“Tree Fu Tom” cartoon forces kids to conduct occult ritual magick


For those of you Watchers out there that have been with me since the beginning of IlluminatiWatcher.com, you’ll know that everyday I seem to find more and more evidence of occult magick found in our pop culture and entertainment.

Every day it seems that I’m finding more of these pieces fitting together which suggest the “Illuminati” are seeking to implant messages of occult significance wherever they can.


I was working out at the gym the other day and they happened to have the television turned onto a channel that was playing a children’s cartoon called Tree Fu Tom. To my horrific amazement I saw something that I had to discuss with the community…

Tom Fu Tree show

It appears that this show has a clever angle in which they invite the children watching to “help” the protagonist overcome obstacles by using ritual magick. I’ve included the “k” to the end of magick because that is precisely what the British occultist Aleister Crowley defined it as, which separates this from the stage magic that is just illusions and entertainment.

Tree Fu Tom uses magick in order to literally make change in the universe. This is the in line with the occult beliefs where they seek to change the universe according to their “will.” Hermetic maxims like “As Above So Below” are reflected here where the practitioner makes changes in the lower, material Earthly realm and it will have a cause and effect change on the universe.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom magician as above so below

Getting to the specifics of this show, you’ll see some images here that should be familiar for symbolism you’ve seen here in the past…

When Tree Fu Tom initiates the magical ritual, he makes the Mano Cornuto hand gesture:

Tom Fu Tree Moloch Mano Cornuto magic spell

This hand gesture is symbolic on many levels; one of which I explain in Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Moloch, Owls and the Horns of Satan:

The Mano Cornuto hand gesture (aka El Diablo, Hook ‘Em Horns, Il Cornuto, Devil Horns, etc.) is the most commonly flashed symbol. This symbol has been transformed entirely to a ‘harmless’ sign of rock ‘n’ roll expression. Its present day meaning is much more inconspicuous than one would think, but ultimately it’s just another expression of black magic and evil. The horns are synonymous with the Moloch deity and that is why the rock ‘n’ roll industry popularized it.

Anton-LaVey-Illuminati-Mano-Cornuto-Horns-hand WO

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Katy Perry ACDC Grammys Devil Moloch horns WO

Beyonce-Moloch-Mano-Cornuto-Horns-hand WO

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Only Minaj Drake Moloch horns

I’ve discussed how these symbols play out elsewhere in pop culture in my books (e.g. A GRAND UNIFIED CONSPIRACY THEORY and the hip hop magick book SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC).

After Tree Fu Tom initiates the sequence; take a look at what he does next; it’s a three stage process that I believe could be the Mark of the Beast. Before we look at the images, let me explain myself…

You’ve really got to read through my post called DECODING ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM: THE MARK OF THE BEAST “X” where I explain how the crossing of the arms (particularly in front of one’s chest) plays into this. To take it a step further, the Illuminati believe that when an “X” fuses with an “O” it helps evoke the goddess Isis who will grant their every wish and desire:

Nodens is the lightning war god, and in the book it claims that he “flashed forth as lightning from the depths and formed a throne in the celestial realm; a seat of stone where the goddess was established.” The book goes on to talk about the heart of Noden’s sigil is the same as that of the Mark of the Beast; a fusion of X and O which produced the lightning flash from the depths. It is believed that this initiates the establishment of the goddess because the union of the X and O is analogous to the union of the phallus and vagina.

So let’s take a look at images I took from the sequence. These are taken in the order in which it appeared; I didn’t take them out of sequence. You can see that he crosses each arm in an “X” across his chest, and when it’s completed a “O” of energy shoots from the center:



Tom Fu Tree X magic spell part 2

Tom Fu Tree X magic spell part 1

Tom Fu Tree X magic spell part 3 O

And let’s not pick on poor Tree Fu Tom; he’s not the only one being played by the Illuminati to help with their agenda. Just the other day I saw Ariana Grande’s latest video in which you can see it prominently placed in the set:

Ariana Grande Mark of Beast X O video

Here are a few more you may have recognized:

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Weeknd Mark of Beast X Earned It video WO

IlluminatiwatcherDotCom Taylor Swift Style Mark of the Beast X arms

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Miley-Cyrus-Mark-of-Beast-2 WO

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom Big Sean X arms and All Seeing Eye WO

If you want to believe that this truly is a nefarious attempt to influence our children’s minds with concepts of practical magick, I’d agree with you. It’s not like this is the first time the ‘big machine’ has targeted kids for their agenda. An example is how fast food restaurants and cereals masterfully craft a strategy to target the youth.

It’s a bit disturbing if you subscribe to this view, but don’t take my word for it. In one of the Tree Fu Tom commercials we see a boy actor showing us (and other children) how to properly emulate this movement:

Tom Fu Tree X magic spell

Tom Fu Tree X and 666 magic spell

Shout out to Watcher “Lessthanzero” for catching an All Seeing Eye; hidden in plain sight on the logo. Take another look- you’ll see that the leaf and the “O” are clearly an eye:

Tom Fu Tree show

What do you make of all this? Am I crazy? Paranoid? Or am I resonating with some logic? Comment below or catch up with me on social media and let me hear it:


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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. It’s called conditioning. Children are being conditioned to accept occultism and visitors from another world. They are also being pushed indoors and in front of televisions, computers, and video games so that they don’t wake up from the dream.

    All of these things create an alpha state suitable for control.

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    • Yes- perhaps this is why Bill Cooper was so confused as to whether or not the UFO stuff was real or being staged. Perhaps it was staged in order to plant the idea of possibility into our minds so that would help channel these entities.

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  2. Man, Isaac your gonna flip when Marvel releases its Doctor Strange film in 2016.

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  3. There is also a programe called waybullo (I’m not sure if it has some illuminati in it but its similar to tree fu tom)

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    • Do you also see the eye that the leaf and “O” in tom form?

      Next time you look at the logo, pay no attention to the Tree Fu, or letters T, and M.

      This is just sad.

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      • Great catch! Yes, it’s the All Seeing Eye, hidden in plain sight. I’ve updated the post. Thanks

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    • Yep there is massive symbolism and mind control in waybaluu. Its all about meditation and ‘motions’

      U also have the massive push towards weird looking animals in the kids clothing today as if the traditional animal or actual animal is no longer portrayed but a nearly mutated version… which is where the tmnt series comes into the picture… massive mind control and a dulling of the senses in children to accept ‘aliens’ or ‘ creatures’ that talk or look nearly human ( not human at all is some cases) as friends of they help us. If they are kind to us. We should accept the norm.. in the first episode u have mikey marvelling at a neon sign with the eye in it…

      I havent completed my research yet but as a christian and teaching my son the 10 commandments we have become ever aware of the place ‘animals ‘ hold over kids lives… pepa pig is one. The main kids cartoons lately seem to have away of triggering this ‘addiction’ and behaviour from children that is blowing our mind.

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  4. Another cartoon aimed at children under 6 is 64 Zoo Lane.Listen to the way it is sung by the little ones.They don’t realize that it is NLP .They have British kids sing because they pronounce words in a certain way.What few people realize is that when 64 Zoo Lane is sung not spoken it turns into sexy for today.Watch for it on PBS or I’m sure youtube has an episode.

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  5. I watched the new Spongebob movie a couple weeks ago, and there was obvious Illuminati symbolism in it. Mainly the triangle and All Seeing Eye. Also, there’s lots of talk about ritual sacrifice in the movie. It’s appalling how they’re targeting the kids too.

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  6. If you think this is bad try Gravity Falls there is a lot of symbolism in it too.
    its alarming how these things get on T.V

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  7. They are allowing occult into children’s programming and removing Christian references.

    Remember the old Charlie Brown Christmas where Linus recited from Luke? Gone. There is a new religious-neutral Charlie Brown Christmas.

    All slow, incrementalism.

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    • Interesting; I didn’t recall all of that from Peanuts when I was a kid. They are filtering out the message and claiming it’s “P.C.” when in reality it’s something else (and much more sinister). I hate to side with Fox News but they might be right (with this one thing lol).

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  8. That’s a good point- they always push the occult agenda of magic. Never Christianity or religion.

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  9. When I see this on TV I change immediately due to the fact that idk if they are somewhat “real”.

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  10. I found this review helpful it’s good to know that I’m not the only one at least there’s others who believe, you should check out regular show that cartoon is for kids and has had over 39 adult references and it promotes beastality, another you should check out is Steven universe that has illuminati references and they use magic too but they made the main character stupid and one character put there hand’s in the devil’s horns and said an incantation. I agree all of these kids shows and cartoons that they have now are all garbage

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  11. Is it me or does his little “buddy” have monarch wings?

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    • Correct, Joseph.
      They’re designed to look like fallen oak leafs (hence the autumnal color), but they really do look like Monarch wings.
      @IlluminatiWatcher, Isaac, have you seen this?
      (Thank you so much for this website, I’ve learned so much over the past months (year?). I was a “product” of the 80s and 90s (childhood and teenage years) and I had taken so many things for granted, PC things that were pushed onto me by the media and entertainment agendas and I am now able to see how we have been conditioned to accept that religion and God were dead, that familial structure meant nothing and so did marriage, music teaching us how being mentally ill and suicidal was normal and actually the new norm, etc… I won’t even start on the pills that Big Pharma is force feeding us, chemtrails, tampered tap water, junkfood, heavy use of television and Internet that allow us to be in a permanent alpha state, reduced to puppets unable to think by themselves. Keep up the good work. Yeah, sheeple might call us crazy or lunatic, but we really live in a sick society actually.
      Just had your email offer with the book bundles and I’m definitely going to buy one. Is there a way I can buy them directly from you, as in, I’d rather you had the money for the hard work you have been providing, than feeding that Amazon monster. I’m a Patreon supporter so I guess I can find a way to buy the books more “directly” (I’ll still give reviews on Amazon too… Time to wake people up!)

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  12. I’ve infiltrated the production of this show. They make me do the spells every morning and we pray to Tom for guidance on themes for each episode. I must leave before they make me perform the ritual, send help.

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  13. I’ve watched tree fu with my children for years and I feel that it may being misrepresented here. Just my view.

    Hail Satan

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  14. I think there are two people who commented on this that work in the studio that makes this cartoon! Oohhhh!

    So is everyone involved in these choices to find ways to infiltrate the kids minds? Producers, directors, story writes, office managers? Seems too many people to let someone occult views slip into the system.

    Artists generally do what’s cool and animators are no different. So if the writers want the character to do cool moves you find Jackie chan or Bruce lee clips and use them as reference so unless the person wanting to push a message is on the production floor what you see on screen is what people think is cool.. Simple as that!

    Also picking some really easy to do actions doesn’t mean occult. If you symbol you are cold you cross your arms around your chest, same for a self hug symbol. The devil horns is also common in Kung fu movies so again. Coincidence. The eyes? You can have that but maybe just a designer thinking its a cool way to get nature in and a symbol of guidance (I made that up, a bit like all the links in this article)

    Way-Baloo? My kids are screwed, they love these shows.

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  15. In the very first second of the introduction to TFT you will see the one eye of the anti christ on the glass section of the door from which tom comes out from. Immediately you should know who he represents.

    To all the parents who think this is an evil cartoon, trust me when i say you are not wrong. the entire thing is embedded with the one eye magick sigil designed to negatively affect both adults and especially children.

    ever wondered why your child wakes up in the middle of the night crying/screaming for no apparent reason?

    well besides the subliminal messages they are being bombarded with a lot of it also has to do with the summoning of demonic entities also known as Jinn in the middle eastern world. The Jinn needs magickal incantations and gestures to be summoned or posses a person and thats exactly what a lot of these programs provide.

    there is so much to this vast conspiracy that the human mind will often reject its possibility as being in a dismissive denial state (also part of its spell on us) is so much easier.

    unless of course your an open minded free thinker & the aspartame & flouride hasnt corroded your ability to reason.

    your average person on the other hand is a sitting duck in front of the teLIEvision. which reminds me. look up the first ever image projected across the first ever contraption which spawned the birth of a TV.

    it was a skull and cross bones

    kinda sums up the poison the TV was created to induce us with

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  16. Illuminati Watcher,
    I really gain a lot of insight from your posts! Some of this stuff just makes my jaw drop when I read and see it. Have you checked out Disney’s Descendants? This may be the worst yet because they have these songs that confuse young kids about good and evil. Quite disturbing and anything Disney just gets me pissed off because the masses have been brain washed for years, myself included till a few years ago, when the Lord started waking me up.

    Lastly, I don’t know if you are aware, but the first ad on this page at the beginning of the article is titled “Here’s a free class on chaos magik”! That is odd for a page and newsletter that is exposing Satanic media isn’t it?

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  17. The agenda of the enemy is now so blatant that they don’t even guise it anymore and that we don’t see it as a taboo anymore is not helping at all.

    I have 2 kids and the other day after coming back from work, I sat down with them to have some quality time and watch a cartoon with them on TV, that was both disgusting and scary at the same time. They’ve only gone and created a children’s cartoon called “shezow”. Its about a little boy that has superpowers that manifest him as a female when he is in his element; in other words he is a boy in real life but like Batman, his alter ego is a girl. His dad is a policeman, so in order for his dad not to recognize him, he manifests as a female with the voice to match!! Confusing right? And this is what we look forward to for our children to watch.

    I told a friend at work the other day and he said i was overeating and there was nothing wrong with the cartoon. I put it to you that it is under the guise of being open minded and accepting people for who they are, but if we all are not careful there will come a time when man and/or woman will become, like the dinosaur, extinct and scraped out of the dictionary.

    Is this meant to further push their agenda of same sex/no sex??? Or is this just to mess up our kids orientation of what man/woman is or is not?? Sad times:-(

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  18. Just after seeing this show for the first time. I saw the international symbol for child lover 3 times. Definitely some hidden messages going on here.

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  19. Hello,
    I am a long time student of the mystery traditions that you all so glibly slander with your pejorative, seemingly willful misunderstandings, I am also an ordained minister and I figure someone should say something to save all you sad little jackwagons banging your head into the walls to make the world appear as a vast evil occult conspiracy-

    The reason you think the world is such is that you have painted the world with the look you want it too have. This premise of sinister Illuminati wild hedonistic rockstar transubstantiation magick taking over the world through a complex
    long-term multigenerational scheme of such precision as to be successful but so devious as to nearly invisible even to those searching to expose is, this entire is a massive plot holes of a contradiction because you ain’t pulling off a highly specific, super complex multigenerational plan to take over the world with a bunch of wild hedonistic rockstars! These people are to busy having fun, getting laid &, partying to take over the world, if they tried they would be bad at it and even magick with a k and a lot of enthusiasm cannot compensate for a complete lack of aptitude.

    Also, you make overly much of their dark motivations, mostly from your vague understanding of the historical actions of the Catholic Church to transform other religions, especially European paganism, into a complex trap of the devil.
    These other traditions are separate & far older than Catholicism and evil is just the human word for the pursuit of selfish desires at the expense of others.
    You can’t be evil by yourself, evil has no existence outside of being a quality attached to the motives of people in social interactions.
    It’s not special in a metaphysical sense, it’s just jerks being jerks. It is something to aware of and worth opposing but all that requires is taking on the mantle of accountability, behaving as a fair, civil, adult and promoting the same in others.

    It’s not the rockstars or even us occultists you need to worry about.
    You need to worry about the slavers & butchers & usurpers: the super wealthy robber barons, the out of control military &, the massively corrupt politicians.

    This triumvirate of real life supervillains are killing the planet, killing the masses and, hoarding all the wealth for themselves-
    the masses do all the work & spend their money at stores ultimately owned by the same class & pay rents to that same class,

    that class sends the masses children (and not their children) to kill & die to steal the wealth of other countries and they keep it all for themselves AND that army is tax payer funded,

    that class has most of our congress, judiciary &, police institutions bought and kept in their pocket.
    The slavers are the aristocrats, old big money families, the owner/donor class and these people are THE enemy of freedom & happiness for humanity. They want freedom & happiness for them and they want everybody else to do what they they tell them to do……. Worry about them.

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