Travis Scott “Highest in the Room” Video Illuminati Symbolism

Travis Scott is clearly a part of the Illuminati agenda. I’ve been exploring his symbolism for years now and his latest video suggests a deeper level of esoteric study that we MUST talk about!

Climbing the Ladder

The clue that tipped me off to watch Travis Scott’s video was the cover art which has the esoteric symbolism of a ladder going into skies- a veiled attempt to symbolizes his pursuit of alchemical perfection.




Scott has definitely got a past of alchemical symbolism that I’ve decoded over the years in an article dedicated to his symbolism, so I’m not surprised to see this latest move…

Travis Scott Goosebumps video


“Goosebumps” video annihilation of Travis Scott

*Check out my article for MUCH more on the subject of Travis Scott.

In Scott’s latest video the ladder appears like Jacob’s dream of seeing the ladder going from earth to the Heavens with angels ascending and descending. In terms of Freemasonry it holds much reverence of connecting this world to the next, as I wrote in a previous article on the subject:

“The ladder represents Jacob’s Ladder and is featured in the First Degree initiation ceremonies. The symbolism is for lessons learned in life (e.g. Temperance – Fortitude – Prudence – Justice – Faith – Hope – and Charity) or sometimes different sciences being pursued. The ladder could also have Hermeticism roots, as some theorists speculate, which would tie us into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn occult-magick society (which ties us back into our dear old friend Aleister Crowley and his magick trance on the entertainment industry).”

But as we’ve been talking about on the podcast in recent months (and years); it goes much deeper than that.

It always points toward the allegiance to the Luciferian doctrine. From

“However, it is certain that the ladder as a symbol of moral and intellectual progress existed almost universally in antiquity, as a succession of steps, of gates, of degrees or in some other modified form. The number of steps varied; but most commonly was seven in allusion to the mystical importance given to that number. Thus in the Persian mysteries of Mithras, there was a ladder of seven rounds, the passage through them being symbolical of the soul’s approach to perfection. These rounds were called Gates, and, in allusion to them, the candidate was made to pass through seven dark and winding caverns, which process was called the ‘Ascent of the Ladder of Perfection.’

Each round of the ladder was said to be of metal and of increasing purity, and was dignified also with the name of it’s protecting planet. The highest being Gold . &. . . The Sun, next Silver and the Moon . . . through to Lead and Saturn

Clearly we see the elements of Freemason belief in the perfecting of man- which would be represented by the number 666. The reference to alchemical perfection of lead into gold and Saturn into the Sun is an allegory for turning man into god. The number 6 is traditionally associated with the imperfect ‘man’ (with 7 being reserved for God Himself); but the true doctrine of the Freemasons is alleged to be the deification of man in the face of God and His teachings.


Who want the smoke?…

Scott looks towards the skies to make contact with the spirits. We see a curious element in the video where he is inhaling and exhaling smoke. Charcoal and ash will play a role because they are composed of carbon, which is comprised of 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons. It’s no surprise that the building block of man is carbon and that carbon is numerically equivalent to 666.



Believe it or not, this will play a role in the story line of this video…

Saturnian Influence

Scott gravitates towards a building with a ring around it- symbolizing Saturn.


Saturn represents the powers of materializing the world. In Kabbalism they believe our world descended from the spiritual light of god and our duties are to ascend back to the light and become gods again. Their mission to spiritualize the matter.

This Saturnian force is what ultimately gets him closer to his goal of apotheosis, much like our little friend Harry Potter (listen to my 3-part series on his Luciferian influences).


The Last Supper

Scott walks past the masses who are dumbfounded looking at Saturn- including a man with the Last Supper in his haircut

Make no mistake about it- this reference was intended to be put there but most would miss it. The masses are shown in a trance-like state with Scott moving above and beyond their stupor because he’s got bigger plans.


Pretty Fly for a White Guy

He gets kidnapped and wakes up in a strip club (again representing the base material desires of Saturn) but sees a FLY and keeps it in his hand while the strippers are pawing at him.


The fly represents Beelzebub which is yet another reference to Lucifer, the Devil, or the demonic entity of Ba’al. We see how important this fly’s role is in Scott’s video because he holds it in his hand throughout all the distractions.



The fly (Beelzebub) is seen as positive influence to the people who insert this symbolism in entertainment. They have a Gnostic view of the world meaning all things are inverted- good is evil and evil is good. That’s why I exposed it in my Westworld analysis that breaks down ALL the hidden symbols in that show:

Westworld: Transhuman Evolving through Lucifer and the Fly


Devil in an Elevator

Scott is being attacked by the strippers but just in time a figure in red opens up the elevator for him to escape the strip club (HINT: she’s the devil).

Scott had to keep his mental focus on the fly for the Luciferian figure to come save him from the base Saturnian desires.

We should also point out that the elevator is symbolism of the Devil- as per Prince who died in front of one, which was apparently one of his fears (see the lyrics to Let’s Go Crazy where he asserts the elevator won’t get him down and L.A. Reid’s explanation for the elevator being the Devil).


…and we could argue the fact as well because of the M Night Shalalalalalalalalaman film “DEVIL” about humans stuck in an elevator.



Lucifer works on Travis Scott and they reach 17th floor where he comes out with his eyes electrified (and awakened) and fights a faceless figure. His Nike shoe (*with the Saturn swoosh) falls to the ground and the dumb masses fight to grab it.

The number 17 appears in speculative Freemasonry when we consider the founding of the Great Lodge of England in 1717; which again ties us into the ladder of ascension from the cover art of his single.

What’s curious here is that when Scott gets the transhuman tweaking up by Lucifer we see the personification of phosphorous; a Greek word that means “light bearer”, “Venus”, “morning light” or Lucifer.

This was important in that the ancient mystery religion believes that the story of Christ is a heresy of their system. To them, Venus the light bearer was the Virgin who foretold the return of the Savior (the sun). Venus was prominent in December and prophesied the return of Sirius in June (when the Sun is at full strength during the solstice).



Scott defeats the faceless man and ascends to the top of the building in ALL WHITE- effectively going black to white in the alchemical process (next would be yellow then red for phoenix).

We see Scott ascend from the ground to the skies, going from black to white in the alchemical process.

Conclusion: Lucifer is god…

What do we make of all this?…

Phosphorous turns out to have a role in carrying charges in a solution, which is why its considered a binding component in our very own DNA. When we see Scott ascending past the masses, getting influenced by the Beelzebub fly, then transhumanistically upgraded through Lucifer; we see the implementation of the phosphorous coming from his all seeing eyes. Lucifer bound the DNA with phosphorous and the charcoal ash (carbon; which is 666) from the cigarette smoke seen in the video.

Lucifer evolves mankind.

This is also why the video ends with the Cactus Jack logo of a Cross, mocking Jesus Christ by suggesting man can be an actual god through these Luciferian doctrines…


If you want to go deeper you need to check these options out (books, podcasts & more):

*A podcast episode on this subject will drop soon- December 2019 so stay subscribed to my show for that. For now check out my other article for MUCH more on the subject of Travis Scott.

Travis Scott and the Destruction of Ego

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