Trent Reznor new album and streaming music news

Trent Reznor (front man for NIN) was interviewed in the recent magazine of New Yorker and said that he’s going to release a NIN greatest hits album that will feature a couple of new tracks and then a new album after that. Seems odd that he’d add the new tracks to the compilation, that seems like trying to soak the die-hard fans to buy this album, even if they own all of his other content. Reznor has always been the man and tried to move around the corporate music models. Although his latest attachment to the How to Destroy Angels group did in fact release on a major label, so maybe he’s having a change of heart??…

He also discussed a new streaming music service called ‘Daisy’ that he is lauching in early 2013. It’s supposed to give the user more accurate music preferences or something along those lines.



Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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