UFC President Dana White Shows His Support for SOPA


UFC President Dana White talks about more or less “beating up” hackers who were protesting UFC’s support for SOPA by hacking their website. He somehow finds a way to relate these hackers to the 9/11 terrorists and proceeds to talk about fighting them.

This is what is somewhat disturbing about his warning to them, almost as if he knows something about SOPA we don’t:


“Sit back and see what happens over the next several months.” -Dana White

I really don’t know if I understand how the guy who has MULTIPLE $50+ Pay Per Views EVERY month on a monopolized sporting event, (and still manages to throw the tiniest table scraps for fight purses to his best fighters), could possibly bitch about piracy. I get it, piracy is bad, I don’t do it, but at some point you gotta decide that everyone’s freedom is slightly more important than another few million dollars in your pocket.


The interview I’m discussing is on the link above, here’s a different video with Dana’s feelings on SOPA




Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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