Tyler the Creator’s Freemasonry & Illuminati ties

Tyler the Creator is one of these new generation of rappers that is getting tons of publicity and I have to believe it’s because he’s connected into and sold out to the Illuminati. It certainly can’t be because his music is any good, ‘cuz in my opinion it’s trash. He’s got tons of satanic symbolism, which is tied into the Illuminati. The entertainment industry has so many of these Illuminati-satanic worshipping slaves it’s unbelievable.

First off, his name alone is enough to point us to Freemasonry. The name ‘Tyler’ was given to the guard of the older Freemasonry temples. Granted, Tyler the Creator’s actual name is Tyler, but he’d be the first rapper ever to use his government name as his stage name.


He’s got more than his share of inverted crosses, 666 hand gestures, one all seeing eye, and other satanic symbolism also:


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 1


IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 3

Here’s one with Moloch:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 4


And we’ve got tons of satanic inverted crosses and he’s wearing an Aleister Crowley shirt:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 7

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 2

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 8

Recently, he was in the news for making a commercial for Mountain Dew that was deemed racist, but more importantly I’d like to point out that it had a goat (satanic Baphomet symbolism) and a guy with an eye patch which is symbolism for the one all seeing eye:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 8

In fact, he flat out tells us he is ‘satan’s son’ in his song ‘Bastard’:


This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep
Some food for thought, this food for death, go ahead and fucking eat
My father’s dead, well I don’t know, we’ll never fucking meet
I cut my wrist and play piano cause I’m so depressed
Somebody call the pastor, this bastard is so possessed
This meeting just begun, nigga I’m Satan’s son

tyler creator

TheDoggStar posted up one of the first posts about Tyler, and it’s extremely comprehensive, so check his post out also: The Satanic Group Odd Future

After years seeing an obvious Satanic influence from the Illuminati in entertainers like Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Lil Wayne and many others, it was only a matter of time until an openly Satanic group would make its appearance in the Hip Hop scene; they don’t hide their message subliminally like most, they are totally blatant. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise when at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), the group which goes by the name OFWGKTA, short for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, received the award for “Best New Artist”.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 5

Originally the cover was going to have a picture of the young westerner named Buffalo Bill, who was an occultist and a member of secret societies like Freemasonry and the westernized Knights Templar.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Tyler 6


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. lady gaga does almost the same things the circle around the eye and the three fingers comeing out she ever has the eye of lusafur in her video…..

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  2. i dont know much about this but i would love to learn this websit has gave me useful information

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  3. Oh, that’s a triple three six, isn’t he a devil worshiper / Cause I’m too fucking ignorant to do some research?

    Tyler the creator – Goblin

    You dont know much about him. Dont Take him serious

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  4. First of all, not even all of Odd Future is Atheist. Tyler The Creator does all these things as a joke. Usually, the artist with the most satanic symbols is the most popular, so obviously since Tyler is the devil, shouldn’t he be the most popular? And you keep on referring to “Goblin”, and then you say he’s crap. Even Tyler said the album Goblin was bad.

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  5. Tyler’s not the only rapper that has used his government name as his stage name…..you should clarify that.

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  6. If you’re going to preach truth, you should at least make sure you’re educated on the topic. Tyler the Creator (who is definitely not the only who incorporates his real name into his stage name. Tupac, Devin the Dude, Will Smith, Mike Jones, Obie Trice, Kanye West, I think I’ve made my point) is a shock artist. He does and says things that are purposefully unsettling to people as a way to gain attention and sell records. If you knew a drop about human psychology and mainstream marketing, you would have recognized that already. You fail and you’re an embarrassment to yourself.

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  7. Check odd future’s website, in the clouds on wallpaper lots of demonic / eye of horus photoshopping very well done, on the left you can see the eye watching over satan releasing demons very scary!!!!!

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  8. actually that’s incorrect. All of it. You only highlighted lyrics you thought were convenient for you to show. He made Bastard and Goblin because it served as therapy sessions to him, which is, if you actually listen, the reason for the presence of the character Dr. TC (just guess what that stand for). His father left him in his childhood, and didn’t even leave him anything to remember him by or for him to know he wasn’t a bad guy. You just simply do not know what it is to have one of the most important people of your life just.. leave. He wanted a brother, but he got a sister. He loved her but she died in the hospital due to cancer, and this was the same for his grandmother. And for the “evil”,him being Satan’s son? Almost every rapper says that. Big L made a whole song about him being satan’s son and Eazy E always says he’s his son-in-law.
    Not only that, but he has a tough life in general. In Goblin, he says he can’t barely skate in the lyric, “I can barely kickflip now” which, if you knew him, is devastating on him because he loves skating. He gets funny looks everywhere he goes (trust me, it sucks, I know). And he loves his mom. He appreciates her in many songs. Not only that, but at the beginning of Radicals, he says to not any of the brash things from his song because its FICTION.
    Also listen to around 4:10 in Radicals.

    Get your facts straight, and stop criticizing people merely because you don’t like the music and believe everything you see, bible included.

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    • I love what you said true that,people just want to criticise other people so they can feel good about themselves

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  9. Not every Goat is a demonic overlord, not every guy with an eyepatch is an all-seeing eye symbol. Tyler is a SHOCK. ARTIST. Stress on the shock. You’re exhibiting exactly the reaction he wants to get out of people.

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  10. Who the fuck says Tyleer ain’t gud, your mother’s not gud in bed either… She fucks wit granny panties 2 the sside. Don’t talk shii you don’t know. Tyler Blantantly says satanic shii… He’s fucken satanic, no changing that, we all know. Thanx… Clap your hands for the guy that proved tyker’s satanic… Fuck this it’s fucken boring

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    • That’s right even saying the shit he does what I call blasphemy. Also there is more going on then what meets the eye. I see lots of cofict and financial God bless us all. You need to wake up from the mesmerizing music that puts us in a different state of mine that makes people blind and dumb and numb to your real feeling. Its emotional kidnappings leading us to believe the devil, saran evil force or negativity scantly dressing makes it OK. It’s not OK. Madonna had me worshipping her for decade. I wanted to be like her I wanted her to inhibit me. I’m a man. I loved her until I but it all together myself no I know she is bad new.

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  11. Not One Of These Close-Minded Evangelists

    tell em , ii mean you cant just judge somebody just because you don’t like they music , the fuck wrong witchu leave Tyler alone you such a hater gosh !!!

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  12. People are just HATERZ!!!!!

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  14. I love the way you point out everything bad with Tyler but you don’t tell everyone reading this how he had a difficult life. Tyler is a shock artist which means he does shit like this by purpose. And if he was a satanist, how does this offend you in any way? Does it affect you or your life in any way? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure you only did this because the lyrics confuse you and the beat is beyond crazy. I suggest you read into the lyrics and find out what Tyler is saying because all you have done in this post was just criticize and judge him.

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  15. Wow this is really true I used to listen to that LITLee DEVILL WURSHIPER does this make me gay?? Btw I’m a stringchristian that’s against marijuana and other hardcore drugs that relate to the devil

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  16. Also in the song bastard “I just want my father’s email So I can tell him how much I fuckin’ hate him in detail”

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  17. I agree with Ikaros. there is nothing wrong with being a satanist it’s just worshipping yourself not some FAKE god, satanists usually worship themselves not some demon entity because that wouldn’t make any sense.. It’s making yourself a god because you don’t know if ”God” exists only thing you know is that YOU exist.. That means they believe they are god.

    There is nothing wrong with satanism do some research before you start talking shit about them.. And stop judging other people without knowing anything about them that just prooves how fucking stupid you are you stupid christian.

    There is also satanic artists in my country who talks about real issues of the world, and the corruption of the government etc. You can be a satanist and not be involved with Illuminati.. They have their own reasons and their own right to believe what they want just like you want to believe in god that doesn’t exist.

    just like ”Tyler The Creator” have his own issues which you know nothing about so better just leave him alone.

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