of Jesus Christ as we rebel against you… and watch you burn in hell…

    In Mighty Jesus Christ Name: Amen

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