True Detective Season 2: More Illuminati and Occult Secrets REVEALED

Hello and welcome to! Today I’d like to share some of the occult and Illuminati symbolism found in the second season of HBO’s True Detective.

I’ve previously covered some of the pagan and occult symbolism that was pervasive in the first season of True Detective:




As I started watching the second season I couldn’t help but notice more of the occult imagery that I’ve been exposing in past articles, so I decided to start compiling them and updating this post as the episodes are played. It may not follow a chronological order, and I must warn you that there may be spoilers throughout.

On the opening sequence you’ll see the All Seeing Eye several times:

True Detective Frank Semyon Vince Vaughn All Seeing Eye


True Detective All Seeing Eye credits


…along with the Illuminati Mark of the Beast:

True Detective Mark of the Beast X

The story focuses around solving the murder of a man named Ben Caspere, who we eventually found out broke the Illuminati vow of silence and pays the price…

True Detective Ben Caspere


We also see this Vow of Silence symbol at the beginning when Colin Farrell’s character (Detective Velcoro) is about to conduct a murder of his own:

True Detective Ray Velcoro Colin Farrell Vow of Silence


crowley silence

Aleister Crowley and the Vow of Silence

The reason why I’m linking the murder of Caspere to actual “Illuminati” affiliated theories is that his character was involved with sex parties where prostitutes and elites meet up- just like we’ve seen depicted in Stanley Kubrick’s EYES WIDE SHUT (which I’ve broken down in its entirety in this analysis):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Eyes-Wide-Shut-Nuala-Windsor-7 WO


…which is similar to what is transpiring with the Ashley Madison hacking incident where the names and identities of millions are at risk of being divulged- a concept I’ve talked about called “predictive programming” (*notice the Vow of Silence symbol on the website logo):

Ashley Madison Vow of Silence


A key concept that we see in this season is that of the black bird. I’ve talked about this in past articles ranging from alchemical “blackening”- a process in the “Great Work” in which initiates transition through phases to the ultimate goal: becoming god…

Miley Cyrus cant be tamed bird cage alchemy black wings WO

Miley Cyrus’ Alchemical Transformation from Hannah Montana

In alchemy you’ll notice the importance of the “Alchemical Marriage” which represents the androgynous coupling of man (solar) and woman (lunar) (as depicted on the opening credits of True Detective):

True Detective Eclipse Alchemy


We’re currently experiencing the media freight train known as Caitlyn Jenner- which I’ve used as an example of how the Illuminati could be pushing their androgynous occult beliefs. It’s symbolism of the third pillar rising between the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin, which takes us down another rabbit hole…


We also see the black bird on True Detective in the form of the crow. It first happens when Detective Velcoro (or is it Vel-Crow?…) gets shot while looking for clues on Caspere’s death:

True Detective Aleister Crowley killer


In that house you’ll notice the animal heads on the wall- symbolic of the animal presence in ritualistic practices of Satanists such as in the video James Franco had some time ago with Satanist Kenneth Anger:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom James Franco Daddy 5


The reason we see these types of symbols is that the true secret history of the occult believes in the evolution of man from animal and the various hybrid monsters that roamed the earth as we made the transition (e.g. centaurs and the like).

There is the occult importance of the crow on here as well from the second episode if you consider the “godfather” of all occult practices is Aleister Crow-ley:

True Detective Aleister Crowley Killer 2


Modern day Illuminati occultists worship Crowley because he made contact with extraterrestrials from another dimension and supposedly opened up a portal in which these demons can enter our world.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Aleister Crowley Lam entity

I’ve recently worked up a full 60+ page book on actor Johnny Depp and his occult allegations– including his multiple tattoos of the black bird:

Johnny Depp tattoo Crow Crowley back to life

Depp is just one of many in entertainment that worship Crowley, so to think that HBO’s True Detective isn’t aware of this is absurd. The legacy that Crowley left behind influenced all sorts of people one wouldn’t expect, so I believe we’re definitely onto something here…

Also, in the fifth episode when Rachel McAdams character proclaims to see “Carrion birds” (which are really a type of crow); you’ll notice it leads them to a scene of gore and death…

True Detective Crows Crowley Carrion birds

The black bird represents magic, which further supports this theory since Aleister Crowley was an avid practitioner of magick and also worked his way through various occult magickal orders. This concept of magick being used for nefarious purposes is broken down through the examples I use in SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC.



In that same fifth episode, you might be surprised to see on the credits the name of Crowley as well, as John Crowley was the director of this particular episode:

True Detective John Crowley credits


Is John W. Crowley related to Aleister Crowley? I’m not sure yet- but I do know that Nathan Crowley worked on the sets of Batman: Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar– both films with “Illuminati” connections:

Nathan Crowley is not only production designer of “Batman Begins” and “Dark Knight”, but as revealed to Flotsam, he has his own super-villain heritage:

“Yes, [infamous UK occultist] Aleister Crowley is a direct relative, he’s my grandfather’s cousin, but we were never allowed to even mention his name because we were a very Quaker family.”

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Nathan Aleister Crowley


Another HBO-Crow-Ley link would be from the ever-popular Game of Thrones where the crow is depicted with the third eye pineal gland:

Game of Thrones Crow Crowley


One more quick point I need to make here- I’ve been talking with Rosette and there are some interesting ideas coming up; so stay with me for two paragraphs (*Game of Thrones spoiler alert*):

You’ll also notice that in Game of Thrones that Jon Snow dies in a manner that is similar to the way Freemasonry found Hiram Abiff did (according to the legend). Abiff was approached by three men who sought to steal his esoteric knowledge of building sacred structures and when he refused they each took turns stabbing him until he died.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow getting killed stabbed Hiram Abiff

Charles Manson also told Tex Watson to ensure the girls played a part in the LaBianca murders so Watson instructed Leslie Van Houten to continue stabbing Rosemary LaBianca. During both of the Tate-LaBianca murders they left symbols of the Hanged Man with rope and cord tied around the necks of the victims- indicating potential occult links and messages.

In True Detective we see Detective Velcoro get “killed” only to be found alive (the shotgun blast was birdshot ammunition- another Crow-ley reference). While there are no stabbings to mention here, the secret truth is that he could’ve been subjected to some form of initiation that we see from the two previously mentioned occult-ish examples. In the ancient mystery schools the initiates were guided through scary, near death experiences (or made to at least believe they were going to die) such that they could be “resurrected” with their new found beliefs and enlightenment.

And in a sort-of unrelated note; back before July 4th (American Independence Day) we saw the promotion of a “story” of a crow that hitches a ride on the back of a Bald Eagle (the symbol for USA). Whether or not this was photo shopped is besides the point; however it makes one wonder if this was a broadcasted symbol that suggests the occult followers of Crow-Ley taking over America for a final push of the New Age…

Bald Eagle Crow


On the final episode we see the black bird and the crow make three distinct appearances. The first one is when we learn that Lenny actually killed Caspere for revenge on what the elitists did to his family (aka the Illuminati). We hear Lenny tell Velcoro that he got the crow mask from Caspere and he calls him a “sick f*ck“.

True Detective Season 2 Crow Mask Caspere

The second time we see it is when Velcro is getting on the freeway and the billboard has what appears to be a bald eagle; perhaps another analogy to America being ran by these people:

True Detective Season 2 Black Bird billboard

The final play comes when we see Frank dying in the desert and the black birds are tracking him (I believe they are vultures?…):

True Detective Season 2 Frank Black Bird vultures

Speaking of birds; did anyone notice the production companies at the end credits?… You’ll see that infamous Illuminati owl makes a cameo:

True Detective Parliment Owl Minerva


In the show there is a guru by the name of Eliot Bezzerides who looks a lot like Father Yod from the Source Family cult- (who also set up camp in California):

Eliot Bezzerides David Morse Guru True Detective


‘Father Yod’ was a New Age guru who proceeded to do what all good New Age guru-cult leaders do: gain a stable of women and make love to under age girls while professing to be god (*notice the Kabbalah Tree of Life in the background):

Source Family Jim Robin Baker Wedding Tree of Life WO


In the second episode Detective Paul Woodrugh and his girlfriend are having an argument and she mentions his time with Black Mountain Security (presumably an outfit like Blackwater) and he says that he “doesn’t talk about that time of his life.

She replies and says this Black Mountain Security did “bad things that she can’t fix.”

What “bad things” happened exactly?… You’ll notice the classic sign of mind control via the MKULTRA Project MONARCH butterflies in the background:

True Detective Taylor Kitsch Paul Woodrugh Project MONARCH butterfly


We confirm in the fifth episode that there is in fact some kind of underground sex trafficking situation going on where prostitutes are paid to attend parties attended by the elite. At some point Caspere obtained video footage of these sex parties and paid the ultimate price for it (see the photo of Caspere’s corpse at the top).

This is reminiscent of the theories floating around that Charles Manson was a hired hitman to kill those at that Tate-Polanski residence for their debauchery in fetish films. Allegedly those in the “Illuminati” successfully confiscated these kinky tapes and locked them away for safe keeping.

In the sixth episode we see the house orgy parties that the elites attend with drugged up prostitutes. This is eerily similar to the current allegations against Bill Cosby and Hugh Hefner; with the evidence pointing to the idea that conspiracy theorists may have been right this whole time when they claim that the Playboy Mansion is a place where all sorts of occult debauchery goes down…


Detective Bezzerides is force fed a drug (“Molly”) and proceeds to have hallucinations in which she sees herself being taken away with a man who asks her about looking for unicorns. The unicorn is revered by occultists and alchemists for its symbolism of the union of opposites (see my article on Bruce Jenner for more).

…She then sees the black crow (Crow-ley) yet again; symbolizing the blackening of alchemical transformation. I think the Illuminati at the party are trying to lure Detective Bezzerides into their group:

True Detective crow vision

The elites conspire and make note of the full moon- which is important to the Illuminati and occult practitioners for its astronomical importance. Some theorists like David Icke claim the moon is a spaceship and part of a virtual hologram matrix, while more rational explanations suggest the occult teachings of mystery schools revered the moon for its instrumental role in providing a reflective source and the formation of the pineal gland (“As above, so below”):

True Detective full moon ratification mansion

I find it interesting that Detective Bezzerides choose her sister’s name of “Athena” when she plays the role of a prostitute on the full moon (knowing that ancient mythology obsesses over the moon goddesses such as Diana and Selene). In Greek mythology Athena kills her sister Pallas, so I’m curious which woman dies in this show. In the final shot of the episode we see them drive away under the full moon again:

True Detective Full Moon episode 6


At the end of the show we see the premise is that these elites are conducting open murder, larceny, and basically any crime they’d like to commit in plain sight.

We are told we get the world we deserve and I don’t know that I disagree with that. I’ve been pointing out the overt symbolism that is all around us for years and people still scoff at the idea of a conspiracy of occultists when it couldn’t be any more obvious.

On the last episode we see Bezzerides providing the media with the full story of how everything went down. We’re left to wonder what happens- but I’m guessing it just might end in a similar manner as the whistle blower Gary Webb when he blew the lid off the CIA-crack scandal (as detailed in my hip hop conspiracy book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC).

The point is this: the concepts of this show are reflective of the actual events that transpire in the darkest corners of the conspiracy theory world. Are they relaying a message to each other? Are they trying to reveal the agenda? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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-Isaac Weishaupt


Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. [I’m going to add the following comment to one of the “Helter Skelter”/government-provoked race riots articles.]

    I’m beginning to think it’s no coincidence that all these years later, the sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird has been published. Why do I say that? Because, if the reviews are correct, the character of Atticus Finch is now actually racist!!!

    They gotta keep fanning the flames…

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  2. There are some who are very blatant about occult practices (i.e. Die Antwoord, Aleister Crowley, etc.); however, sometimes, I wonder if most people are just so desensitized to demonic suggestion that they don’t even consider how the imagery they are “creating” is spot on with occult practices and symbolism. I have a hard time believing that an actual “Illuminati” exists, even to spite the overwhelming suggestive evidence. Lucifer is a master of deceit, so I have no problem believing that he could have us all chasing after a shrouded organization that doesn’t actually exist.

    I’m not saying that no one actually worship Satan, because it’s obvious that people do, but I will definitely say that I believe these people are defiant to a point where the yearnings of the soul has been smothered out and they are functioning solely on whimsical demonic suggestion. They basically aren’t people at that point; they are a glorified husk (kind of like those little wiggly souls that Ursula from the Little Mermaid used to pick and eat).

    To me, it’s as if (and it might very well be that) for thousands of years, humans have been subjected to this suggestive presence to a point where mothers and fathers, despite their diligence, ignorantly pass on a resolve that weakens more and more with every generation. From birth, children are subjected to an ever-increasing amount of material things and perverse ideals, and the age of introduction decreases with every year.

    Evil is no discriminator of age and it has become excruciatingly obvious as of late. For crying out loud, my 16-month-old cousin knows how to turn on an iPhone, navigate to the YouTube app and look though the history for his favorite music video, which oddly enough is “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. He only knows all of eight words and he can actually play Angry Birds (rather well, I might add) and knows when to charge the phone when the battery is getting low.

    Something purely insidious is at work in the world and of this I am 100% convinced.

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  3. Nice stuff you got here,if it isn’t much trouble,i would like you to do an in depth analysis on the series ‘sleepy hollow’,i’m always troubled and scared to sleep after watching it,it’s filled with so much illuminati symbolism that i can’t even understand but i know a genius like you can

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    • The legend of sleepy hollow.
      by High ranking Mason, Washington Irving.
      here goes:
      The setting is “Sleepy Hollow” a synonym for Hollow earth where departed souls “sleep” ( especially the souls of wicked giants and mutated specimens that perished in the Great Flood of Genesis).
      Bramm ” Bones” the personification of the Skull and Bones is the Character in competition with Ichabod Crane for the affection of Kristina ( Christina).
      Ichabod: means the Glory of God’s beloved has departed. Some say ” Israel” not the slightest chance that Is RA EL Ra is God is the true Biblical nation. Just as the pretented Jew is no more the GOD’s chosen than Apollo himself.
      Christina: old German for virgin maiden and later Christian. In other words: the church. The Pumpkin on the pummel of the saddle representing the head that the horseman is looking for is that of Orion.( NIMROD, who in ancient legends was worshipped as a god and was finally beheaded and his head put in some secret place to prevent the slightest chance of resurrection)
      The Orange pumpkin ( Jack O lantern)
      Also represents the Orange planet beneath the left armpit of Orion ( the constellation of Orion does not have a head) is the fantastically huge planet Betelguese- different spellings but correctly pronounced BEETLE JUICE, to those who know the mystery,which is said to be Orion’s head.
      so the original story of the headless horseman is actually a boast about the descendants of Hamm, seeking revenge for those who perished in the flood, and gaining conquest of the church ( Christina) by her own choice.
      If you watch the movie “Beetle Juice”‘ you will see more references to the sleeping others and pay attention to winding staircases and black and white checkerboard floors. These are signatures of our wicked enemy that are placed in many many movies.
      Also pay attention to movies that suddenly show a brick wall which is totally inordinate and / but cleverly placed in plain view. The Masonic signatures are everywhere.
      I hope that helps in your learning.

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  4. I think the most important thing going on right now is that ISIS and other terrorist groups are brainwashing people into becoming terrorists. Young vulnerable people are going over there and getting radicalized/brainwashed and going back to the US and Europe and committing terrorist acts. Also they are kidnapping children over there and brainwashing them into becoming terrorists.

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    • Truly, the evils in this world are doing the brainwashing through the terrorists. Terrorists do evil’s bidding and share the dire consequences with eyes and minds worldwide as an agent of the cancer of evil. People then see their actions and hate or sympathize and it stirs up chaos. The uninitiated, defenseless and impressionable are targets of this plague and are easily convinced because evil will scream much louder than the whispers of truth from your heart. Evil will drown out everything good and righteous so that the weak have no choice but to believe in false testimony and grandeur.

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  5. Thanks, Isaac, really interesting article, and site in general.

    I’m not sure if you’ve read these books, but they might come in handy for your research:

    Kenneth Grant – Outer Gateways; The Ninth Arch; Against the Light.

    Joseph Farrell – The Cosmic War; Genes, Gods, Monsters and Men.

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  7. It’s funny how off you are. You do not know the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. You clump all symbols under the same monolithic “illuminati” not understand the the difference between those who have tried to help elevate mankind, got persecuted, and then those who are subjugating man, perverting the symbols and using them negatively.

    The great work Is an amazing thing, it isn’t about Devils, or becoming some lucferian God. It is about w person perfecting their body and mind so they may become perfect vessels for the will of God. There is no entities or invoking or other black Magick nonsense, you silly guys think everyone who follows spiritual path is linked to “Crowley.”

    You think you are exposing illuminati but for the most part you are discussing merely esoteric symbols. Think about the deep themes that run through the first one and other series these people write, they are wise, not trying to brainwash you but quite the opposite.

    This is different, than the symbolism involved in the music industry which is obviously Indeed a form of brainwashing. You don’t also seem to understand that androgynous symbolism is about the merging of duality not trying to push Caitlin Jenner onto you. Those are idiots who push it to idiots.

    It was said that before there was duality, the infinite struggle between good and bad there was one. The merging of duality within the self is how one purifies the self. It saddens me that you people think you are exposing some evil illuminati ploy on movies but not quite at all, the people you are looking for work in places of finance, military, and some areas of entertainment industry for sure. But good guys work in art too, if they didn’t you would have movies that lay out deeper themes. Masonic and hermetic knowledge isn’t evil or satanic, quite the opposite. But there are dark elements for sure involved, everywhere.

    If you want to keep generalizing and misrepresenting all the symbols as “illuminati” you harm yourself and others who read this. Stop calling the corrupt ones “illuminati,” for the name was about enlightenment. The people you seek to expose are not illuminati, they are impostors and violators of life.

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    • So, the Great Work is about people perfecting their body and mind so they may become perfect vessels for the Will of God?

      Essentially, you’re saying that 1. You know exactly what the Will of God is in its entirety as well as how to see it through, and that 2. God’s blueprint for man is not perfect and we must abandon His faulty design to seek our own definition of ‘perfection’ to ultimately please Him. We were created in God’s image, so to tamper with that is to say “God, I can do better than you ever could”—it is to *deny* and *defy* perfection, not embrace it.

      Quite unfortunately, for knowing so much about the Will of God, you’re rather ignorant on the subject. By no means do I claim that I am any less ignorant, but there is a personal dimension by which, even though we aren’t sure what the Will of God is in its entirety, we can have faith that it is, in fact, perfect. One thing is spelled out in simple terms by the Word of God, which dictates that one purifies the self only through one’s acceptance and faith in the purifying power of Christ Jesus’ selfless sacrifice. Plain and simple.

      Where there is the will of man, there is also man’s error; whereas there is the Will of I Am, indefinitely… speaking of which, people think that is simply a clever way of spelling William, but it’s borderline blasphemous. as well as many others (in the music industry, especially) are Blurring the Lines that define things like morality, gender, and acceptable behavior. The media shows the world how successful and happy it could be, but by this, our youth is desensitized to righteous living and taught to desire filth through the repetition and subtle evolution of filthy ideas. Today, there is no shortage of music, movies or television programs with suggestions about perfecting the human element by mixing man and machine, which is exactly what the Book of Daniel said was going to happen in the end. This was all foretold thousands of years ago, but only a few people seem to care.

      Open your eyes and stop eating the cake of the world; the cake is a lie!

      As far as enlightenment, yes, the word ‘illuminati’ is the plural form of illuminatus (literally, ‘the enlightened ones’), but just how are they enlightened? It surely isn’t by preaching the Gospel of the Christ and choosing to further the Kingdom of God in accordance with His Word. It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV, but where are those good ol’ fashioned VALUES on which we used to rely? They are being stomped out by violence in movies and sex on TV. These elite are rejecting those good values, and they mock God. They are trying to become gods themselves; they want humans to replace the godhead.

      Also, we don’t call it the “Illuminati” like its some definitive fraternity with a flag and a motto (even though it might very well be). We call this collection of people the “Illuminati” because THEY BELIEVE they are enlightened, but we see the truth for what it is: they misplace their faith in falsehoods born of the world; we place our faith in our Creator and the price the Son paid upon the cross to deliver us from those falsehoods.

      Scientists have recently created a self-replicating strand of DNA in a lab that is programmable like a computer. That’s great and all, but sooner or later, experiments mixing this new DNA with that of man and the ‘benefits’ of the triple-helix strand are going to be nearly all that you hear about on the news.

      Mark my words, we are the final generation, so be careful what you believe, Ningizzida.

      May God bless you!

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      • Doctor, that was beautifully said (written).

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  8. I’m watching Episode 4 and noticed that in the scene where the detectives are speaking with one of the bad guys’ daughter (at the “green clinic”), the story of the girl’s mother comes out: after exhibiting signs of schizophrenia, mom was committed to an institution (MK Ultra reference); it was so grim, mom hung herself. The daughter happens to be wearing an All-Seeing Eye necklace.

    Also, the younger of the three detectives (the cute military guy) makes multiple references to “not knowing who he is anymore”, “not fitting into the world”, etc. Plus, the whole gay blackout thing.

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  9. hi
    please write an article about he entire season 2
    the finale made me crazy about ….

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  10. hi
    please write an article about the entire season 2
    the finale made me crazy about ….

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  11. They will die, we will die. Let them do what they want, the masses are asses and they can only do this crap because we let them.

    Its all a test from Allah, so in 80 years from now every single person reading this will be dead. Look forward to the hereafter and don’t invest in this life.

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  12. OZZY….. wrote a song called Mr. Crowley..can you give me you take!!!

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  13. Everything that makes it on tv or in film for distribution to the masses is contrived and manipulated. Everything. This means that blockbuster films and music videos are not their only avenue for instilling their dark symbolic programming into the impressionable, ignorant and sleeping minds of the masses. Their satanic handiwork is also being constantly shoveled at us via fake news reports, which includes the mundane along with the sensational. But none of this is new; it’s been on-going since televisions entered our homes during the early part of the 20th century. While many of us who are looking into this stuff might agree that, for example, the Boston Bombing and the Sandy Hook Shooting were both false flag events that were methodically staged from beginning to end, not many people are aware that virtually all major shootings, murders, and suicides from the past were also meticulously staged events. While many others may have done write-ups on this subject, the one person I am aware of who has written extensively on really old false flag events is Miles W. Mathis. For anyone who has not heard of him before, its worth tracking down his articles. Amongst his writings he has covered the Manson Family, JFK, and Lennon. He presents his “theories” along with imagery making it hard to refute the conclusions he arrives at.

    Thanks, Isaac, another great posting!

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  14. Hey Isaac, Nice article. I’ve been following your site for quite some time now and it’s really opened my to how messed up things have gotten. Anyways I thought maybe use would be interested in a movie I saw a couple days ago….Starry Eyes…it is riddled with illuminati. God Bless.

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    • Hi Grant- yes, I’ve seen the cover to Starry Eyes on Netflix; been curious to watch it… Thanks for visiting the website! -Isaac

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