Travis Scott & Katy Perry: How the Agenda Works

We knew the “world had changed” on 9/11/2001 but I believe it held different meaning for the power brokers hidden behind closed doors. Today I’d like to provide a couple examples that popped up on my radar that support the idea that the “Illuminati” are controlling the minds of the masses through a form of gated information.

Google and YouTube Run the World

Google and YouTube are the top two search engines on the Internet and they clearly have an agenda. Since their public acknowledgement of punishing certain topics (e.g. YouTube won’t advocate for videos about holistic miracle cures, 9/11, Flat Earth, Sandy Hook or chemtrails); it’s become clear that a certain line of thinking is far too dangerous.


Too dangerous for who?…

*And I’d like to note that some of their intentions aren’t pure evil- like trying to remove racial superiority related groups. I disagree with that on terms of free speech, but YouTube isn’t necessarily a public venue is it? So on one hand I understand their intentions, but I find it curious that people are not being allowed a voice or an alternative point of view. Is the public becoming too dumb to make choices on their own?…

If the Flat Earth theory is so wrong (which it is); why not let people see these videos and have a good laugh? Is the information THAT dangerous?…

Indeed it is.

I partake of the rap music and have watched countless videos on YouTube of rappers glorifying drug dealing, murdering and gang life. To the young and impressionable this surely has an effect. Why doesn’t YouTube block these videos?…


Travis Scott’s Hidden Agenda

One example of controlling the information comes from the punishment of “conspiracy” topics on Google.

For reasons unknown to me my website was punished from the rankings on Google. It’s possible that it’s just an SEO type thing but I’ve had a couple experts comb through my site to no avail. I used to rank on the top three placements for anything “Illuminati” related. For instance if you typed in “Travis Scott Illuminati” you’d see my article on the subject right away.

All Seeing Eye cover

Through some backdoor trickery I’ve been able to stay alive by having other websites like Stitcher or Facebook link to my archived content; but my actual articles are very difficult to find now.

Run a test for yourself and see- then try that same test on Bing. You’ll find Bing gives you all the results that Google used to.

Let’s get into this idea how it pertains to Travis Scott. He released a cereal (Reese’s Puffs if you must know- delicious poison he surely doesn’t eat) and HipHopWired covered the news:


“For someone who’s already collaborated with Jordan Brand, Mitchell & Ness, and has his own festival, we’re kind of surprised no one’s claimed that Travis Scott is a high ranking member of the Illuminati. We mean the man is all over the place and now he’s about to integrate himself with the most important part of your day”

If Google had been properly placing articles they would’ve seen my piece on Travis Scott and had NO DOUBTS he’s in the Illuminati! (*a joke of course).


Katy Perry’s Religious Persecution

Katy Perry is a protected asset who’s still fighting Christian groups (first it was the nuns she killed, now it’s some Christian rap group claiming she stole their song in Dark Horse).

*I created an analysis many years ago for Dark Horse which was actually picked up on TheAtlantic.

Katy’s legal team is apparently seeking to remove any connections between her and the occult for the lawsuit (Source: Yahoo):

American Idol” judge Katy Perry is asking for any discussion of how rich she is to be banned from being discussed during an upcoming court trial, in which a Christian gospel group is accusing her of stealing their music.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the singer — along with music producer Dr. Luke and rapper Juicy J — are asking a judge to not allow the jury to hear comments about their wealth.

In her motion, Perry says any discussion during the trial of her “general wealth” has no relevance to the case at hand. She believes the gospel group suing her will only try to bring it up in hopes of biasing the jury to award high damages.

The singer is worth A LOT of money, with an estimated net worth of hundreds of millions. Forbes has her pulling in $83 million in 2018. She previously made over $130 million during 2015 and commands $20 million per season as a judge on “American Idol.”

Dr. Luke and Juicy J are both very successful in their own rights, with generous net worths for both.

Perry also wants the judge to prohibit any evidence of the so-called “witchcraft, paganism, black magic and Illuminati imagery” evoked by her song, “Dark Horse,” which is the subject of the lawsuit.

She writes, “Plaintiffs obviously want to introduce this theory to portray Defendants negatively and bias the jury against them. The jury will also likely be confused by the introduction of this evidence and improperly believe that Defendants can seek damages for alleged violations of their ‘moral rights’ in this country when they clearly cannot.

Back in 2014, the trio was sued by Christian rappers Marcus Gray (aka Flame) and Chike Ojukwu. The were accused of ripping off the gospel group’s 2008 song “Joyful Noise” for Perry’s 2013 hit, “Dark Horse.” They claimed they never gave permission or were paid and sued seeking unspecified damages.

The gospel group even claimed their reputations in the religious community were ruined because Perry’s song included talk of witchcraft and black magic.

They said Perry was responsible for “creating a false association between the music of Joyful Noise and the anti-Christian witchcraft, paganism, black magic, and Illuminati imagery evoked by Defendants’ Song, especially in the music video version.

It seems Katy’s image is being tied into pagan and occult concepts and her team wants to claim it is inappropriate.

But is it?…


In Conclusion

What we have here is the result of too many connected minds. The Internet gave rise to a powerful platform where ideas could be spread easily; and it seems that certain ideas are deemed unacceptable.

While it’s possible Katy Perry is the victim of a “witch hunt” (pun not intended); the truth is that she is in fact pushing the big Illuminati agenda. The religious elements both she and Travis Scott push are being quietly removed from the Internet because the Illuminati know that certain filters of understanding are too dangerous to the master plan.

They want the revelation of the method (as Blavatsky advised); but they don’t want the alternative viewpoint expressed. They don’t want the conspiracy perspective because it further inhibits the main goals for the new world order…

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Author: Isaac Weishaupt

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  1. As you’ve alluded to a few times, Isaac, Google emerged via CIA (mis)appropriation. Now, pair that with the repeal (cutely dubbed “Smith-Mundt Modernization”) of the 1948 Smith-Mundt Act, hidden in the FY 2013 Defense Budget, and this selective censorship by YouTube (an Alphabet asset, as you know) becomes broadly more nefarious. In short, the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 made propaganda on American soil illegal. Its repeal (or “modernization”, if you prefer), therefore, changed what information we’re allowed to disseminate to our own citizens. This is not rumor, this is not theory; Congress put all of this on because, well, who amongst our denizens cares to keep up with such seeming minutia? Either way, you do the math and connect those dots as you will. But no matter how you slice it, this sequence of events is not accidental.

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